Man bites police dog
Raanan Ben Zur
Published: 23.03.12, 20:13
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1. Hmm
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.23.12)
This unruly gentleman (I use the term loosely) should be sent to K-9 school to learn obedience. Perhaps Oketz can help. There you have it, folks! What some talkbackers have begged for -- a "man bites dog" story.
2. rabies can be transmitted from man to dog, so is rabbis
observer ,   Egypt   (03.23.12)
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (03.23.12)
Stories .Man bites dog ?
4. what cruelty....
les ,   canada   (03.23.12)
some vicious, wild, rabbid animal.... feel sorry for the poor dog! :))
5. In the US he would have ended with broken knees
Zero tolerance to ,   criminal violence   (03.23.12)
Those who tolerate evil, do evil.
6. more poor journalism
Wally   (03.23.12)
where what why how - the basics back to journalism 101 you go
7. LOL!!! I wish dogs could actually read this
D   (03.24.12)
8. The guy must have been hungry .Next
Dyslecic... ,   Israel..   (03.24.12)
time the cops should give the guy some food first then he wont bite the dog simple,
9. Man bites dog, woman bites men,so many miracles in Holy Land
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.24.12)
10. and no single tooth broken?
observer ,   Egypt   (03.24.12)
11. Proper use of Police dogs.
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.24.12)
Lots of "funny" remarks but... In a police station they didn't have enough manpower to subdue this person? They needed to use a dog? Dogs are a great help in police work, but they should be used with care and only in situations that really require them, like riots for instance, not to subdue a single unruly individual.
12. # 11 I agree
niles ,   zw   (03.24.12)
The man was already in custody in a police station. Completely inappropriate use of the dog.
13. Wait, What?
Jonathan ,   MN/US   (03.24.12)
14. Using dogs in police station
Adam H ,   USA   (03.24.12)
I agree that this was an inappropriate use of the dog, and is reminiscent of the use of dogs in Abu Graib in Iraq.
15. hope the dog recovers soon
Haim ,   TA   (03.25.12)
Next time bring in the lions...
16. Boy, how vicious can you get? Biting a dog? lol!
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (03.25.12)
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