The arrogant Ms. Livni
Hanoch Daum
Published: 18.03.12, 23:30
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1. Z Livni Good Riddance
Avi W ,   Netanya, Israel   (03.19.12)
Well said op-ed I totally agree, as I'm sure millions of Israelis do. All I would add is "don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out"
2. Zippi Livni fails
Mike ,   Hod Hasharon   (03.19.12)
How is it that this woman does not have an ounce of charisma or charm. She is wooden from the neck up. I think that when she leaves politics (soon I hope) nobody will notice that she has gone. An abysmal failure all round!
3. The arrogant Ms. Livni
Yonat ,   Yerusalem   (03.19.12)
when one spits on the plate one eats from it will always come back 10-fold andg she did a lot of spittin
4. tsipi
daliren ,   raanana   (03.18.12)
The arrogant and rude idiot is the one who wrote that peace of toilet paper
5. Is this an article? My business cards are longer.
Gabriel ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (03.19.12)
6. The author of this article has good intentions...
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.19.12)
...and is correct in his judgment of Ms Livni, but I think that even writing an article about Ms Livni is a waste of time - she doesn't even deserve that attention.
7. The acticle is accurate
michael redbourn ,   Arad   (03.19.12)
Livni had three chances to form a coalition and failed three times. She might have been true to her beliefs but didn't understand politics.
David ,   New York, NY   (03.19.12)
Note to political aspirants: Non-stop virulent, witless and personal attacks on the government in power for the sake of purely personal advancement DO NOT A CAREER MAKE. Her head of a major party was highly detrimental to the best interests of Israel because her conduct reinforced the perception of a divided people. As was utilized in a speech in Parliament asking Neville Chamberlain [of England] to resign, "You have stay too long here for any good you are doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God , go!"
9. To: Gabriel at No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.19.12)
Mine, too. But then I suspect that both you and I have real accomplishments, whereas you can record all of Ms. Livni's "accomplishments" on a single grain of rice. Basically, there aren't any. Time to retire that arrogant fool from politics.
10. To: Michael at No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.19.12)
Her only belief system is Tzipi Livni. No wonder she's had considerable difficulty attracting adherents ....
11. The US will.
Matt   (03.19.12)
So will the EU. Both would have preferred to deal with her as PM. Her downfall was the WH and State trying to overthrow the Government to install her as PM. Not spoken about publicly.
12. Everything Livni does harms Israel.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.19.12)
Arrogance may not be an attractive quality. However, by itself, it does not make one a bad leader. Many great leaders could be considered arrogant. The real problem with Livni is that everything she did was mindless and harmful to Israel. Can anyone think of a single thing Livni did which helped Israel? Other than take down Kadima, which was completely unintentional.
13. Livni gave up a chance to be a senior minister
zionist forever   (03.19.12)
Livni was bitter that Peres appointed Bibi to be the PM rather than her and as a result three times now Bibi has reached out to her calling for Kadima to join a unity government and three times thanks to her ego Livni has rejected the offer. If it were not for her ego hers would probably be the most important voice in government after BIbi. I just hope that this will be the last we hear of Livni and next election she will retire from politics and instead write her fictitious memoirs which will make her out to be the woman who saved Israel.
14. I disagree- not the arrogance, it's the corruption, stupid.
Moshe ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.19.12)
All of her key advisers have either been convicted of crimes or of ethical breaches. She has used party and public funds as her personal ATM. Kadima is synonymous with sleaze- almost as bad as Shas. And she has set that disgusting tone.
15. A media creation
Rivkah F. ,   jerusalem   (03.19.12)
Livini is largely a media creation with little substance, an overdose of self-esteem, a chip on her shoulder, and runaway opportunism. She is featured every month or so in the Haaretz Friday Supplement & was built up as a "woman leader" by Newsweek. She plays the woman card as well. In Israel, one is either Likud, Labor, Religious/Jewish or Arab as far as political parties are concerned. Kadima most likely will be decimated in the next election -- and the opportunistic, shallow Livni will be defeated even sooner.
16. not arrogance
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (03.19.12)
Livni's problem was not arrogance, just total lack of ability. She was given a place in the Likud because of her father, not because of anything she did. Sharon bribed her to join him in Kadima because she was a talentless yes-man, and she agreed. She found herself at the head of Kadima because the rest of the leaders were all corrupt and Hilary Clinton thought she would be useful as the Israel PM.
17. Everything happens for a reason...
tiki ,   belgium   (03.19.12)
Can we imagine Zippi, together with Israels 'friend in the White House, dividing Israel up into area D.E.F.G.H.I. etc...
