Israel, EU to sign 'open skies' treaty
Published: 22.03.12, 19:34
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1. Israelis will not see a difference...
Adam ,   Ramat-Gan   (03.23.12)
....I would usually be encouraged/ delighted by such news, being an ex-pat UK citizen but 'cheaper flights' will just be a pipe-dream. Like the electric car in this country, any subsidy, discount or saving that would be extended to the Israeli people for such a deal will be scooped up and put in the pocket of a corrupt, vested interest like the government (individual or group skimming) or the Ofer Brothers Group and their ilk. Israel lives from 'combina' and individuals or even cliques in the government as well as powerful monopolies like the Ofer Brothers make the lives of ordinary Israelis even harder with their business dealings. These deals that are supposed to make Israelis' lives easier are just smoke and mirrors. Rip off Israel.
2. Yeap. BDS my ... foot.
leo ,   usa   (03.23.12)
3. Ryanair: London -> Tel Aviv for 0.00p, just pay taxes soon??
Jonathan   (03.24.12)
4. Yeah right, a small loaf of bread will still be 4 Euro.
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