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Kahlon seeks end to high cable rates
Meirav Crystal
Published: 29.03.12, 08:11
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1. Fantastic!. Well done (End)
Star ,   Israel   (03.29.12)
2. Just one problem...
Avi ,   Tel Aviv   (03.29.12)
...while I applaud Kahlon for the expansion, it is certainly not "free". What about the annual fee (per television set) to the broadcasting network "rashut hashidur" just for owning a television. I'd like to see him tackle that issue next. Why should I pay an annual fee on my TV set if I only use it for watching DVDs?
3. Misleading
kodosmama ,   Jordan Valley   (03.29.12)
To show the cable rates converted to dollars. Yes, monthly converted to dollars it is $26-$32, but my salary has not been multiplied by 3.7.
4. End the Agra!
Michael Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (03.29.12)
Avi, I don't even use it for that. It's collecting dust in my living room and serving as a perch for our house cat. We watch live TV through our computers and download ptograms that we can watch at our leisure rather than whenever they're scheduled. Who needs Rashut Hashidur?
5. run forest run
Ron K ,   usa   (03.30.12)
israel is as israel does
6. Stop the t.v. license fee!
jason white ,   afula, israel   (03.30.12)
I use the internet and have not watched t.v. here for a few years. They can close the broadcasting authority for all I care. The cable companies offer old programs and made for t.v. movies. They have many channels in languages most people here do not understand. Plus if you ask them to stop your cable package, they do not do so for months and still charge you. The same with bezek and netvision internet. The consumer in Israel is ripped off and the government turns a blind eye.
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