18. According to Newsweek
G.E.   (03.19.12)
According to Newsweek, Tzipi Livni as leader of the opposition was deemed one of the 100 most influential women in the world. I beg to differ, she may be the leader of the opposition but she's no leader!!! Good riddance.
20. It seems taht Kadima will go the way Livni is going
Nachman   (03.19.12)
Lets not forget Kadima was founded on lies and caused much pain to so many Jews for who knows what.
21. livni like olmert payback
ehud   (03.19.12)
the 2006 war was poorly handled by olmert's governemtn from start to finish. Livni sat there like a dumbbell allowing olmert to hem and hawa and prevent idf from effective counterattack. Even when winograd said that olmert was useless, livni sat with olmert. Then she played monopoly in peace talks outrageously offering the heart of israel to lying thieving crooks of erekat and abbas in return for pieces of useless paper. Now even idzik has abandoned her, the final knife in the back and livni will be a destroyed women now that israel has rejected her. israel didn't want olmert and now it doesn't want ther. it doesn't get worse than that. She will fall back to the practise of law but will be foreveer wounded by israel punishing her for her lousy work in government. Sharon must have been out of his mind to place any trust in the crooked olmert and stupid livni.
22. Shudder To Think She May Have Become PM
Dan ,   Florida   (03.19.12)
23. I completely disagree
L.D. ,   Israel   (03.19.12)
I can relate to the young woman described at the beginning of this unfortunate op-ed piece, as I too had always been an admirer of Ms. Livni's, and I do had an opportunity to meet her at an event two years ago. However, I had the opposite experience of the young woman described here. Ms. Livni could not have been more gracious and kind when I met her. In fact, she even seemed a bit embarrassed to be receiving such a compliment. I have continued to follow her career since our meeting, and have continued to be impressed with the integrity and statesmanship that she has demonstrated. She may not be good at "playing politics", but I don't consider that a quality that I look for in politicians I support.
24. livni
sue ,   jerusalem   (03.19.12)
the woman did nothing as min. of justice, less as foreign minister and as the leader of the opposition we never saw or heard her (which I think is great). the lady is totally over-rated and simply should stay out of the poilitical arena. she is far from intelligent - in fact she is STUPID and DUMB.
Rafi ,   US   (03.19.12)
She has made life-long contributions to the State of Israel - far more than most of the hot-air Talkbacks here. As to author Hanoch Daum: this is one of the most poorly-written and weakest articles submitted in a long time. There is no substantive basis or tachlis to it...
26. The voice of paranoia and prejudice
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (03.19.12)
Whether or not Zippi survives her parties primaries, the failures this edge- of-lunatic- right- fringe crows are hers, are as nothing compared with those stacked up by the government of the greatest prevaricator we have ever known who is fast turning us into a 21st century Metzada, with no choice other than to bring down on us a cataclysm.
27. To nr 25 In what sense is Livni a "a fine leader"?
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.19.12)
And what exactly are Ms Livni's countributions? Yes she has many things to apologize for: the ethnic cleasning of Jews in Gaza, the failed handling of the Lebanon war in 2006, inability to form coalitions, constant attacks delivered at Netanyahu's economic reforms that are actually helping Israel instead of weakening Israel and her self hatred, her hatred for Israel, her insistence of selling Israel's land and soul just to make "peace" with a genocidal and racist enemy hellbent on our destruction and her inability to stop the thousands of rockets fired from Gaza at Israel. Hot air talkbacks? Speaking the truth about Ms Livni makes the truthful comments "hot air talkbacks"? I see. The only way not be regarded as a hot head is plainly and simply to lie and deny facts. Since she is such a fine leader, why is it that Israelis show very little support for Livni and the political freak creation called Kadima? Can you explain all these things in plain and simple English, using clear and coherent arguments - without resorting to insults and rude comments?
28. Tzipi who?
Mark ,   Israel   (03.20.12)
29. Agree about wooden Zippi Livni
Another Mike ,   Hod Hasharon   (03.28.12)
You need vision, charisma and determination in politics to succeed. It's all about managing people. Livni had none of these qualities and I'm amazed that she got as far as she did - being a total misfit for the job! Now it is up tp Mofaz. Would it not be ironic if an Iranian-born Israeli leader put up the best fight against Iran? Don't rely on professional fence-sitter Netanyahu.
30. kadima
jjv ,   phila pa usa   (03.30.12)
Dear brothers in Israel; Do not get so personal in these attacks..Livni is retiring but the corrupt monster Kadima still exists and there is where the attacks should be directed - unless you really do want your G-D given land given to the Palestinians for "peace"
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