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'Toulouse suspect planned another terror attack'
Menachem Gantz
Published: 21.03.12, 20:30
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1. Israeli police vs French Police
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (03.21.12)
Can French police help Israel with the tracking of the gay youths murderer (who's still running free) who killed in 2008? Thank you
2. Re France
Marty ,   Toronto, Canada   (03.21.12)
Allow me to predict how this will play out. In typical European fashion, now that the culprit has been arrested, Al Quaeda will kidnap some hostages somewhere in the world and will demand Mohammed Merah be released or they will kill the hostages and the French will fly him to an airport somewhere in the Muslim world where he will be released in exchange for the hostages and he celebrated as a hero in the Muslim world.
3. Monster islamic terrorist mohammed merah
john   (03.21.12)
must be hung after his trial and his body burnt to ashes and scattered in the sea just like Eichmann and bin laden before him.
4. #2 confusing the story with Bibi/Gilad Shalit v prisoners
Aaron   (03.21.12)
swap? But I guess if it is out of the news 5 minutes you all forget. So, remind me is this European fashion? or how my leader here is Israel works it too?
5. With a smile?
Nora Tel Aviv   (03.21.12)
After al, this s.o.b knows very well that, in a french prison, nothing bad can happen to him. He will get photographer`s attention by raising both hands in a V. And he will wait for an eventual exchange with some frech soldiers captive in the hands of Al Qaida.
6. they will not capture him alive
tea man ,   marjayoun   (03.21.12)
they caught his brother and start bargain but he did not care what happen to his brother So at the end of the day more people will die just to appease whoever
7. what are they waiting for?
WTF   (03.21.12)
for him to blow himself up?
8. The French still know how to dress for a funeral, unlike in
Rivkah   (03.21.12)
many places. Excellent ceremony, as is expected from the French. I watched it from beginning to end on the live feed newsreel. If only the families of American troops who are killed were treated as well and as formally by dignitaries, the hurt would be less that they shoulder. The American Vice President does not seem to go to funerals as much as predecessors. I wonder why.
9. French not moving. Maybe use teargas, then go in.
efraim ,   Virginia USA   (03.21.12)
10. Take no prisoner to exchange, he was already a
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.21.12)
prisoner and alquea blew up the prison gate and released a 1000 prisoners in Afghanistan. He had been planting IEDs, roadside explosives and the French police knew he had come back to France as a convict but did nothing but "watch" him. All this according to US pubic radio.
11. I hope he does not make it alive (end)
Maurice ,   Los Angeles, USA   (03.21.12)
12. Mohammed Mehra
andyboy ,   Israel   (03.21.12)
Proving, yet again, the adage: "Whilst not all Muslims are terrorists, most terrorists are Muslim"
13. He Won't Smile when he Stands Before the Holy One
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (03.21.12)
Almighty G-D commanded: YOU SHALL NOT MURDER. G-D does NOT give any one a free pass to break his eternal Law because of their religion-political system.
14. Monster Apprehended!
Cheryl ,   Chicago, IL   (03.21.12)
The monster has been apprehended. We should all thank G-d and breathe a sign of relief that he's off the streets. Boruch Hashem.
15. He was twice in Afganistan and still walked around freely!
Oleg ,   USA   (03.21.12)
that is the France with its liberalism! Good job, frenchmen, keep it up! And for police: C'mon guys, you should have something to make him run out of his house.But do you really want to interrogate this piece of crap? If not blow the whole building.
16. What did his family&friends know beforehand?did they cover
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (03.21.12)
up for him?
17. Jewish Defense League
observer ,   Egypt   (03.21.12)
an announcement appeared on a French website, calling for "militants with military experience" to participate in a solidarity trip to Israel between September 19 and 25. "The aim of this expedition is to lend a hand to our brothers facing aggression from the Palestinian occupiers, and to enhance the security of Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria," it explained. The French branch of the Jewish Defense League - an organization banned in Israel and America as a terrorist group - is recruiting people for the mission.
18. French misdirection
David Z ,   Los Angeles, CA   (03.21.12)
So first the French government tried to make us think it was neo-Nazis in order to protect their precious Islamists and now that it is a Muslim, they are trying to make us think he is mentally ill because good Islamists don't massacre Jews.
19. 13 Linda Rivera, NY, USA: Love your posts! Post more often!
Rivkah   (03.22.12)
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