Olmert to J Street: Abbas a partner for peace
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 27.03.12, 11:56
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1. Mr Olmert missed Abbas deleting Jewish history in Israel &
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (03.27.12)
& calling all Israel occupied Palestine.. PA produces maps to back that position up.
2. Peres, Barak and Olmert
A ,   Belgium   (03.27.12)
The three of them should find a nice nursing home somewhere and spend their final days playing backgammon and complementing themselves on being such wise leaders. As long as they keep their grandiouse and ridiculous ideas out of the real game.
3. Charlatan
michaelpielet ,   Israel   (03.27.12)
Olmert, the ultimate charlatan. Who got Israel involved in the 2006 Lebanon war, which he bungled. Olmert the bungler. Who wants to give back Judea and Samaria enabling Iran and its proxies to take over in order to wage a war of terror against israel. Who is a crass opportunist who all his life belongs to the likud, then when he comes to power drops likud and becomes kadima. Who pretends to support the likud ideology, when he comes to power wants to surrender to the arabs and arab terror. Who wants to give up the Jewish holy sites. Who wants to negotiate with a holocaust denier, Abbas. Whose children never served in the army, are draft dodgers. Whose wife is an ideological leftist extremist. Where is the peace he is talking about. Did he make that peace. A true charlatan in every manner. The man in all aspects is a disgrace to himself and Israel.
4. ohlmert
sue ,   jerusalem   (03.27.12)
you belong in jail. u do not belong lecturing J STREET. what did u do as PM except steal money, accept bribes, money,watches???????
5. Does Olmert really believe what he's saying???
Chaya ,   Tel Aviv   (03.27.12)
Abbas wants peace??? The same Abbas who glorifies terrorists??? The same Abbas who denied the Holocaust in his thesis?? Just shut up Olmert!
6. (((((Abu Mazen planned Ma'alot massacre in 1974))))
Mike ,   Ohio   (03.27.12)
The Ma'alot massacre was a terrorist attack which included a two-day hostage-taking of 115 people which ended in the deaths of over 25 hostages. It began when three armed Palestinian terrorists entered Israel from Lebanon. Soon afterwards they entered an apartment building in the town of Ma'alot, where they killed a couple and their four-year-old son. From there, they headed for the Netiv Meir elementary school, where they took more than 115 people (including 105 children) hostage on 15 May 1974, in Ma'alot. The hostage-takers soon issued demands for the release of 23 Palestinian militants from Israeli prisons, or else they would kill the students. On the second day of the standoff, a unit of the Golani Brigade stormed the building. During the takeover, the hostage-takers killed the children with grenades and automatic weapons. Ultimately, 25 hostages, including 22 children, were killed and 68 more were injured. Abu Mazen should be arrested and tried for murder and then executed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. How many envelopes did J-Street give him to show up?
Olmert the CROOK   (03.27.12)
8. Olmert is hailed by J-street
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (03.27.12)
I think that says everything you need to know abouy J-street.
9. Olmert just doesn't get it.
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (03.27.12)
Olmert just doesn't give up. Is he delusional or something? The Palestinians walk away every time there is even a hint of a possibility of some negotiations succeeding, as they did from Olmert himself . Does he really think arch terrorist Abu Mazan has changed. The Palis themselves say it - if they can't destroy us with weapons, they'll make 'peace' get more land so they can be in an even better situation for trying to wipe us out. As happened when we stupidly gave up Gaza. And Olmert has the nerve to criticize Bibi.
10. # 3--Kol Hakovod!
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (03.27.12)
11. "It may not be a peace we want" says it all
J1 ,   Earth   (03.27.12)
12. thank u for confirming my belief you are an idiot
ralph   (03.27.12)
13. Disgraceful creature
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (03.27.12)
Mr. Olmert, you have always had your own definition of criminal, bribery, and sleaze. Now you are coming to redefine terrorist? An Arab, a believer in Islam does not consider genocide of Jews, the Zionists, or non-believers to be murder. Apparently, you do not either.
14. It did NOT escape notice,.....
Gideon Reader   (03.27.12)
...that during his presentation to the "J-streetwalkers", the intrepid "pen collector of Rachov Cremieux" appeared to be concerned by an irritant of or on his lower leg or foot. He worryingly kept shifting and changing his physical stance. It was later found that he had had applied his ankle prison services monitoring bracelet too tightly and it was galling. Not as galling as having him free to apply aanother layer of his useless BEE ESS, but galling all the same. The J-strollers did seem quite enchanted however, and peppered Adon Olmert with questions regarding travel and affordability,
15. A pity
Michael ,   Haifa   (03.27.12)
While Olmert is totally correct about the 1976 borders plus land exchanges being the only sensible outcome, it is a pity that he did not apply the same wisdom to his personal affairs. But who knows ? Maybe the way Olmert has handled his own affairs is symptomatic and normative of most Israeli politicians to differing extents.
16. The very fact that Olmert is still alowed to publicly speak
Keren ,   IL-BR   (03.27.12)
...shows that there is something very putrid not only in Israel's political,social,ethical ,etc,systems,but ,actually,around the world.Unfortunately! Only seeing Olmert in a picture makes me feel to puke ,let alone reading his aberrations, proper of the corrupt ,putrid man that he is. Ugh!
