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Four killed shooting outside Jewish school in Toulouse
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Published: 19.03.12, 15:43
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JEWS COME HOME...not out of fear but out of Pride....
2. g+d damn the shooters.i am worried for my jewish brothers.
saied   (03.19.12)
3. Islam has taken over France!
4. Whats going on there?
Avi ,   The Netherlands   (03.19.12)
one shooter and nobody catches the guy?
5. Get out of France before the deluge
6. Apparently the same shooter
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.19.12)
as in the other two cases . Difficult to catch if he's acting as a lonely guy .
Hand him / her to french paratroopers wh will hand out punishment .
8. what the hell this clown(sarkozy)has done for us.he just
saied   (03.19.12)
Know how to put bodyguards for discos and cabarets.and has forgotten our holy sites.again,g+d damn heart is aching.
9. #8 What the hell this clown (BB) has done for us (French)
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (03.19.12)
10. As a former JDL activist
Jewish Patriot ,   Galut   (03.19.12)
As a former JDL activist I really hope the LDJ (Jewish Defense League in France) will do something! Again a new reason why Jews should have an organization outside of Israel to which can defend the diaspora. Some people cannot afford aliyah yet, like children. :( RIP
11. wait a minute...not so fast....
Marcelo ,   Berlin / TLV   (03.19.12)
please, take a note and read again the news. It was the same guy who shot down two officers before. Even I dont like franch people it shouldnt be said it was an antisemitic act this for coming home to Israel, I did from Berlin and yes, Israel is the country for jews, even if sometimes the scream "Naaaaahag, a deleeeeeeeeeeet" bothers. My condolences to the families of the lost ones and may HaShem give them strength to rise the head again...yom tov!
12. My condoleances
Alexandre ,   Nancy, France   (03.19.12)
As a French citizen, I'm completely shocked by these events. All my condoleances to the families. I hope the French police will catch the bastard who commited these murders. France cannot forgive crimes commited against its soldiers and children.
13. God is calling the French Jews to return home!
Jouko ,   Finland   (03.19.12)
14. Israeli policies pertaining to the Palestinians
Chris Linthwaite   (03.19.12)
Has made world jewry a legitimate target. Even in the UK Jewish schools have to be made bombproof. I expect that this sort of thing willl become more common particularly if Netanyahu causes WWIII and attacks Iran Condolences to the victims and their families etc.
15. @9 It's not BB's job to anything for the French, moron.
16. #9.sarkozy just knows how to bring GILAD SHALIT in front of.
saied   (03.19.12)
Reporters and photographers and then 'chiik chiik,chiik chiik and chak chook'.that's all.we did not claim we are committed to your safety.although they are.
17. To No. 1
Shalom ,   UK   (03.19.12)
Read the article it states "Local media reported that the victims were Israeli nationals who immigrated to France earlier this year. " So it is not a metter oif French Jews making aliyah but Israli's should not be leaving Israel!!!
18. around not arond
t ,   ny   (03.19.12)
19. #14 please answer
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (03.19.12)
Have UK policies in Malvinas, Afghanistan and Iraq made every Englishman a legitimate target? And what about Americans, are they legitimate targets due to Obama's policies in Libya, Egypt, Bahrain and Afghanistan? And would you agree that Arab policies pertaining to Jews have made every Arab a legitimate target for Israeli attack?
20. 14 are those words in your camcorder video?
21. Poor Sarcozy
Shimon ,   LA,USA   (03.19.12)
This might have him forced have to talks with Netanyahoo and we all know how much he hates that, and maybe Israel and the French Jews too.
22. # 19 because
Dude   (03.19.12)
israel was founded by the gangs of irgn, hagana -leah and stern. so its not like other countries. got it
23. #14.we(jews)are capable to target arabs.that is not hard,but
saied ,   iranian jew   (03.19.12)
We won't do that.we won't fall in this trap.we study history well.we saw how wahabi saudis,put a bomb in shiite area and told that is the act of sunni and vice versa.that until now,they've not seen any safety in iraq.
24. #15 as well as it's not Sarkozy's job to deal with Israelis
Gregg ,   Haia, IL   (03.19.12)
moron !
25. #16 I like very much chiik chiik chiik chak chok ! :)
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (03.19.12)
26. Wait some time before condemning France
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.19.12)
It's possible that it is the same murderer in the THREE cases police said [ Le Monde ] Used a black bike , same weapons [ 11.43 mm ] There are already more than 50 police officers who investigate the murders in Toulouse and Montauban . Maybe that two of the children who were killed are those of the Chabad envoy . So not people who leave Israel , they return home .
27. Who Can Defend This Action?
emanon ,   USA   (03.19.12)
28. fight back
howe   (03.19.12)
all french jewish schools go out and hire jewish armed guards either of the staff or new personnel and post him to the outside of the school to watch for the bastard that dares to fire at the school- the basigin method of iran is to fire off a scooter for a quick escape. Do not sit in fear. take action. Israel needs snipers to take out iranian operatives whereever they are.
29. @27 Muslim Brotherhood, Hizbollah, Iran and many others
tf ,   herzliya il   (03.19.12)
30. To mr. Chris Linthwaite
Judy   (03.19.12)
Dear Mr. Linthwaite, I find your comments very uneducated. How can you say that children aged 3 and 6 are legitimate targets! Iran is undermining the entire world and one day you will find this attack was initiated by Iran. Don't blame the Israelis - all they are trying to do is protect themselves. If the Palestinians had any sense at all they would accept Israel, but that's wishful thinking.
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