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Israel protests Hamas lawmaker's visit to UN
Associated Press
Published: 19.03.12, 19:44
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1. UN - "Human Rights"
Abu Yussef al Yahudi ,   Bue_Aires_Argentina   (03.19.12)
UN - "Human Rights" ? Come on ! . . . - What do you expect from this biased and anti-semitic branch of the useless UN ? Instead putting their efforts to solve the humanitarian crisis in Sudan, or try to stop the daily massacres in Syria, they are "investigating" unfounded violations of the Human Rights in the NON-EXISTENT Palestine. The UN and all of her branches, have become in the "property" of the Islamic Countries, and their depicable allies, the so named "3rd world countries" IMHO, Israel should quite of the UN as soon as possible, because it has become in a vipers nest. AM ISRAEL CHAI
2. UN Allowed Hamas to Speak in Meeting
ltrail ,   United States   (03.19.12)
In a speech to the council, the UN's top human rights official urged Israel to do more to protect Palestinians and their property from violence by Israeli settlers. Hmmm? Now I wonder why they haven't spoken about the deadly attack in a French Jewish School by mooslims, as well?
3. Pillay once again shows bias
Carl ,   USA   (03.19.12)
Terrorists firing indescriminate barrages of rockets into Israeli cities are merely "playing into the hands" of those inherently evil Israelis who want to justify their inhuman blockade at all costs. Yes, if they only stop the rockets, Israel will be seen as the sole barbarian in the region. Ever once occur to her that Palestinian terrorism is the very reason for the security fence and the blockade of Gaza? Does it occur that emptying weapons of live ammunition will get Israeli soldiers and civilians killed? Where is her outrage against inhuman Palestinian behavior?!
4. Pillay is right - civilian deaths are needless
William ,   Israel   (03.19.12)
so is the use of human shields by Hamas and other Gazan terrorists - NEEDLESS! So is the attacks on Israeli civilians which require IDF action to protect them - NEEDLESS! So are the deaths of Israeli civilians at the hands of Gazan terrorists - NEEDLESS! Oh - you mean Pillay wasn't concerned with any of these contextual issues and never brought them up? What a needless waste of energy, Pillay.
5. Violating the rights of "Palestinian" legislature
William ,   Israel   (03.19.12)
You're deemed terrorists by most of the world body and by Intl definitions. You have NO rights of lawmakers no matter how many people vote for you.
6. Time to change the rules
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.19.12)
Close all the terrorist protection agency offices in Israel and start targeting all members of every terrorist organization regardless of position.
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