17. Olmert doesn't believe his own words
a jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (03.27.12)
Ehud Olmert knows quite well that his assertions are wrong. He tried it and failed.The Muslim world is on the rise and the only solution they will be prepared to accept is Israels dissolution. Ehud knows it, but he prefers to present this point of view and position himself against Netanyahu. chaval
18. Olmert means "Moron" in the original Hebrew
Umami Yamamoto   (03.27.12)
You can't fix stupid, and moron you can only mercifully smash to death with a ballpin hammer.
19. Olmert is ignorant and naive !!
Don Rosenberg ,   Palatine USA   (03.27.12)
J Street is a pro- racist muslim group who lies and takes muslim money. They are anti Israel and should be labelled that way. Ben Ami is a slick muslim supporter who, I am sure, is controlled by muslims and oil money. All righteous Jews should condemn the cowardly and self hating Jews in J street. They are discusting traitors trying to make $$ by turning on their people.
20. #6
Nour ,   One-State   (03.27.12)
"Abu Mazen should be arrested and tried for murder and then executed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " Executed you say? First of all, you're no judge to pass a sentence. Second, delivering a punishment ahead of a trial defeats the purpose of the trial - don't you think? Third, you have no jurisdiction anyway, keep dreaming about "Eretz Israel" it will only happen over our collective dead bodies. Ciao.
21. incompetent crook
marcel   (03.27.12)
who cares what this alleged crook whose judgement entrusted islamic erdogan to cede the golan to marwa assad who butchers his own people. Who winograd said was a millitary failure. Who imagines peace with arabs controlling east jerusalme and committes controlling holy sites.and international shoujld take care of iran like they are going to??? There is no beating around the bush. Israel has enemies. Olmert is one of them. Whether its his wife or his weak genetics, this man wiihtout a clue as to a hill or fence, said israel is finished. Who is finished is olmert, who is going straight to jail. His peace comemnts are in his rear end as 150 israeli died because ofhim and deterrence was lost because of his cowardice. When he goes from the scene, it will b e a good day for israel.In the history of Israel,t here has never been such a humiliation as olmert, the worst PM in its history. And livni wonders why no one wants her when she sat with him instead of unseating him. i would have left even if he offered me 10 million shekels. He was and is incompetent and is a coward to the bone. He is absolute proof thaat jews are not the chosen people.
22. isnt olmert supposed to be in jail?
david ,   new york   (03.27.12)
wasnt he convicted of bribery? do we really need disgraced ex prime ministers advising anti-israel lobbies about how to deal with our enemies??
23. Hamas also wants peace on its own terms
Sam ,   Canada   (03.27.12)
Even Hamas agrees to a SHORT term peace if Israel hands over the West Bank and Jerusalem. Then they want the rest. The same is with Abbas except that he thinks he can get the rest diplomatically. It's one thing to have a naive J-street. It's a catastrophe to have a naive Prime Minister.
24. #4 you've got a point
Softwalker ,   Canada   (03.27.12)
In jail, Olmert would be able to fraternize with Marwan Barghouti.
25. Interesting bedfellows
Arie ,   BaGolan   (03.27.12)
A thief telling Jew haters that a terrorist is their partner
26. Olmert wants the Arabs to control the Wailing Wall
Steve Rosen   (03.27.12)
It should be noted, Olmert offered to Abbas to transfer control of these Jewish holy places including the Wailing Wall to an "international body" consisting of Saudi Arabia, the Palestinians, the US, Israel, and a couple of others. Thus the Jewish presence and access would be "guaranteed" by others, not Israel. Now, as you know, the Muslims now claim the Western Wall is a MUSLIM holy place called "Al-Buraq Square" and so they would demand the right to pray there as well, and thus restricting Jewish rights there. Like the Arabs barring Jews from going to the Wailing Wall from 48 to 67. Or during the British Mandate, which included a prohibition on blowing the Shorar there. Does Olmert think Saudi Arabia would let Jews partially control Mecca and Medina? The fact Olmert has Jordan and Saudi Arabia, two countries that have laws stating their countries must be Jew Free. Abbas has said he wants a country that would be Jew Free. Is Olmert insane or just another appeaser of Arab terrorists. I think both. Olmert should go on Palmediawatch to see how Abbas is naming streets after Palestinian terrorists who massacred Israeli civilians. Olmert stop talking, you sound as pathetic as Neville Chamberlain criticizing Winston Churchill .
27. #20
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.27.12)
No stupid - he has bragged about his actions via Leon Klinghofer, Ma'alot and Munich. So calling for a fascist terrorist's execution is not out of line. In fact it is the minimum sentence that he should get.
28. hahahahahahahahahahaha
avi   (03.27.12)
how deluded can one get..sad
29. Untrue
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerualem Israel   (03.27.12)
Olmert is now undermining the position of the government of Israel. If Abbas wanted Peace why didn't he make it with Olmert who offered more than anything else? The fact is that Abbas' Fatah is increasingly Islamist and the chance of a real agreement is unfortunately moving farther away.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (03.27.12)
Most of us are very gratefull that this clown and mega bungeler is gone and that his opinions carry no weight what so ever. The fact that he is still walking the streets just shows us how corrupt our so-called justice system really is.
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