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Report: Israeli soldiers scour Iran for nukes
Published: 25.03.12, 08:08
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1. which West force spied this info and wikileaked it. one day
jrecho ,   us   (03.25.12)
Iran nuc bomb wil land on them...and then too late..I could a would a, should a...
2. Why On Earth Would You Publish This????
JM ,   Israel   (03.25.12)
If this is true you are now putting our soldiers in danger and threatening national security by exposing our information gathering techniques.
3. Nothing gets published without permission
Israeli 2   (03.25.12)
or should I say cooperation. Once a report such as this is published it is because these operations are done with....and yes...the report is credible. Now it is time to let Iran know to either cooperate or get the blow.
4. #2
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (03.25.12)
To me this is not a secret, just stating the obvious. Better spies in a place where harm can be done to Israel than in a country that is an ally.
5. keep up the good work IDF...
William ,   Gotham City, Lebanon   (03.25.12)
... It has been known for a long time and is no secret that the autonomous Kurdistan region is a bastion for freedom loving folks who suffered long enough at the hands of Iraqi forces and their evil now dead leader... Now the Iraqi Christians are seeking refuge and welcomed with open arms there... Israel established bases there to closely watch its enemies and adversaries in Iran, Syria and Turkey... They have based drones and all kind of military hardware there and undercover forces performing covert military operations to protect both the Kurdish population and other religious minorities... The UN ain't going to do didly to help... and neither any other western alliance except for the US... So I say more power to Israel.... and keep up the good work.
6. @ no.3
Ahron ,   Holon, Israel   (03.25.12)
or it's a set up to throw people off...
7. Looks like a pro-job! The person in the pic has caps off the
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.25.12)
binoculars (which by the way are the best instrument to detect nuclear activity
8. Now I know what you did last summer (7 years ago)
kuhl blitz ,   doha/chennai   (03.25.12)
Similar activities were done in Iraq seven years ago and false report was made saying Iraq possessed WMD. After 5000 American soldier's death it was confirmed that there was no WMD in Iraq. Now, similar spy activities going on in Iran stating Iran possessing nuclear weapon... hmmmm, that time also Iraq govt said "we don't have WMD" and now Iran is saying "we don't have nuclear stuff"... sounds similar
9. Who's the ding dong
CHILI ,   OC, USA   (03.25.12)
Why publish this article? The only thing I can think of is one who has no regard for Israel; foolish with the intent to cause mayhem or create distress among the public.
10. lol
Micah ,   Sweden   (03.25.12)
It's published because there's zero credibility. All news in Israel have to receive government approval (plus U.S). This has been published as a psyops-propaganda report aimed at thwarting Iran and putting it into disarray to start monitoring its own soldiers-- If you've ever learned psychological warfare - This is where you start.
11. #7 That's Iran's Supreme Leader
Deb ,   US   (03.25.12)
He's looking for his soul.
12. Well done Kurdistan for you're cooperations
Adar ,   London,UK   (03.25.12)
13. #11My bad! I knew something was wrong with my interpretation
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.25.12)
So that's the Iranians looking for our spies in "the Field"..???! Hope our boys are wearing proper camouflage :-)). Who invents these "revelations"?
14. Israeli #3
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.25.12)
Sadly this isn't exactly accurate. Whether true or not, the subject was already published in England - in the Sunday Times. Just read it on BBCi. Once3 published outside of the country, the censors can no longer stop it from being published anywhere at all.
15. Iran spying in Israel through Israeli Arab collaborators
Nothing new here. Israel would be criminally irresponsible if it didn't follow what really happens behind the Blood Curtain surrounding the Persian Tyranny, especially after so many specific threats to "wipe Israel off tyhe map". Lets not forget also the on going war that Iran has been conducting against Israel through its proxi terrorist armies of Hezbollah and terrorist organizations from Gaza and West Bank. Let's not forget the many terror attacks performed by Iranian agents abroad against Israelis and Jews. Iran cannot wage war, terrorize and threat with genocide and expect not to be spied upon. Iran cannot of course expect that Israel does not prepare and even do everythng and anything to protect itself against the existantial threat posed by Iran. Iranians better take care of the tyranny running their contry before Israel is forced to do it for them. In that case, the pain for everybody will be immesurably higher!
16. MI6 mission for years is to destabilize Israel from within
yabadabadoo   (03.25.12)
In conjunction with the Americans. Who are you kidding with this. Ashkenazi vs Sephard, Ethiopian vs white, secular vs religious, who do you think is fanning the flames of these conflicts? Always look North... to Big Oil and the United Kingdom. Always.
17. By way of deception...
Michael Rivero ,   Honolulu, HI   (03.25.12)
Or to plant such "evidence."
18. yabadabadoo @ 16, I like good conspiracy theory miself, but
leo ,   usa   (03.25.12)
yours takes the cake.
19. Rivero...
Joe ,   USA   (03.25.12)
you're a wack-job
20. Mike Rivero...
CO ,   LA,USA   (03.25.12)
Mike Rivero once again makes an acute observation.
21. Terrorists
Stop the lies ,   USA   (03.26.12)
Terrorists, war mongors. They will never find a warhead just like there was never WMD's. Fight your own wars.
22. I hope just hope...
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (03.26.12)
that the cheap a$$ Israeli government is paying them more than a hundred dollars a month. That would be disgusting to send them that far and when they returned they couldn't afford a meal for 2 at a McDonald's in Tel Aviv.
23. iran
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (03.27.12)
the british are experts on covert operations
24. @2
Ryan ,   Australia   (03.30.12)
they publish it, because the reality is they probably are not doing what they are saying in the article :) It is to create the necessary environment to achieve their agenda, ie scare Iran against building a warhead, or get the public used to the idea of the leadup to war. The media has done this for centuries :P All us public do is loyally take in the information as true. But how do you know it is true? did you see the blackhawks :P Suspect everything. Believe only love and what you trust from people you know.
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