The day Europe died
Yigal Walt
Published: 21.03.12, 10:44
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1. Bravo!
Rick ,   Israel   (03.21.12)
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (03.21.12)
Hand on heart ,I only wish this woman everything bad .
3. Eurabia is coming.
Jules   (03.21.12)
4. People like her is the reason. . .
Raymond Paz ,   China Macau   (03.21.12)
people like her and her mouth and "morality" and "human rights" are the reason why the politicians in China berserked when EU decided to give "nobel prize for peace and human rights" towards undeserving traitors and religious leaders that promotes suicide, killing, treason activities. And dont forget when the "morally upright" EU and USA decides to help MB rise to power in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt. if we China Russia did not stop those two "morally upright" countries, Syria would be ruled by MB too. MB is terrorist according to Russia China. their justice is cruel and their mercy and morals are wicked.
5. Killing hundreds of children is not "fighting terrorism".
Albrecht   (03.21.12)
It is terrorism.
6. What choice does Europe have ?? They
Dyslexic... ,   Israel..   (03.21.12)
are petrified of the Muslims.Europe in 25 years from now will be Muslim,just look at the birth rate today between Muslims and Christians its unbelievable.Wake up Europe before its too late.
7. Europe Has been Dead Since the Shoah
D ,   Israel   (03.21.12)
8. Israel doesnt have that many friends in the world so this
Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.21.12)
'op-ed' makes sure everyone in Europe, all 700 million, are now covered. The next 'op-ed' written like a badly drafted high school essay should focus on all of South America, Australia and g-d forbid America!! This newspapers English edition ashames me.
9. the eu and ashton
martin ,   uk   (03.21.12)
Ashton is totally unfit for purpose with her position in normal circumstances. However, seeing how she represents the artifical and obscenely corrupt EU, she is the perfect example. The EU cannot even close its financial accounts due to the corruption by non elected officials. The majority of leaders in Europe are mainly from a communist background. As the song goes, "that's why the lady is a tramp."
Ortal Menashri ,   Jordan valley   (03.21.12)
11. EU gets what it deserves as Jew haters - dont worry !
ben zion   (03.21.12)
So far the EU '' enjoys'' a terrible financial crisis which could break the EU. Then there is a social crisis looming : the growing muslim community in Europe which goal is to islamize Europe. Say goodbye to Europe.......
12. Europe died the day they forgot God!
Taz Man ,   USA   (03.21.12)
As will all nations who follow-suit--guaranteed!
13. Ashton: the ugly face/heart of Anti-Semitism!
Taz Man ,   USA   (03.21.12)
Anti-Semitism: It will always destroy from within...like a cancer that feeds on itself until it kills all that it consumes! It's so sad: Jews have done more for humanity than any other people; and yet, they are the most-hated! What a sad commentary on the heart of man; how pure, misplaced hatred destroys the good among us, and, yet exalts the very evil that is the cause for such a mis-justice. A long look in the mirror, by many, is warranted during these late hours, ones before a great and coming judgment. God bless, Israel; praying for the peace of Jerusalem! A Christian Zionist
14. #5: Which children? The one's gunned down or the one's .....
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (03.21.12)
whose throats were cut in Itamar or the ones murdered in the terrorist attack on the school in Ma'alot of the Dolphinarium in Tel Aviv. Or is it the kids killed on the buses and in the shopping centers and restaurants blown up by Hamas? Oh, Albrecht, I forgot that in your book Jewish children are just "untermenschen" as defined by the Nazis! Why don't you ask NATO, the USA and the UK how many kids they killed in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan? Why don't you ask Hamas and their friends why they use children and civilians as human shields? One an Antisemite, always an Antisemite!
15. Europe‚Äôs deeply flawed morality
joe ,   uk   (03.21.12)
europe and news networks round the world should be monitered by israel when they print or say things like killing palistinians children the wall and similiar things get in touch who say or print it let them know the israel point of views the reasons why israel RETALIATE is well (if they will want to hear) and ask them to say or print it israel should work hard at this might help palistinians did and doing winining the media war their advantage there are many anti israel
16. The dinner is ruined....
tiki ,   belgium   (03.21.12)
The Israeli/Arab & Arab Palestinian conflict came into a negative spiral, when the Europeans started to mix their ''Honest Broker'' soup. The US by itself could have reached something, but now there are to many cooks in the kitchen, wherby the Europeans with their murky past & unsure future (because of their spineless caracters) provide a bad smell and leave an even worse taste behind.
17. Time to leave
Gallula ,   Paris   (03.21.12)
It is time to pack and leave this country I live in 500000 Jews are between hatred french national front and 10 million of african and arabic Alya is the next step
18. Jew hatred and appeasing tyrants is European DNA.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.21.12)
There is nothing new in the E.U.'s attitude towards Israel or Ashton's downright evil comparison of murdered Jews to terrorists. For the E.U. this is unfortunately par for the course. We may wish things were different but Jew hatred and appeasing tyrants are in European DNA. These are defining traits of most European nations.
