Home Front Command: 1.7 million left defenseless in case of attack
Published: 18.03.12, 14:22
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1. I have one friend with gas masks for her and her family
Don't know anyone else who has them. That's some real good organization on the country's part (NOT!)
2. # 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.18.12)
I & all my family have up to date gas masks.
3. Shelters are compulsory
Raphael ,   Netanya   (03.18.12)
To deliver a building permit. As the arab sector systematically cheats the building regulations, guess which citizens do not feel protected.
4. same old self-victimizing story
observer ,   Egypt   (03.18.12)
5. The entire Israeli population must be
Reuven   (03.18.12)
protected with shelter, gas masks, etc. Use the money we transfer to Gaza and the funds we pay the families of Palestinian terrorist prisoners for this purpose.
6. Sounds like people must buy their own gas masks and shelters
Rivkah   (03.18.12)
There are portable shelters that can be purchased with a loan from a bank. The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews provides many of these shelters. Sounds like they need to start providing gas masks, too, for Israel's vulnerable people without them.
7. Maybe defending Israels citizens would be less of a problem
A ,   Belgium   (03.18.12)
if there was a defense minister committed to defending Israel, including making sure every citizen has protective equipment against ABC attacks. Unfortunatley, Ehud "marshmallow" Barak is not this sort of defense minister. And thats a shame for the citizens of Israel.
8. Somebody call Rabbi Eckstein of IFCJ to buy gas mask!!!
Rivkah   (03.18.12)
He is a "CAN DO" Rabbi. He DELIVERS. Call him and give him the assignment. When is he going to run for President of Israel?
9. # 6
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.19.12)
No Rivkah, we citizens do not have to buy our own gas masks. They are handed out to us for free. All that is required of us is to produce our indentification cards.
10. # 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.19.12)
You are unaware that some months ago obtaining free gas masks, for every citizen, was publicized all over Israel. We were told exactly where to get our free gas masks.
11. US Non-profit providing shelters
Shmuel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.20.12)
The crisis described in this article is precisely the reason Operation Lifeshield was founded in 2007 - to place transportable shelters to Israeli communities under attack.
12. 62.5 % of israelis in mortal danger or worse ?
yossi   (03.20.12)
As per this article, 1.7 millions will be left defenseless without bomb shelter and 2.8 millions or more without gas mask in case of attak. OR approx. 62.5 % (4.5 million) of the entire population of Israel. One must conclude that we have elected a lousy Govt, more interested in it's own well being, rather than the population's. The specs for our lawmakers brand new limos went out in time, as well as salary increases and a hefty pay increase for our notorious parasites, the rabbis , the haredim. We wouldn't want our lawmakers to shame us by driving klonkers , wouldn't we?. Do we really need or deserve such a govt?
13. what ever happened to israel?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (03.20.12)
this entire subject is quite disheartening. what ever happened to the spirit of the people of israel? israel was not built by waiting for the government to "provide". the early zionits could only count on the turkish or british governments to obstruct them, and they learned to do for themselves. and most israeli governments have been less hostile, but usually lacked the means to do things, so once again, the average israeli had to learn to be self-reliant. gas masks are not terribly expensive, if your life depends on it, and reinforcing a single room in your house or apartment, or clearing out the shelter in your apartment building, is not a huge project. and if your life does depend on it, it shouldn't be too hard to find the time and the money.
14. Gas Masks & Injection
Reuven ,   Tiberias, Israel   (06.12.12)
We came to live in Israel in '09 and while not the greatest at reading and speaking Hebrew as well as not having or watching television STILL my wife and I learned how to obtain the NBC gas mask kit which also contained an injection which dealt with various chemical weapons. There was a small charge for shipping/delivery but we received all quickly. I was in Haifa yesterday and the cinema/mall across the street from the main bus station where they were also distributing gas masks so I can't criticize the gov't. Some time, we find it easier to blame ANYONE else for our own lack of motivation to get off the couch and take care of business.
15. #12
Helene ,   Israel   (08.11.12)
You are damn right we elected a lousy government. But if someone worries for our Prime Minister, his family and the rest of Knesset members + families and friends, you can relax, they have proper shelters right there in Jerusalem. Humm, may be they will be the only ones to survive and then, what will they do: no country, no citizens !!! what a bore !
16. #13
Helene   (08.11.12)
Thank you so much for your advise. I am wondering: could I come and stay with you in Toronto until it's all finished here ?????
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