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Merah felt 'endless pleasure' during school massacre
Roi Simyoni
Published: 25.03.12, 12:14
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1. At least he had the guts to say
what they're all thinking, all those "religion of peace" zealots.
2. Religious extremism rears its ugly head
Haim ,   TA   (03.25.12)
Amazing what religion does to people
3. Where were his family,his religious mentors? What was
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (03.25.12)
their role in all this?
4. which is assisted by
avi kraft ,   israel   (03.25.12)
godless leftists who are perfectly willing to defend islamofascism. Suddenly thedre is one religious idea that appeals to the godless left and that iis the religion that has killed and contiues to kill thousands in over a dozen countries. Gods less communism has a common bedfellow in that after adolf no body killed more people in the world. then stalin mao and pol pot ten million according to most estimates
5. Chaim, don't blame a religion for its followers' behavior.
Jew ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.25.12)
The classic tactic used by those who try to discredit Torah is to point to extremists of any faith to "prove" how bad religion is. Although religious Jews REALLY need to get their act together, it doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with the Torah itself, just the way it's being practiced by the klal. So nice try :)
6. Turkish incitement."Jews burn mosques and Quran in Tunisia"
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (03.25.12)
" Mahir Zeynalov, an editor at Today’s Zaman, a Turkish Islamic newspaper that is supposedly moderate. Here is Zeynalov’s response to the murders: Mahir Zeynalov ‏ @MahirZeynalov: Gunmen attack Jewish school in France, vandals attack Jewish cemetery in Poland, Jews burn mosques and Quran in Tunisia. What’s wrong?" It is a total fabrication !Somebody daubed a star of David on the Mosque wall,that is his total "evidence",from "moderate "islamist Turkey. Who needs Nazis?
7. #2 what do you mean?
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (03.25.12)
What do you mean "what religion does to people". From what I read, Merah was not Jewish, Buddhist, Bahai or Christian. And by the way, do you have anything to say to those Leftist Talkbackers who a month ago said they thought Haredim (like Gabriel, Arye and Miriam) were a greater danger than people like Merah?
8. To Haim.
Mark ,   Tel Aviv   (03.25.12)
It was Torah that brought the very idea to the world that human life is inherently valuable - all life. Islam prioritizes that Muslim life should rule the life of the infidel - us. Religion IS what its followers make it, NOT what is written in the book. In this case, Islam has bevome the antithesis of everything we value, such asvll human life.
9. He will burn for every in hell.
Aviva ,   Israel.   (03.25.12)
10. Religious extremism
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (03.25.12)
Any religion becomes corrupted by people who define it from a fundamentalist view point.the ideals of Torah, The New Testament, and the Koran are all corrupted when in the hands of extremists. View points that offer no room for compromise or understanding of other's need to be overcome. This is Especially true when belief in religion calls for violent actions against others; whether such actions are murder or the throwing of dirty diapers.
11. So close
Ros ,   Tel Aviv   (03.25.12)
If they were able to hear the terrible things he had to say (which of course does not do anyone any good to hear them now), why couldn't they capture him??
12. A few silly moments of "pleasure," now Hashem will punish IT
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.25.12)
with the most brutal methods for the longest time. A few hate filled moments were traded for an eternity of suffering both on his part and for the family of those he killed.
13. Why does this drek get a say.
nibor ,   israel   (03.25.12)
Why does he get a fair trial. It would give us all great pleasure to see him die a long and painful death.
14. Islamist KKK
GZLives   (03.25.12)
would you support the KKK ? If not then how do you support Muslims who are preaching that Jews are less then human and should all be killed?
15. the "pleasures" of extremism
Michael ,   Haifa   (03.25.12)
I am sure that Baruch Goldstein experienced the very same pleasures
16. "Endless Pleasure"
imafreeagent ,   Florida   (03.25.12)
Did the IDF troops feel endless pleasure when they bombed 1,500 Palestinians in the Gaza massacre?
17. Felt "endless pleasure" murdering little children
Rachel   (03.25.12)
Everytime, I think these people can't sink any lower, they always end up surprising me.
18. Terrorism alert: KGB total brainwashing technique
Dr Artour Rakhimov ,   Canada   (03.26.12)
US Ministry of Defense provides automatic guns and weapons to thousands of potential terrorists who can commit the same or similar crime as during this Kandahar massacre of civilians in Afghanistan or during the Fort Hood (Texas) shooting where on November 5, 2009 a single gunman killed 13 people and wounded 29 others. Why is it so? This is because some part of Russian KGB uses a brainwashing technique that requires only a few hours and leads to total mind control. After GULAG KGB brainwashing, such military personnel people can take guns and kill many others and themselves. I repeat this brainwashing technique requires only a few hours of intimacy for total mind control (so that there is no confusion). This can be easily achieved due to, for example, prevalent promiscuity and lack of any public awareness about this method and KGB people who use such brainwashing. Note that such crimes are nearly impossible to prove, since the brainwashed people either kill themselves or, if they survive, will say only those things that were ordered them to say. Those KGB bums have their own interest (it is like fun-entertainment) in making, for example, US soldiers kill others, such as people in Afghanistan. Feel free to forward this message to others and people who make decisions. Artour Rakhimov, PhD
19. Time to Franchise Jewish Hit Teams, eliminate these animals
Dark   (06.12.12)
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