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'Racist killer in France could strike again'
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Published: 20.03.12, 20:50
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1. propaganda of god
cristian ,   argentina   (03.20.12)
in this world the wicked triumph amount liars,thieves and murderers,in this world the wicked are considered winners,in this world are rich and famous manipulative,lustful and successful and are also uploaded to the thrones of glory while others suffer and sacrifice to no avail,being losers and keeping all the vices of the unjust and if they rebel are massacred,fired and paragraphs,world of shit with a supposed god that all see,all judges,alpowerful and omnipresent that blesses the righteous and curses the wicked,lies,lies and more lies about the propaganda of god
2. To # 1
yosef yankelev, Phd ,   Coral Springs, USA   (03.20.12)
3. #1 cristian, you're drinking too much mate de coca
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (03.20.12)
4. to #2
cristian ,   argentina   (03.20.12)
...OURS WILL BE DONE,NOT HIS...(exhausted of waiting and living hell of war,hatred,no justice,racism,stupidity,mockery and death) BLESSED OUR TRUTH
5. #3 awake,i am seeing and hearing
cristian ,   argentina   (03.20.12)
6. you can not hunt him,
observer ,   Egypt   (03.20.12)
ha has a fake passport.
7. #4 cristian - Shut up and grow up.
Devorah   (03.20.12)
8. Root the killer rat out
sk ,   USA   (03.20.12)
May the angels of G_d root out this human rat, may he be expedited to the bowels of hell.
9. #7 devorah-i love you too,lady
cristian ,   argentina   (03.20.12)
10. Troops are stationed in the subways in France...
Jake ,   USA   (03.21.12)
...with or without a credible terror threat. And they aren't friendly soldiers like in Israel. France is a police state.
11. In Cairo cleric Wagdi Ghonem praises Allah for death of Pope
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (03.21.12)
Shohouda 111." 'May Allah Exact Revenge from Him in the Hellfire" Amazingly this goes unreported in the general media.No wonder opinion in the world is skewed and ill informed. Why the self censorship ? MEMRI has it
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