Tale of 2 murderers
Manfred Gerstenfeld
Published: 27.03.12, 00:34
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1. Look in the mirror first
Nina ,   NYC   (03.27.12)
It was only last week that your soccer fans were about to lynch Arabs while chanting "Death to Arabs", and that was BEFORE they knew Toulouse killer was a muslim. On a percentage basis, you have many more extremists in your midst than Muslims, including in your government, and Muslims aren't the ones who have stolen other people's land and life. Until you clean up your act, nobody wants to her you whining. You want the world to change its ways to allow your thievery without a peep. It's NEVER going to happen.
2. Merah Islamic Evangelist Nothing More
Baruch ,   SA: USA   (03.27.12)
NPR is passing a portrait of the Palestinians as victims. So we have Garcia-Navarro on the airwaves spinning this story that Palestinians who spent their lives sitting on their hands and sheltering terrorists and rocket launchers are victims. We have heard this story from her kind for a long time now. What is terrifying is that there are Breiviks in the world who listen and belive this propaganda. Painting these people as weak, infantile, and enfeebled is no less evil than their leadership.
3. Mohammed Merah was a victim
Al Goldberg ,   Haifa, Isael   (03.27.12)
Mohammed Merah was a victim but of an Islamic militant strategy to recruit, motivate, train, provide weapons, and then send out individuals to kill. It is the same strategy that we experienced in Israel with the suicide bomber phenomenon. See: http://www.fighthatred.com/recent-events/individual-hate/1014-mohammed-merah-lone-wolf-killer-or-manipulated-by-those-working-to-islamize-europe
4. #1 Nina
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (03.27.12)
So you pick on a one-time phenomenum, which was condemned outright by the Israeli public and the government. This is vastly different fromthe Arabs in Gaza who routinely chant death to the Jews, who dance and celebrate whenever one of their murderers succeeds in killing Jews and whose charter calls for the annihilation of Israel. Israel did not steal any land whatsoever, go read your history. The whole of Palestine was given to the Jews under the 1922 San Remo Treaty, signed by Chaim Weizmann for the jews andteh Emir Feisal for the Arabs. Palestine then consisted of the whole territory west of the Jordan River, i.e. including what you like to call the WEst Bank, as well as much of today's Jordan - a country which was artificially created some years later by the British, as a Jew-free (yes, Jew free - racist no?) country fro the Palestinian Arabs who still refused to accept the Jews. In 1948, when the British Mandate ended and the Brits, mercifully, left the Middle East, the surrounding Arab nations launched a war against us, which they lost, but not before the Jordaniansconquered and illegally occupied the West Bank, which we liberated in 1967. All this is documented history, not Israel's 'version' of history as so many like to claim. So take your vicious ant-Israel remarks and clear off Ynet. You are achieving nothing except showing your hatred and bias. Oh yes, while you're at it, start thinking about what territories the U.S. should be returning to Native Americans, starting with New York City.
5. to #1 that is where you wrong people right
ghostq   (03.27.12)
from the start knew the killer was arab, since it isn't the first murder Muslims commits to jews in France. the jews scared to go with religious clothes in france cause they suffer so much arrastment by muslims. I won't blame jews for turning out that way, Halimi case is still open.
6. to #3 this case isn't the first in recent years
ghostq   (03.27.12)
more jews find their death by the hands of Muslims in France, if every guy is a victim you will have more than hand full of victims. he knew what he was doing.
7. I would suggest ...
berlonski ,   berlin   (03.27.12)
... dear author, that you take your reasoning and explain it to the families of the many more than 100 people murdered by Breivik style neonazis in the last 20 years in Germany. This is political propaganda on the back of terror victims. Mrs Ashton obviously still can learn a lot from you.
8. Nina no 1
AL QUDS ALYAHUDI   (03.27.12)
What stolen land you are talking about? Jews never stolen Muslims land. The JEWISH nation were in Israel for thousands of years even before Islam was invented.If you are Muslim, I am sure you read the quran. How many times Jerusalem is mentioned in the Quran. NONE. In the Quran, it is written the following: ''YA BNEI ISRAIL''. Who are these nation. Are they, CHINESE,JAPANESE,EUROPEAN, OR WHAT? For sure they were not MUSLIMS. If you are CHRISTIAN, then read your bible the NEW TESTAMENT.
9. #7 I would suggest ...
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.27.12)
The you take your reasoning and explain the 10 million people murdered by Arabs during the same time period.
10. #4, you can't be serious?
Jacob   (03.27.12)
Are you really trying to claim that racist violence by Beitar Jerusalem fans is a one-off, isolated or even unusual event? The recent episode was on a larger scale than is common, but not more than that.
11. #1 nina
solomon ,   bklyn   (03.27.12)
There are already posts showing how wrong you are. But one point wasn’t addressed: “you have many more extremists in your midst than Muslims” That is one of the most ridiculous sentences I have ever read.
12. To #8 Please don't insult Christians
Christian ,   Sweden   (03.27.12)
by connecting us with the mindset of Nina #1.
13. #10 and you, Jacob, are serious
Christian ,   Sweden   (03.27.12)
with your PC drivel about Beitar and racism? First it should be noted that there is an important difference between shouting ugly things and killing people, not the least for those being killed. As far as I know the reported incident in the Malcha Mall was only about shouting. No one tried to lynch anyone. For young Jewish men about to put their lifes on the line in the defense of Israel in a never ending ugly war, to shout "death to the Arabs" , is not more repulsive than it was for young Americans to shout #death to the Germans# in 1942. It is a war that is on and those killing Jews are not Eskimos.
14. #4 Madeline
Rachel   (03.28.12)
The thing is you can't rationalize, or reason with people like Nina. I tried for years,but realized for the most part the effort was in vain,because their hatred blinds them to the truth. You have a horrific situation where just a week ago,a madman shot to death two small Jewish boys, and their father in front of their school. Then chased one little girl down,and grabbed her by the hair, and shot her in the head execution style twice,all the while filming his atrocity. The deranged murderer even told police he got "extreme pleasure" from the execution of the little child,and Nina has not even one word of shock,horror,or pain,about what happened like any normal human being with a shred of a conscience would ,nor does she have even one word of compassion,or sympathy for the little girl, or the little boys and their father who were brutally murdered, like anyone with a heart ,or a soul would. Instead,she attempts to revert attention away from the atrocity,by coming here,and whining about a few out of control Israeli soccer fans who shouted some unfortunate,racist slogans, which the overwhelming majority of Israeli society condemns. The comparision is nothing short of obscene,just like all Jewhatred is.
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