Time to tell our story
Boris Dolin
Published: 26.03.12, 17:55
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1. So are they
Someone ,   Somewhere   (03.26.12)
2. If you try to claim that Jews belong in Israel
elhrac ,   USA   (03.26.12)
then you will be condemned by liberal American Jewish organizations. Remember what happened to the absorption ministry ads on US TV last year?
3. It only took 2000 years to think of this?
Well DOH!!! ,   Israel   (03.26.12)
How many more eternities will it take before the government can put a worldwide PR program together? And we are supposed to be the smartest people on the planet????
Yossi ,   Tel Aviv   (03.26.12)
........DACON9   (03.26.12)
WE ARE HOME ..................AMEN............ now the politicians have to believe its *OUR* home
6. it saddens me to read this
european   (03.26.12)
"The opponent is a coalition of states, organizations and activists. Its goal is to portray us as the most terrible thing since the Third Reich and turn us into a pariah state..." i'm not a psychiatrist - i'm just a journalist, but this looks either like paranoia, or a deliberate distortion of facts. nobody is "portraying" you - you are portraying yourselves. this website is a case in point. only in the past couple of days there have been cheers at a dead palestinian baby and hate speech against european nations because a fellow middle easterner of yours went crazy and shot some people in france. on top of everything, there is appalling religious fanaticism (in this past year, i no longer see the difference between religious fanatics in israel and those in iran, it's just that the former are still not in office). people like lieberman thumb their noses at the whole world, and we, the outside world, continue to read these curiously insular, almost autistic tirades against everything and everyone... i think you already may be a pariah state. so how about some rationality for a change? when in a hole, stop digging.
7. #6:Your "signature"-european is the crux of the problem,your
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.26.12)
problem. Once you see through that (fat chance indeed) there may be a way out for you.
8. Where to start with Mr/Mrs European
Danny ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.26.12)
I would like to refute every one of your claims, but lack the time. If you think religious Jews in Israel are the same as fanatics in Iran...I'm sorry, we don't hang gay people from cranes in our city centers. BTW just look at our economy, then you'll know we aren't a pariah....how's your economy doing?
9. Israel has military strenght but a pathetic leadership
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.26.12)
It is actually mind boggling: Israel has the 4th largest military air force in the world. Israel has more fighter jets than UK, France and Germany (not combined though). Israel has more tanks than UK, France and Germany COMBINED. Israel has more nukes than UK and France combined. Yet the Israeli leadership corresponds to a little castrated dwarf - be it Rabin, Peres, Netanyahu, Barak, Sharon or Olmert - that can't say these simple words to the human race: "We Jews are one of the oldest living civilizations on earth, we are the natives and original and historical owners of the land of Israel, we Jews have lived in Israel for 4000 years uninterruptedly - even during 2000 years of exile a small Jewish minority lived in Israel, at least a dozen ancient civilizations of ancient Middle East speak of Jews and Israel - Israel in the sense of the land of Israel but also in sense of the Kingdom of Israel and Kingdom of Judah, and that NOT ONE ancient civilization has ever mentioned once any "Palestinian" state or people and that NO "Palestinian" state or people has ever existed in recorded human history, not in 1967, not in 1949, 1948 and 1947, not 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000, 10.000 or 100.000 years ago - not ever. Israel, Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Golan belongs ONLY to Israel and the Jewish people and not to anyone else and that any other country's claim to our land is a declaration of war - period." Israel has existed for 4000 years but the modern State of Israel has now existed almost 64 years and yet Israeli leaders are incapable of saying these things. Why???
10. You don't get it do you ? ,...
split ,   US   (03.26.12)
Demonising Muslims doesn't fly since we have Internet, mobile phones, satellite connection and can witness what's going on in real time - It's your conduct, stupid, try different approach ,...
