Fayyad: Stop using Palestinian cause to justify terror
Elior Levy, AFP
Published: 21.03.12, 14:24
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1. Fayad
David ,   Miami   (03.21.12)
Kudos for him to condemn this act. I wish every Islamic leader would condemn it too. Never has a Jew committed such heinous acts and g-d forbid if a Jew ever did, every Rabbi in the world would condemn it. Unfortunately there is very little condemnation in the Muslim world when it comes to the butchtering of Jewish children. I will never be able to understand this kind of hatred.
2. Fayyad: Let's preserve Pali monopoly on anti-Jewish terror
Steven Gilbert ,   Teaneck   (03.21.12)
3. mr arab bedouin pm aka pali
First of All there is No paliwhatever! Second your arab bedouin people have Been Murdering Innocent Israeli's especially Women and Children for too long! So stop your arab Hudda already , tiaeb!!! Nobody cares about your False cause, they want to Try to end What Hashem Promiset To Abraham, Issac and Jacob (Israel) !!!
4. Thank you!
Esther   (03.21.12)
Thank you so much for saying this, Fayyad. Since the terror against the school happened, I have not stopped thinking that despite our differences, we share fate in so many ways. I wish we could stand together a g a i n s t injustice instead of fighting between us. What we do and say today, determines the future of o u r children. We must find ways to secure their common future! So thank you again for your words!
5. Bravo Fayad
Yossi   (03.21.12)
6. Why does the press give air to this terrorist's views? Arent
hippocrates ,   earth   (03.21.12)
murderers not supposed to get air time? Good for salam for saying this. one in a million. I don't think ahmenijad and his ayatalohs agree.
7. Too late Fayad! Your poison is already out!
8. Usually they pass out sweets after an attack on Jews
rebecca ,   Modiin   (03.21.12)
and then name a street or square after the attacker. Someone must have had a stern word with Abbas. I dont believe, not for a moment, that he made this statement freely and of his own accord. I'm also sure Hamas will soon praise the terrorist.
9. Too little, too late. Mr. crocodile tears
Ypip ,   Canada   (03.21.12)
The 'Palestinian cause' has poisoned generations of the young, whom become radically naive adults. There's really no difference between the PLO, or Al-queda, once you seriously examine their history and current events surrounding them. Now, they - Fatah and the Hamas are just beginning to realize their ideology is quickly spinning out of their control. This gesture of his is little more than attempted damage control for their international propaganda machine to keep the bleed-heart leftists, Ashton (as just one example) along with many others like her with their wallets open and ready for their 'cause'.
10. only condemns in english
sarah ,   usa   (03.21.12)
im not sure hes saying the same thing in a language the terrorists understand.
11. Thank You!
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (03.21.12)
It is long overdue, to hear from an Islamic leader, that killing the innocent is wrong. We have become so used to Islamists killing, and killing and killing, that we just expect it. They kill their own, they burn their Quran, they commit the most heinous of offences, and almost always in the name of the Palestinian "cause". The result; blockade, fences, anger and isolation of the Palestinians. This is a good move, and more such actions will go a long way.
12. FAYAD STATEMENT - No 1 David Miami
Adam ,   London   (03.21.12)
Baruch Goldstein ? What he did was heinous.
13. repentance and return
cristian ,   argentina   (03.21.12)
the only solution to leave the chaos of evil is to follow the ways and paths of him,no killing,no lying,no stealing,no sin and out of hell to bring heaven to the earth
14. #12 adam
Jerome ,   Basalt , Colorado   (03.21.12)
Baruch Goldstein didn't target innocent children at point blank range. What this ignorant a-hole did is beyond heinous! the nazis also killed children. your coment reminds me Ashton.
15. What language was used to say it?
leo ,   usa   (03.21.12)
16. Well said Fayad..
Aharon   (03.21.12)
17. # 1 - David, Miami
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (03.21.12)
"Never has a Jew committed such heinous acts". Sorry David - you're wrong! Ever heard of Baruch Goldstein and Ami Popper?
18. Fayyad, tell that to your terrorist friends of Hamas.
robert ,   belgium   (03.21.12)
19. To Adam from London
Alex ,   Russia   (03.21.12)
Baruch Goldstein commited his action against adult men only. He was insane, but there is not clildren blood on him
20. Indeed, stop! The PLO and its various organizations make...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.21.12)
...enough use of "Palestine" to advance terrorism, therefore, stop competing with the PLO, Hamas, IslamicJihad, etc.
21. Bravo Fayad.
Reader ,   New York   (03.21.12)
this is the best thing I have ever heard from an Palestinian. If you come out and say this 20 times a year, Palestinian problem will be solved way faster than you can imagine. I wonder where is Abbas standing on this matter?
22. #12
David ,   Miami   (03.21.12)
What Baruch Goldstein did clearly was heinous but he didn't go to a school or sneak into a home to stab little children sleeping in their beds. Anyways, he was roundly condemned by Jews around the world. So you want to justify the barbarity of countless Muslims who have targeted and killed Jewish children (as well as Christian and Muslim children) by pointing to a lone lunatic in Israel? Perhaps you should take your family to go visit Israel and then Syria and get back to us.
23. Fayad - Jerome No 14
Adam ,   London   (03.21.12)
Your right he did not shoot any kids because there were no kids there. He did spray a crowd at point blank range with automatic weapon killing 29 and badly hurting 125 more, in a very holy place. Many others died in the days following as a result of his actions. The Toulouse shooter is animal no question Jerome, so was Baruch Goldstein. By the way I agree Ashton sucks.
24. Terrorist
Jeff ,   S.A. USA   (03.21.12)
As usual, in English they say one thing in Arabic another, Erekat, Fayyad, Abbas and co. have poisoned their society with the same lies over and over again. Yes it is true, not every Muslim is a Terrorist but every Terrorist is a Muslim.
25. Maybe when the P.A. stops grandizing and naming streets
Zev ,   Israel   (03.21.12)
after terrorists and killers of women and children the other Arabs will stop. This only proves that the P.A. 's actions encouraages the terror worldwide
26. Yes! Bravo!
Ted   (03.21.12)
27. this is like Haman decrying genocide.
Golan ,   Modiin   (03.21.12)
It would be a step forward had he condemned the recent Islamic Jihad rocket attacks on Israeli civilians with such rhetoric.
28. So-called Palestinian Terrorists
ltrail ,   United States   (03.21.12)
PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad- You have the power and authority to act rightly in behalf of your people. The terrorist, who are a part of your people, need to be put down or brought to justice. Peace will come from that brave move.
29. Fayyad: Stop using Palestinian cause
JOE ,   UK   (03.21.12)
30. Sickness in people's hearts
Avramele   (03.21.12)
There is something particularly sick with those who have the need to argue that their terrorist are not as bad as the other side's terrorists. This is not a cheshbon l'shaim shamayim nor does it bring justice for the children martyred in the attack on the yeshiva.
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