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Safed rabbi: Gentiles jealous of chosen people
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 22.03.12, 08:16
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1. I totally agree
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (03.22.12)
But practically there are some indisputable facts behind antisemitism. The jews are much more talent, innovative and clever than gentiles. Antisemites are unable to tolerate it and are lying everything they invented to negate the reality. So simple is the reason of jew hating.
2. dude needs to shut up
Tyler ,   USA   (03.22.12)
Really? Anti-semitism exists because Gentiles are jealous of "Gods Chosen People"? Is he trying to be an anti-semitic caricature of Jewish thought? wtf
3. Europeans are intrinsically anti-semeitc by in large
American Sabrah ,   Israel   (03.22.12)
Atrocities committed against European Jews has circulated throughout the ages. There is no legitimate justification for antisemitism. Look how the mainstream media portrays us.
4. The world know Haman is matzutz min haetzba.
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.22.12)
Rabbi, rabbi, shalom Eliyahu. Even in Israel they teach this in high schools. Haman lo haya v'lo nivra, so what are you making an analysis based on stories nobody believes in?
5. What a nutcake! So he admits that Gaza children were bombed!
Nour ,   One-State   (03.22.12)
This so-called "Rabi" serves you well! He admits that "Israel" bombs Palestinian children. I guess this redefines your word "Chutzpah"....
6. Jewish Blood
Jean-Pierre ,   Austria   (03.22.12)
Jewish Blood runs deep from their ancestors of Israel, their blood is indeed more value, cause of how they value Life, They are caring, loving, hopeful, creative, and courages, and also constructive and productive. also, they are the Chosen People, it does not make me jealous to see that they are the chosen people, cause I would be a hypocrite if i was, I would walk into a garden, and surely i would choose only one flower that would be my favorite. I accept what they are and is. Look at the Arabian people, look at how they have brought hatred and violence into themself, this world is a test to maybe to learn from your weakness and to avoid hatred and killings.. truth be told, the people that hate Jews will grow thirsty into killing them, unlike any race in the world at all. Jews is therefore Unique for have surviving soo many destructions the world has placed upon them..
7. Rabbi Eliahu
Henry Weil ,   Jerusalem   (03.22.12)
Once again the Rabbi has outdone himself, he should know that silence is gold sometimes, rather then putting oil on the fire we don't need such Rabbis who only do us more damage
8. Couldn't agree more with rabbi Eliayhu.
tiki ,   belgium   (03.22.12)
Cristal clear language for every anti semite, wherever he lives, or whatever lame excuse he has.
9. Yes and No...
Abraham ,   Australia   (03.22.12)
I agree but I am a non-Jew and, in a way, I envy the Jewish people. This hasn't made me hate them though. It has made me love them, stand up for them and follow in their faith. I am a practicing Noahide. If Jews are G-d's people, why would I hate them or go against them? Long live Israel and the Jewish people!
10. I dislike anyone who considers themselves 'God's chosen'
Jo ,   Brisbane Australia   (03.22.12)
11. This guy is Nuts
Sarah B ,   U.S.A./ Israel   (03.22.12)
Does this happen to all people who believe they are 'chosen'. Im beginning to think it does.
12. Stop trying to understand the goys hatred towards the Jew
Al   (03.22.12)
Its was plainly written a long time ago. Look it up and stop trying to rationalize the hatred that we Jews have been suffering from them forever. Was my father not lucky to survive Auschwitz I would not be alive today. I was named after my mothers father who was taken to Treblinka. My two sons were named after other family who were murdered by the Nazis and the Arabs. That is our history. What we have to do as a people is not to try to understand the goys hatred but rather to learn to defend ourselves with vigor and tenatious resolve. The Rabbi failed to tell his students that. Todays Rabbis are bozos and sheep herders They are an insult to the great religion we hold. They are hearding their followers to their own demise. God save us form the Rabbiis
13. Shmuel Eliyahu
observer ,   Egypt   (03.22.12)
Qura'an never called Muslims Bani Ishmael. Strictly, Qura'an never called Bani Israel (children of Israel) Jews. when asked them to enter the Holy land, Moses's people "Bani Israel" said to him: there were giant people in the land ( Sura 17:104) and in the next verse "they didn't enter the land", in another Sura; "Moses's people said to him; go with your God to fight, but here we stay". We made, as punishment, Bani Israel dispersed in the planet earth (Ardh) till the Last Day (Judgment Day) when we summon them to Our Judgment (Sura 17:104). There is only one word in Arabic language for both Land and Planet Earth; namel al-Aradh. Otherwise, God said Ardh, but never said The Promised Land.