11. looks like Potin
lyla ,   jerusalem   (03.26.12)
the photo of the author looks like Potin --i think he is the gratest in te new history he said about the home but he is on his land ,, if you forgot what had happened -open the papers to read .. 63 years is not so far but 2000 is so deep in the past
12. Well written Alexander #9.
RobertHaymond ,   Israel/Canada   (03.26.12)
13. Half the message
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.26.12)
The other half that we need to hammer home at each and every point is that the Arabs are the foreign occupiers and they do not have a single legal claim to the land. Whenever the apologists for the terrorists challenge us we need to demand that they provide at least one single legal claim for the Arabs and do not ever let them change the subject because otherwise they never will. Not only are we home, but the Arabs are the foreign occupiers.
14. #6 if you are a journalist
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.26.12)
Then you are piss poor one. We have done everything short of committing suicide to accommodate the Arabs and their every response is that's not good enough and that they want it all. There was another European that I remember. Good singer - no brains. His name was John Lennon and he kept screaming about giving peace a chance over the Vietnam War. Well we see how peaceful the North Vietnamese were after being given that chance. When the leftists brought Arafat and company here - a majority of us were against it. They told us 'give peace a chance', so we did and another 2,000 of our citizens are dead. There was another Jew that defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. His name was Albert Einstein. We have listened to the Arabs screaming 'Kill the Jews' all our lives and stating that they were going to finish what Hitler started. There is true insanity out there, but you are complaining to the only sane people on the planet about it.
15. #6..european - " i'm just a journalist" - a perfect example
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (03.26.12)
Of what the author Mr. Dolin speaks of. This euro journalist has already made his mind up and is putting Israel down, and with no "real facts" to back his ludicrous claims and theories. The euro has vigorously embraced the propoganda web of the anti-Israel camp and attacks Israel in this war that Dolin describes. European began his diatrabe by stating ......" i'm not a psychiatrist - i'm just a journalist,". .... Well, You may be " just a journalist," as you stated, but certainly you are not a " just " journalist.
16. #10 - moslem leaders demonize themselves -
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (03.26.12)
The Grand Mufti of saudi arabia declares " fatwa " that there should be no churches in arab and muslim lands. This would deny basic human rights of the Christians working in arabia and Gulf states.
17. we are home
Tal ,   Herzliya, Israel   (03.26.12)
I thought they had a really powerful campaign idea, right until the end. Having lived in England most of my life, the major population is sick of hearing our story. It is special nonetheless, but we should go with one simple method: every speaker on behalf of Israel (politician, scientist, celebrity, entertainer) should start every speech with those three words, "We are home." Keep doing that for a while and people may start to understand what we have been trying to say all along!!
18. To nr 6 - the sad and depressed European
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.26.12)
I would like to ask, the almighty and all powerful European who belongs to a European white Christian super race whose godly wisdom and authority must not be questioned as to avoid being disliked by this oh so might European person who obviously is the sole and supreme authority on this earth: 1)How many times has Israel and the IDF invaded European countries and conquered and occupied European states? 2) How many millions of European Christians have been massacred, mutilated, raped, discriminated and enslaved by Jews and by Israel for the last 1000-2000 years? I won't say 3000-4000 years because no Christians existed back then. 3) How many times has Israel and the Jewish people conquered other nations in the name of Judaism and God? 4) How many times have Jews claimed to be'"racially superior" and supported a racist genocidal ideology that intends to enslave, conquer or massacre white Christian Europeans? What Israeli/Jewish political ideologies have ever supported such monstruous and evil concepts? 5) How many colonies has Israel established around the globe? Has Israel any Israeli ruled colonies in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America? How many Israeli/Israelite/Jewish empires have existed? How many times have Jews conquered and massacred and enslaved and occupied the world? We know that you Europeans have. 6) How many times have Jews persecuted Christians and burned churches to the ground or forced Christians to convert to Judaism? 7) How many millions of Europeans have been massacred by Jews in concentration camps? 8) How many times have Jews and Israel called for the destruction of, dismantling of or boycotts against or interference with the territories, borders, air space, independence and sovereignty of European states? All these crimes have been committed by Europeans - against Jews and others. Jewish children were massacred in France because they were Jewish - something that the murderer himself admitted openly. Since when are plain and simple facts "paranoia"? I hope that your extremist views are not representative for most Europeans.
