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US war game simulates aftermath of Israeli strike on Iran
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Published: 20.03.12, 08:27
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1. Okay, General Mattis
Israeli 2   (03.20.12)
If that is truly your analysis, I would suggest you tell your commander in chief to strike Iran first....this way...Israel will not have to do it dragging you into that nightmare you fear so much.
2. A panicky Israeli stunt of limited outcome & effect?
Cameron ,   USA   (03.20.12)
No, that works to no one's benefit, and only serves to destabilize the ME to a high degree.
3. What kind of Idiocy is this ???.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (03.20.12)
Would not an US strike come to the same effect, a Strike the US has Promised as a last resort ? More over, What kind of Military Commanders are lending their Names to this imbecillity ? do those think an Iranian Counterstrike will be Milder later on than for examle Now ? And what if Iran strikes First as they have Promised. This War will not be Regional only but, go beyond that to Regional Wars outside this Region. Arn.Sweden.
4. US-military under Obama tells NY-Times:all I have to know in
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.20.12)
order "to know"!
5. Was there a war game showing what would happen if Israel
Zev ,   Israel   (03.20.12)
does nothing ?
6. Unforgiven
Ehai ,   London. UK   (03.20.12)
Definitely GOD will not forgive those mad murdering scum who govern Iran. But, would the American people be very forgiving of Israel if Isrzel starts a shooting war with Iran that draws America in to it? I think military exercises are indispensable for the proper maintenance of international peace and security. This "Internal Look" scheme is highly appropriate at this time. But let's look inside our argument with the Iranian people too. Not merely their tyrannical medieval minded leaders. I think Israel and the USA are not doing enough to make peace with Iran. There is abour 99% war rhetoric and 1% peace rhetoric. The truth is Israel and USA don't have a popular idea of what peace with Iran would be like. You need partners for peace. So why isn't the White House inviting Iranian leaders to Washinton for talks every day? Or to venue somewhere else....every day! I mean surely peace id preferable to war. Right! If Israel draws the USA into a shooting war with Iran it would cost Israel enormous loss of friends. It is not easy being friendly with Iran's leaders but almost no effort is being made on this concern. Shameful lack of American and Israeli insight.
7. #3. Well said.
BUTSeriously ,   Australia   (03.20.12)
8. Obama: America will never go to war on Islamic country [End]
BUTSeriously ,   Australia   (03.20.12)
9. #6 And what is the UK doing?
esnuffnstl ,   USA   (03.20.12)
It's always curious to read the postings of Brits when they castigate the US for doing exactly what their nation is doing. Obama is beating the war drums no less than Cameron. And neither is beating the drum even a fraction as much as Israel. That you lump the US in with Isarel on this one is quite amazing. But you can't help it--I know you Brits have a need to sneer. What else do you have if not for your delusions? Not that I don't agree with you that a war with Iran would be a tragic mistake, and much needs to be done to prevent it. I just get a kick out of how so many Brits think that the UK is a "force for good" on the planet when you've had your hands in every war of the past century. Anyway, return to your BBC and its silly narratives about the US. Finding an outlet by continually sneering at others is healthier than heroin, I guess.
10. @6 Ehai
Paul ,   UK/Israel   (03.20.12)
Really? So you suggest to make peace efforts with someone who threatens your entire existence? If such talks would ever be fruitful do you really suggest to trust someone who is the major Terrorist exporter in the world? Yes, piece is always better than wor and life is better than death. Just like the PA. In order to go back to the negotiation table they demand that Israel complies with all their demands upfront. What is left to talk about. Iran is PA's, Hamas' Hezbolahz' Boss. Do you really thing one can reason with them? If you do you need some kind of reality check. I admire your good will but unfortunately it is not realistic.
11. Simple Solution
elhrac ,   USA   (03.20.12)
Remove US warships and troops from the area. Then Israel will have a clear path to strike and no Americans will be in harm's way.
12. SUGGESTION BASED ON............
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (03.20.12)
Expectations only.Iran is not going for Nuclear weapons but one has to understand the Israelis as well.What they want is whether Iran is going for bombs or not,we have to destroy their ability to harness Nuclear technology.Based on wrong information about the Iranian President's words,the Israelis have constantly found an excuse of misusing his words and insisting that he uttered those words stating that Israeil must be destroyed.This is a blatant lie coined for convenience only.That is the reason of this inconsistant results emanating from different sources. Iran has every right to develope its Nuclear capabilities.What about over 200 bombs that Israel has its disposal?Why is the world silent?
13. US war simulation has Israel wiped out in 48, 67 etc.
rebecca ,   Modiin   (03.20.12)
I dont think they've got it right in the middle east ever.
14. #12. I doubt Muslims are confused of Iran [end]
BUTSeriously ,   Australia   (03.20.12)
15. all simulations with iran since 1995, gives the same result
inconito   (03.20.12)
some simulation (2002-2003) had anticipated the inability of Americans to defeat the Iraqi insurgency, but none had planned the ferocity and determination of the Iraqi insurgents. thus, all simulations with iran since 1995, gives the same result: a desatre, and will not prevent the nuclearization of Iran.
16. israel is despairing
inconito   (03.20.12)
israel is despairing, an attack is highly unlikely to succeed and if, it will have only a very limited effect, for a huge blow, Iranian missiles (+ - 400 Shihab) can level tel-aviv.
