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EU's Ashton: Children killed in Toulouse and Gaza
Published: 19.03.12, 22:50
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1. what comparison
moti ,   usa   (03.19.12)
where is the valid comparison, kids murdered for their religion. where in syria, gaza, and norway there are being killed either by a brutal dictator, involvment in terror or some extremist going on a rampage
2. Typical Irish
barry ,   chicago usa   (03.19.12)
Her moral equivalence makes me wretch.
3. ashton
steve   (03.19.12)
She is such garbage. All she knows is moral equivocacy when it suits her.
4. too much..
Castor Troy ,   Los Angeles-USA   (03.19.12)
Ashton has to resign. That ugly person didn't represent Europe and even the UK. She is only the mouthpiece of the global jihad
5. ugly face and ugly mind ! don' t compare stupid !
6. Disgusting.
7. There's a word to decribe this stupid woman starts with 'C'
tf ,   herzliya il   (03.19.12)
Surprised the dumb beach forgot to mention Dresden, Basra, Afghanistan.... Of course somebody no doubt failed to point out that Toulouse is in France and not a war zone... so the dumb beach didn't understand what really happened.
8. She's a 1 sick lady
TheRealJoe   (03.19.12)
Such sick people running Europe today.
Stu   (03.19.12)
10. Typical
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.19.12)
The silly bitch can never resist a chance to take a cheap shot at us, regardless of the facts.
11. Love how the EU must always put caveats on sympathy to Jews
William ,   Israel   (03.19.12)
I haven't heard many times when the UN or the EU has decried deaths of Jewish civilians (let alone Israeli civilians) by itself. They always use it as a platform to loop in other statements and agendas. However, I've heard plenty of times both the UN and EU decry deaths of Arab civilians (even of terrorists by discreetly dropping the word) without looping in other statements.
12. These incidents are not the same, Ashton
William ,   Israel   (03.19.12)
In France, these Jews were targeted for being Jewish and that's all. They were mowed down in cold-blood. They were neither involved in problems around the world or armed. In Syria, children are slaughtered wholesale, even in extreme gruesome ways, as recounted by Syrians who made it out with only their lives. The despotic regime there is targeting everyone and has killed over 8000 by some counts. In Gaza, while the children are innocent, they are in the middle of a war with Israel. They are used by their own leaders as human shields. They are not targeted by Israel at all, which is underscored by the low-death toll despite the urban setting and massive Gazan war crimes on Israel. Ashton, get your head on straight. You're sounding like a certain very biased Navi Pillay.
13. She has got to be out of her mind, comparing targeted murder
with casualties of war in Gaza (despite way-beyond-the-call efforts by Israel to avoid civilain casualties, even while they were used by Hamas cowards as human shields)! What is the matter with her that she cannot differentiate -- did she have too much to drink at lunch(ad d'lo yada)? How could she say that in any public forum and hope to maintain any credibility?
14. Ms. Asston has long since lost all credibility & relevance
Tahl   (03.19.12)
A crazed, racist, hate-filled gunman massacring children point blank, simply for them being Jews - is equivalent to the IDF rooting out terrorists who shoot at Israeli civilians, and hide behind human shields? Where on earth did she draw this preposterous moral equation from? This Arab-sympathizing hypocrite bitch should just shut the hell up for once!
15. I don't say this often,
Devorah   (03.19.12)
but I would like five minutes alone in a room with that bitch.
16. Yes... I know, Ashton!
Israeli 2   (03.19.12)
Jews are no different than Norwegians or Gazans. What a hero you are mentioning the Palestinians when this now happens to be a Jewish mourning. זבל
17. Catherine Ashton silent on Palestinian child abuse
Dan Kelso   (03.19.12)
What the heck does Ashton expect Israel to do, when terrorists are firing hundreds of missles at Israeli children. Hamas and the PA teach their children to be homicide bombers and murder Jewish civilians for 72 virgins. Ashton is afraid to speak out on Palestinian child abuse. Go to Youtube and search for Palestinian Child Abuse.
18. Is there no end to this woman's vulgarity?
Shaul R   (03.19.12)
19. Ashton
Steven Kantor ,   L.A USA   (03.19.12)
How is it that Israel does not formally and publicly file a complaint against Ashton for equating what happened in France which was premeditated murder targeting children and what happens in Gaza where Israel takes precautions and risks not to harm civilians after being rocketed by terrorists? Either Ashton is an idiot who knows nothing about what really goes on in the world, or even worse, she knows what is going on bur refuses to say anything for political reasons.
20. EU's Ashton: Children killed in Toulouse and Gaza
Avner Kolski ,   Ramat Hasharom Israe   (03.19.12)
Catherinne Ashton comparison is not fair. Children were killed in Gaza by eccident due to thier proximity to terorists lunching thousends rocketes on Israeli cities aimed to kill childrens, while the terorists in Frace aimed to kill childrens in purpose. The first case is a self defenceeccident the second is childrens murder.
21. Comparing evets in Tolouse and Gaza
Elihu ,   Efrat, Israel   (03.19.12)
What an abomination. Yes, it is tragic when children die anywhere, for any reason, but drawing a comparison between the premeditated murder of innocents in France with deaths in Gaza is beyond obscene.
22. Ashton is a hypocrite fool, unfit for the job
Childrenin Gaza are not targeted by IDF, unlike the children if Sderot, Ashdod, Beer Sheba, Syria and Tulouse! She just proved that she either has no cle about what happens in the world, or that she is a malicious and hateful racist, with a new anti-Israel blood libel agenda. Either way, she as proven herself irrelevant and unfit for the job.
23. apples and oranges
Shalom ,   Ashdod, Il   (03.19.12)
What an idiot and to think that she represents the European Union! In a way they deserve each other both of them stink to the high heaven
24. Ashton.....ugh
Danny ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.19.12)
Gaza and Syria are war-zones i.e. two armed sides fighting eachother ......France and Norway are not
25. You are smart as much as you are beautiful
David   (03.19.12)
26. Ashton needs to resign
dAN   (03.19.12)
This nitwit speaks for Europe? Is she related to Neville Chamberlain by any chance? She is actually accusing Israel of deliberately murdering children. What an idiot!
27. Caroline Ashton
ian ,   amsterdam holland   (03.19.12)
Another idiot euro politician feeds anti semitism and the illegitimate deligitimisation of Israel...
28. Political correct untill her last breath
tiki ,   belgium   (03.19.12)
When something looks stupid, talks more stupid......what is it? This perverse stupid woman has the chutzpah, to compare innocent Jewish Children in France being gunned down, to those brain sick murdering, stone throwing, indoctrinated, hate spewing little terror monsters from Gaza. Seeing this woman, only one thing comes to mind....throwing up!
29. Ashton is disgusting
A ,   Belgium   (03.19.12)
Of course she compares the murders in Toulouse with terrorists shooting rockets from crowded, densely populated areas in gaza, including schools and hospitals. If she is so sympathetic to the "young Palestinians" and their Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist leaders, maybe she should give up her position as Europes head diarreah mouth and move to gaza.
30. If this is EU morality, they are beyond irrelevant!
SHneerHere   (03.19.12)
TO morally equate cold blooded premeditated murder of a 3 and 6 year old little boy with the accidental and incidental killing of civilians while in pursuit of a terrorist mastermind proves the Europe is completely gone. Completely gone. I welcome their servitude to the world of Sharia. May they be enslaved for 1000 years under the terror they continually rationalize and apologize for.
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