19. To nr 10 It is obvious YOU don't get it
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.26.12)
Who do you think INVENTED mobile phones, Youtube, Google and Facebook and even the computer itself? The Jews! And much of the computer hardware and software is Israeli! Internet and cell phones and satellite TV only reveal the true nature of Moslems - the Arab "spring", the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s, Arab/Turkish/Iranian/Moslem violence against each other and their violence against Jews and their calls for the destruction of Israel and their massive and immensely violent "demonstrations" where they burn Israeli and American flags and shout "death to Israel" and "death to America" (your country by the way, if it even bothers you) and of course all the thousands of acts of terrorism that the wonderful and noble Moslems commit - among other things in Israel, in New York and Washington, in London, Madrid, Stockholm, Moscow, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria and Iran and so on where you can routinely see Moslems kill each other on a massive scale, and yes literally tear each other apart as they did to each other and to the Israeli soldiers in Ramallah several years ago or the hundreds or thousands of Moslems being killed by other Moslems or the self flagellation ceremonies across the Moslem world or mass rape on women in Cairo or Sudan or the lynching of Kaddafi. The Moslem world is so tolerant. Our conduct provokes you? It is actually the other way round: your conduct provokes us. Get off our backs and get yourself a life - besides hating Jews and Israel. You are a part of the problem and not the solution.
20. Yes, let's tell the Jewish version
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (03.26.12)
Frankly, the more the world hears it, the less believable it sounds!
21. to 19
sara ,   jerusalem   (03.26.12)
iam laughing --- as iam a person i did not invent internett and do not interested in useing it but when i wante to use i can do it perfectly .. it is the wisdome --how to use
22. Jews are Arabs
Jews and Arabs are both semitic peoples. They are more similar to each other than to Europeans. Therefore the problem requires semitic solutions not European solutions. Solution= emphasize the differences between Europeans and Jews, not the ''shared values'' nonsense which nobody cares about. When Jews=Arabs= semites the rest of the world will not care less how the conflict is solved. Trying to be the ''good guys'' will never work. Telling the world that Jews are Arabs , not Europeans and intend to solve the problem in usual Arab fashion is better. Emphasize the large non Ashkenazi part of Israel's population. Westerners don't care about their behavior because they look like Arabs anyway.
23. Zionism is the right message but the right rejects it
The problem is that 10% of the population living beyond the green line reject the Zionism of the founders of the state, embrace a hateful messianism, and vilify all who seek a rational detente with our Arab neighbors. I propose an experiment to prove my point. To my brothers and sisters on the right: Go and read Israel's declaration of Independence and tell me if you can endorse it, as the Zionist left does, in content and spirit. Read it carefully as it is a damning indictment of your world view.
24. Home!
Baruch ,   SA: USA   (03.27.12)
ברוך הבא
25. peace and love
desertson ,   london UK   (03.26.12)
End the occupation, live in peace with your neighbours, and you'll be better respected.
26. amen
hippocrates ,   earth   (03.27.12)
27. Great article - great Initiative
GR ,   London,UK   (03.27.12)
good for you!
28. One simple message: This land is ours. Period.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.27.12)
The author is correct. Israel needs to concentrate on one simple message. Not "we'll beg for a treaty". Not "we'll cede our land". Not "we're eager to talk to terrorists". Israel's one simple message of truth is, "We are home. This land is ours. Period". We need to prove this message in deeds by stop pretending we're willing to cede Judea, Samaria or Jerusalem. They are ours totally and eternally.
29.  Number 22 Anonymous: Recent genetic
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (03.27.12)
studies (2010) by Gil Atzmon, Harry Ostrer, et al, indicated at a scientific level of significance beyond chance that Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews are related. You just might wish to factor this factor before making reports which don`t appear to stand up to scientific scrutiny.
30. First Us To Be Learned ....
David Fakheri ,   Los Angles   (03.27.12)
First, many of us * The Jews * in Israel and in diaspora should be learned Unfortunatly that WE ARE HOME, THE ONLY HOME, and then the Others David LA
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