19. #17 Well good luck. I made Aliyah last year and it was
JSLM Olim   (03.21.12)
biggest mistake of my life. I feel a bit trapped now that I have a girlfriend here, I am being perfectly honest, don't just abuse me, talkbackers who havent made aliyah should not comment.
20. to#19 JSLM
Marcelo ,   Berlin / TLV   (03.21.12)
Hi, I have also done Alyah last year. I came here from the perfect Germany (Berlin). I did Alyah with the eyes open, without putting Israel as the Jewish Agency said Israel is but as coming to a country with all its problems but virtues as well. I am still in the transcition and sometimes I ask myself what I did since I had a great life back in EU, but it seems that is wasnt so great otherwise I would not have done Alyah, so you...so, what did it make you changed you mind, why did you do Alyah and you regreat it now...? take all the notes you did before coming here and review them again...best of the lack !
21. #5: Albrecht
Yitzhak ,   Israel   (03.21.12)
The moral equivalency you make is without foundation. The tragedy of Gaza is it is ruled by a radical Islamist terror group that prior to Operation Cast Lead had fired some 8000 missiles and mortar bombs into Israeli towns and cities, and whose fighters routining position themselves among the Gazan civilian population. If civilians are killed in battles because Hamas combatants place themselves among civilians, then responsibility for these civilian deaths is primarily with Hamas. On the other hand the terrorist who murdered three Jewish children in France deliberately targeted these children with malice aforethought. There were no combatants at this Jewish school in Toulouse, just children,their parents and teachers. Your moral compass is screwed up.
22. #17. Yes, because the 'pending' nuclear threat is safer?!?
Get real   (03.21.12)
23. It wasn't just 6 million .........
Rick ,   Israel   (03.21.12)
Jews that died in the Shoah, Europe,its culture, its morality and its future died as well. What is coming is just the epilogue.
24. Israeli Actions In West Bank And Gaza Has Direct Effect ....
World Citizen ,   the world   (03.21.12)
On Diaspora Jews If you Israelis think you can continue to jab a sharp stick into the side of the Islamic world without repercussions you are wrong. Both Judaism and Islam believe in the idea of eye for an eye 'justice'. There are 15 million Jews in the world. There are well over a billion Muslims. In the end who do you think is going to win with these odds? The best thing Israelis could do would be to stop the state sponsored murder of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza if you want peace in Israel and the Diaspora.
25. Jews of europe, don t wait until its too late
meghan ,   israel   (03.21.12)
you now have a homeland......remember how many were slaughtered for this homeland, please dont let it happen to you. We lost too many of our families because they felt more German etc, and Israel (then under Brit mandate as Palestine) was for them just a desert and strange to them. Dont make the same mistake!!!! BTW...we aint no desert, thats for sure!!!!!
26. massacre of Gaza & Tolouse
mohammad ,   Jerusalem   (03.21.12)
Ofcourse they are not the same since the one who made Tolouse massacre is grazy man ,but the one who mad Gaza massacre is not grazy ,it is the Israel government !!!.
27. @19 please explain
Gallula ,   Paris   (03.21.12)
Please explain privately of necessary I need to know Thanks
28. to#26 mohammad
Marcelo ,   Berlin / TLV   (03.21.12)
there is a war onthe south you started and dont want to end, since it is quite better to get the money via tunnels and set 1Mio israelis in danger and get the pitty from EU and USA rather than to get a normal life and responsability. You put your own kinds in the front line, so dont get upsed when they are killed since you kill them. No pitty for you neither for your race.
29. With freinds like this who needs enemies?
Ros ,   Israel   (03.21.12)
And be sure that we have enough enemies, the last thing we can afford is friends who are wolves in sheep's clothing
30. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.21.12)
Well, when it is the terrorists who hide behind the children and use them as human shields, how would you characterize that? Despicable and disgraceful are the ersatz "Palestinian" terrorists -- we all know that -- but hiding behind children doesn't make them any less legitimate a target. It does, however, speak to their complete disregard for human life. But why should Israel care where they put their missile launchers that have so devastated the lives of Israelis living in the south, as long as the missile launchers are put out of business? Do you think that the life of a Jewish child in Sderot, who lives, eats and sleeps in a bomb shelter, is any less valuable than the life of a child who acts as a shield for those who would massacre Jewish childeren, and actively seek to do precisely that? Your priorities are seriously warped. You will never see a member of the IDF hide behind a Jewish child. Don't you see the perversion of thinking that is perfectly acceptable for an ersatz "Palestinian" terrorist to hide behind an ersatz "Palestinian" child? Should Israel allow the ersatz "Palestinian" terrorist to continue to terrorize Jewish children, no matter the age of whomever he chooses to hide behind? You're a fool.
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