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'Toulouse gunman shows no remorse'
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Published: 21.03.12, 20:29
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1. Mental Illness indeed: Pfft!
Ezra ,   USA   (03.21.12)
The French attempting to appease the backlash against Muslims. Absurd. The man is a Muslim terrorist, extremely meticulous in what he did. NOT the work of someone mentally ill. In 'gracious' France, this murdering bastard will get fifteen years and be released. The Jews must leave France. It has fallen to Islam just as England has. Only Germany has a chance to overrun the Muslims and force their departure: also the o ly ones willing to do so, hopefully. Islam is humanities curse. So is PC and fanatic liberalism which has destroyed our values and mores. This lunatic should get a horrible disease and die slowly in great pain. He is a savage!
2. Maybe he's covering for the real perpetrators who r fleeing
3. Blame lies on French government!
Naor Amir ,   USA   (03.21.12)
This is the direct consequence of the French government's appeasement to its large Islamic population. This man was being watched for years but nothing was done to prevent him from murdering innocent people?
4. remorse ?
alsky ,   toronto   (03.21.12)
LOL words such as these are foreign concepts in 'the religion of Peace'
5. He has been under surveillnance but still they didn't know..
Incompetent French ,   Israel   (03.21.12)
had the motorcyle.... they don't know how how many weapons he has? What kind of surveillance is THAT?
6. Aliyah
bg ,   jerusalem   (03.21.12)
Each terrorist attack in Europe encourages Jews to understand there is only one country in the world where Jews belong and will be protected. Bizarre to think that terrorists may actually increase Aliyah which will not be their desired result.
7. If he survives, they will say he is mentaly retarded.
D. Meyer ,   usa   (03.21.12)
Maybe they should evaluate each one as they come into the country??
8. Mohamed Merah
mimi jacques ,   oob,usa   (03.21.12)
The latest from background-he cwas born in France Oct.1988- his family has Algerian roots. had already a criminal record as a juvenile- he is an asluminium smith by trade. Went over to Pak/Afgh-planted bombs in Kandahar-arrested sentenced to 3 yrs in jail 2007- big prison breakout (over 1,000 freed by Taliban-he was in the common criminal unit) came back to France- criminal record again-tried to enlist in the French Foreign Legion and French Army- due to his criminal background and psychological inbalance turned down in 2010. Allgedly the Army Security & Prev. kept him on the watch list (CIFF).His previous attorney Maitre Christian Etelin told TV that Mohamed Merah had just been sentenced in court for penal institution for one (1)month for driving without a driver's license. In 2007-08 there were 4,000 foreign jihadists showing in in Pak/Afgh-most from Chechnya,North Africa and those who were in Pak.
9. I'm always amazed
babawawa ,   new york, usa   (03.21.12)
that "friends" find their murderous friends so gentle and kind. You never know anyone until you live with them. Until then, you are fooled.
10. If this was Israel - he'd be shot dead or captured by now
David ,   Israel   (03.21.12)
Because one must be human with human feelings to feel remorse.
12. Genocide
Zivron   (03.22.12)
The psychological context is incomplete there is a savage bararism that is bad for humanity and Islam .
13. The old" mental illness" excuse. Preparing his defence? Why?
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (03.22.12)
Where has French internal security been all these years? Too scared to be seen" profiling" and dragged by the do gooders to the EU human rights court? Is fighting with the enemies of France acceptable? Are they going to investigate who knew what before all this ?
14. Not ONCE Have I Heard About Jihadi Remorse
Dallas ,   Canada   (03.22.12)
Whether it's to murder innocents for political purposes, or to kill their wives and daughters, can anyone ever recall hearing a Muslim murderer express remorse? Never. These 'people' have no souls.
15. Another lunatic killing in the name of religion
Haim ,   TA   (03.22.12)
Yep its that word again "religion"
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