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Ahmadinejad: Israel a cancerous tumor
Dudi Cohen, AFP
Published: 18.03.12, 19:57
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1. The West will suffer ? Not Iran ? (End).
Nora Tel Aviv   (03.18.12)
2. playing with the devil venom
cristian ,   argentina   (03.18.12)
the puppets never learn from history,1957 mayak russia,1957 windscale great britain,1979 three mile island usa,1986 chernobyl ukraine,1987 radiological accident in goiania brazil1999 tokaimura japan and fukushima 2011 in japan and do you think you are not gonna be next?
3. The West only wants Iran to prove their professed plans
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (03.18.12)
The West has not asked Iran to stop its nuclear efforts, just to prove that it is really peaceful. Thus if they would only prove that they are not making weapons they would be fine, but as they refuse to discuss it let alone prove it Iran will suffer.
4. iran
JEFF ,   MIAMI/JERUSALEM   (03.18.12)
For a government who suffers from the most extreme Jew hatred and paranoia, they must also be schizoid, because they have a love affair with Einstein and his inventions. When is the last time iran invented anything besides their own psychotic dreams of world domination? Even their religion is an import; they need to import a rational brain; instead of importing nuclear technology from China, Russia, North Korea and Pakistan. The government of Iran is a maglignant tumor; the only cure is surgery..... They are also nihilistic and suffer from necrophilia; a guillotine would be the best solution...
5. Why new Iran talks?
DEB ,   DC, USA   (03.18.12)
What's left to to talk about if Iran will not take even one step back in it's nuclear (weapons) policy? The 20% stuff will work even if the weapon is a bit ugly and ungainly. People should be worrying about that alot.
6. Stealing
Totally masters? Unfortunately this is not true: you totally violate the copyright law. It is called more...stealing! The closest approximation to "rocket" you can develop by yourself is minaret))))) The West has done this 66 years ago and you just steal the idea calling it "research". You never, really never could have done it by yourself!
7. Ahmadinejad
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (03.18.12)
What part of "you will not be allowed to acquire nukes" does this retard not understand?
8. This has gotten absurd: rhetoric or not: Iran must be crushe
Ezra ,   USA   (03.18.12)
The Iranian regime is totally insane and Must no longer be pressured diplomatically. It's entire Defense forces should be annihilated. Their navy sunk: their nuclear work destroyed: their regime, taken out (yes: KILLED). It's gone on too long: Iran exports terror the world over and every second they remain intact is just more food for terrorist egos. They must be completely and totally obliterated. No ground troops necessary: just five months of Bombing until there isnt a soldeir left, not a rocket or a rifle.
9. Is this guy in for a rude awakening or what??
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (03.18.12)
10. Israel a cancerous tumor?
Yossi   (03.18.12)
Their scientists know how to cure it. The problem is YOU, you are the tumor, developing into a vermin that must be crushed and erased for the world to retain it's sanity. Maybe you will fall in one of the radioactive vats and this will solve the problem.. You have been infected since birth by the Devil; and Iran is paying the price today. Your ranting against Israel, America and other countries have been a " deja vu " for many years, and it's getting tiresome to see and hear the same madman repeating the same worn out routine. Your inferiority complex has gotten the best of you.Is it your shrimp size?, your ugliness?, your "baby talk"? incoherent message year after year bearing no fruit? In spite of your venimous swill, Israel is doing fine, growing and helping the world get better. Maybe what you need is a little musique in your repertoire; say " La Juive " by Halevy?, or the damnation of Faust? A devilish theme would suit you fine. We know that paranoia is part of your mental flaw. Incarceration in a mental environment/institution for 10-20 years will do you good. -- try it, you'll like it.
11. The mad utterings of a dying regime
Tim ,   Brighton   (03.18.12)
Whilst the Iranian economy is a basket case of Ahamadinejads making...his mad utterings are his only response is to divert any attention of his miserable failings and his pathetic Presidency Whilst his lackies try do outdo him in their venom....all it shows is that this regime is nothing but BANKRUPT in money, BANKRUPT in morals, BANKRUPT in ideas, BANKRUPT in principles
12. ahmadinejad a giant cancer
mohson   (03.18.12)
amadinejad is a giant cancer that must be removed and burned because what comes out of his mouth is bile and excrement. This is who the persian civilization, this piece of scum is how they want to be represeented. Kameinei is an evil twister of islam but at least he has a brain. Ahmadinejad is totally stupid, his ph.d. was forcibly awarded, and yet he has jewish blood-sabjourian. I call on the ayatollah entity to put ahmadinejad in evian prison to rot there. The alternative is for the persians for nada to take revenge on this piece of crap.
13. This monkey is certainly not a phisician.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (03.18.12)
He is permanently repeating "Israel is a cancer" since at least six years. But in reality a cancerous tumor kills the patient averagely in 5 years. Israel seems to be a totally healthy country, its population grew with 700 000 under that period. So somebody is lying, the facts prove just the opposite of this tyrran's words.
14. As calls for his impeachment grow
Cynthia ,   USA   (03.18.12)
For driving Iran's economy into the ground. Seems Ahmadinejad should have spent more time running the country than threatening Israel. That billion dollar nuclear program is Iran's Achilles' heel and Ahmadinejad is the perfect fall guy for Iran's problems. He can rant and rave about Israel but that won't solve Iran's economic problems which have compounded under his presidency.
15. Ahmadinejad has cancerous tumor? lol
David ,   Montreal,Canada   (03.18.12)
16. Cancerous tumor? Thats what might kill you, Mr Ahmadinejad!
who cares   (03.18.12)
Look around you Mr Ahmadinejad, the jew haters like you are dying from the hand of Israels God who has said : '' Cursed is he who curses Israel!' You want to live ? Start to bless Israel !
17. Land Day's March to Jerusalem
ltrail ,   United States   (03.19.12)
Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad meets participants of Global March to Jerusalem which is scheduled to be held on Land Day, says 'enemies will be destroyed' But, and it's a big but, he won't lead his followers into battle; he's just all mouth and no guts. God, please bless Israel.
18. Disgusting words.
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (03.19.12)
All messages from Iranian President, or from Iranian Ayatullahs, are filthy, not deserving any serious comment. But is is good to repeat that Democracy and Humanism will prevail . Israel is protected by God and supported by all counscious and decent people around the world. .
19. And Iran is the worlds Hemmoroid.
Ezra ,   US   (03.19.12)
20. all moderate and sensible people of
Barney ,   USA   (03.19.12)
iran. get out while you can -if you can. it is going to get very ugly. nobody likes for there to be collateral damage of innocents but that is unavoidable.
21. Ahmadinejad's face is the cancer
Olivia Christina Wyatt ,   Quartz Hill, America   (03.27.12)
This poor excuse for a human being is a vile cancer. All the cancer treatments in the world couldn't get rid of him. They should drop him in a vat of nuclear waste. I'm tired of seeing his vile face everytime I go online. I'm tired of hearing his evil threats against Israel.
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