14. jews hatred
Amos ,   Africa   (03.22.12)
Christ has brought all into the promises of God. whosoever that believed in the Name of the only begotten son is in the promise of holy one. so not only the Jews are hatred here, but the Christians who believed in the God of the Jews through the only begotten of the ho
15. re
Gyuri ,   Budapest   (03.22.12)
This rabbi,with his racist statements about Jewish alleged superiority,gives new fuel to antisemitism(as if we needed it).Many thanks,rav.....
16. i couldnt agree more-there is no other reason.
mira ,   israel   (03.22.12)
17. to @ 2
David ,   Herzlia Israel   (03.22.12)
Agree, Rabbi should just shut up and stop talking rubbish, only result will be more hate against Jews, "chosen" people?, chosen for what?, to be persecuted, murdered, expelled. What kind of chosen people are we????
18. To # 5
David ,   Herzlia,Israel   (03.22.12)
Don't tell me this Rabbi serves me well, he does not serve me or represent me at all. And it is all your fault.....
19. #5: The Rabbi is not wrong!
David ,   Kaemiel, Israel   (03.22.12)
As one who is totally secular I must partially agree with Rabbi Eliyahu but the Rabbi should chose his words more carefully so not to play into the hand of the Jew and Israel haters like Nour. Jews are killed because they are Jews and nothing else. The only reason that Gazan and Jordanian kids living in Arab Occupied Israel get killed is because YOU, Nour, put them into the line of fire! You basically murder your children to satisfy you blood lust against the Jewish people! Ass for the Rabbi's "Chosen People" thing, well maybe he could ask the Chooser to choose someone else for a change to be persecuted, exterminated and vilified for centuries!
20. What a blunder :)
anton ,   Istanbul   (03.22.12)
He certainly have no idea how he come across :)
21. 100% true. We should try to understand that reality.
hadad ,   u.k   (03.22.12)
22. Absolutely correct! and response to Nour
Maurice ,   Montreal   (03.22.12)
I have long thought the same about the cause of anitesemitsm. The rabbi is absolutely right. As to Nour's response. every one knows that children get killed in Gaza once in a while as a result of the defensive military responses by Israel, and as a result of children being used by Gazan's as human shields. What did you expect? Israel to sit and do notjing while thousands of rockets fall on its citizens? You are the one who ha the hutzpah!
23. Wait, Chosen people? answer this jewish friends
John ,   UK   (03.22.12)
I have a number of secular jewish friends (reform) who stated categorically that the idea of a chosen people is purelt symbolic , not literal, and that there is no such thing in practice (at least in modern times) as a special race/people. is this belief wide spread among jews?
24. to N.1
huaasin ,   KSA   (03.22.12)
I agree with you completely - I like my opinion, your opinion - but frankly - Description of Mr. Rabbi - Jewish non-gentiles-perhaps used by some in the propaganda against the Jews - I'm sure that everyone is angry from the word gentiles-I'm sorry to say that
25. I would go a step further
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.22.12)
It is a by-product of every man-made religion and ideology. Whenever man collectively attempts to by-pass the revelation at Sinai, and impose their own interpretation of G-d's unchanged Will. for the purposes of self-aggrandizement, power, or greed, they inevitably need to oppose the existence of Jewishness to survive or claim validity. A measure of a person's spiritual success can be determined by their appreciation of G-ds laws, and the opposite, their hatred of Jews show their spiritual dysfunctionality. Not an obvious concept to one alienated from historical metaphysical truth.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (03.22.12)
No more need be said.
Yo ,Rabbi Eliyahu is da man and I am his numero uno fan Some say his views we should ban he's from Safed and he aint easily led nor force fed ,cos he has no rival in da knowledge of da Bible simple enuff to say dat he knows his stuff ' his political views are not news cos some gentiles are jealous of us jews this is a dangerous trap ,and they like to give us crap 'cause dey know full well and my pride does swell cause I invented rap and there is pleanty more on tap ,we won't be parted cos my rap has merely started and I won't abandon you and leave yous broken hearted.
Yo here is da breaking news gentiles are jealous of da jews their intestines are in a stew it aint worthwhile for no gentile to cramp his style and vent his spleen and don't become mean like a lean machine and don't be green with jealousy ,like leprosy just be our mate let's celebrate in da dance hall cause G-d loves us all and pride comes before a fall ...that's all .
'cause we invented Rap.
30. Nothing to do with it
Hoz   (03.22.12)
Americans arrested him and sent to France obviously he is one of those terrorists trained by the US in Afghanistan.
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