17. A decade of US passivity and now requires Iran kill 200 sail
David Turner ,   Richmond, USA   (03.20.12)
If this is an indication of US level of preparedness for an Iranian counterstrike, what does that say about the state of US preparedness to fulfill its obligations to the defense of the region's oil? And from this "anonymous" source it is clear that after a decade of allowing the Iranian nuclear program to progress to this point, that the US never intended to confront the problem of its own creation. American strategy, if exploiting Israel to do its dirt rates that inflated word, has never been to lead, to protect its interests. And in the end, after the US loses its 200 sacrificial sailors and finally does attack, it s true strategy, to allow the world to blame Israel for the economic fallout, will see the light. Two hundred US servicemen in order not to be responsible? But that has been in play since Bush talked tough and left it to Obama to play the game out.
18. Past, present and future to American appeasement
David Turner ,   Richmond, USA   (03.20.12)
Once Bush empowered Iran by ridding the mullahs of their only credible enemy Ahmadinejad has been on a roll and so has the US, towards the exit. Not just from Iraq and Afghanistan, two lost wars no doubt making the military hesitant to face yet one more; but seemingly in retreat also from the region, and just possibly its role as global superpower. Play the script out. If the US cant even protect Arab oil from the Persians, particularly after the blunders of replacing Mubarak with the Muslim Brotherhood; with decapitating the Libyan regime and not accounting for proxies of the same Brotherhood (unless al-Qaueda prevails!) inheriting that "revolution" also; backing the insurgents in Bahrain who, if the king were overthrown would mean that massive US Fifth Fleet base would house the Iranian navy instead. To say nothing about nuclear proliferation in one of the most unstable regions of the world; or the possibility of, since Iran is already purported to be a major supporter of Islamist terror, likelihood of suitcase nuclear devices also blossoming: in London, New York and in most cities you care to name. But just sticking to the script of the US seeking the exit door, guess who? Turn the clock back five decades and the US defeat of the Russians in the region. This time, without firing a shot (except for the unfortunate and hypothetical 200 sailors) Russia returns. And Russia controls the global economy through oil. And Russia has Europe sandwiched between the Med and Moscow.
19. @esnuffltltlfftlt ( #9)
stephen ,   UK   (03.20.12)
You've missed the point ( again ) pal. You keep accusing Brits of "sneering" yet you yourself appear master of that art! Now to the point - #6 bases his point on flawed naievety .. simply wanting a partner in peace doesn't mean you actually have one. Iran does not want to be a partner in peace with big satan (you ) or little satan ( Israel ) or British Satan (UK) . Also what makes you think that us Brits think the UK is a force for good??? Personally I think that the UK's history viz a viz Israel is appalling and it's policy re Israel continues to be nothing but flatulace. Now esnuffnstl - perhaps you can stop accusing Brits of "sneering"! Your glass house is vulnerable to breakage!!! ps Hopefully your two faced president Hussein Obama will wake up and decide which side he's on ! Dilly dally Mr President - Dilly dally ....tick tock tick tock ...
20. Total Make Believe
Randal ,   LR, Arkansas, USA   (03.20.12)
This was not really even commenting on. It is total fantasy to assume that everyone else gets pulled into a war.
21. last war games jews lost 6 million world better be concerned
ralph   (03.20.12)
22. Obama
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (03.20.12)
The fact is that an Israeli strike on Iran will not achieve its goal. A US strike could, but many innocent lives will be lost. People should take a moment to remember that the Green Revolution, the last chance to peacefully neutralize Iran, failed because Obama supported Ahmadinejad.
23. to # 22 even a us trike could 't achieve this goal
inconito   (03.20.12)
even a us trike could 't achieve this goal. it can only deay the national projetc for a few years nothing more
24. #12 what do Muslims mean when they say they want to kill you
Mahmood, we believe you and Ahmedinejad. When Muskims say they want to kill you, they really mean it. When thy say the want peace, you better prepare for war. You and your kind provided the world with plenty enough proof, so don't try to put us to sleep with your pathetic "misunderstanding" and " incorrect information" routine. Unless you are calling Ahmedinejad a liar. In that case, good luck with your remaining life.
25. NYT is irrelevant, on brink of bankruptcy
and bankruptcy and looking for sensationalism. It does help that it is the mouthpiece of the Hussain and Hitlery Clinton Administration.
26. Yet another Obama publicity stunt. Hussain, you get an "F"
27. What a bunch of pathetic Clowns in uniform !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.21.12)
28. America
larry ,   Israel   (03.21.12)
I just have to say that if america is afraid of a war , then get out of the middle east .move your ships and soldiers and sailors back home where it is good and safe. War is no place for those that are afraid!
29. Take your sniveling about the US, and stick it up...........
Uncle Sam ,   coast to coast   (03.21.12)
30. @ 28 Larry, Israel is afraid of war..
Sheik, Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (03.21.12)
Because every few months rockets rain down on your cities and you people do nothing. Iran funds terrorist groups and sends missiles to terrorist groups on your borders and your PM fly's to DC to beg for permission to fight or beg us to back Israel in a war militarily. We will fight when we have to and not because someone is begging for protection.
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