Olmert to J Street: Abbas a partner for peace
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 27.03.12, 11:56
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31. olmert did you forget your not PM anymore
zionist forever   (03.27.12)
I really am sick of all the failed politicians in this country who go away for a little while and then at least try to make a big comeback. Ben Gurion Peres Sharon Bibi Barak They are just a few of them and don't even include the people who win the party leadership but not the premiership and they are forced out but after a few years in the political wilderness they are back for the party leadership again. What ever happened to the idea of political retirement with dignity? Olmert do us all a favour and find yourself a nice jail cell somewhere, maybe the one that Samir Kuntar or maybe share with Anat Kamm and never come back. Your good buddy Abbas will be retiring in May anyway when the palestinian elections are held and so then you can chat as long as you like.
stude ham   (03.27.12)
33. olmert
motti ,   cape town   (03.27.12)
why is he still around in public, he must go directly to jail. he has no rights to a "get out of jail free card" He must takr shula with him to plsy card games togethert in thier cell
34. Olmert continues to dance......
tiki ,   belgium   (03.27.12)
but doesn't realise that his music has stopped a long time ago. NOBODY cares about his opinions or what he has to say anymore. He's totally passé. Someone should do him a favor and tell him that. It's so sad to see, a 'hasbeen clinging to power & publicity.
35. #6 Hate to say this but
A ,   Belgium   (03.27.12)
someones gonna have a lot of stinky "collective dead bodies" to clean up!
36. Mr. Olmert is not up to date...
Adam E ,   Israel   (03.27.12)
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was Arafat's dedicated and loyal number 2 for may years. He is a terrorist. He never changed. PA school books teach that Israel must not exist. TV programs do the same. Last month, Abas attended a school play where the children chanted they wanted to be Shahids and bring death to Israel. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is not doing much for peace.Please update Mr. Olmert... Its important he knows the truth,
37. Olmert to J Street: Abbas a partner for peace
Chaya ,   Los Angeles, USA   (03.27.12)
Olmert, what a disgrace!
38. corruption and cowardice
marviin   (03.27.12)
winograd said olmert was a military failure. Olmert has been indicted on multiple times and some of his associates likewise. Olmert said israel is finished in reference to future state if plo does not get a state. Israel has faced severe dangers in 67 and 72 which it has overcome and won. Now, iron dome takes some pressure off arab rocket attacks t houigh israel still has to launch a vicious 2 or 3 pronged attack on land against nasrollah, hamas and anyone else. The real enemy of israel is from within, the arab front and weak kneed jews like peres,beilin, bean ami, livni, ramon, susser, levy, oren and verter. When they leave the scene, Israel will be a better place.,Without question,t he worst jew to ever hit Israel is ehud olmert, themost gutless conniv ing weakling despicable person who haaretz sanitized for electoral purposes and who indirectly assisted in killing 150 israelis in the hezbollah war.
39. Is this the best?
NS ,   Long Island, NY, USA   (03.27.12)
If the only person that JStreet could attract to be their guest speaker at their "Gala Dinner" is a failed PM who is under indictment for fraud then JStreet has no creditbility whatsoever.
40. #20 Nour
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (03.27.12)
"Eretz Israel" it will only happen over our collective dead bodies. A terrorist supporter of the phony people, and behold a prophet as well. Just as you say, as G-O-D has already said. Besides, it has already happened, and will only get bigger, when G-O-D decides He's had enough of your murder and lies.
41. I wish this bungler the article talks about
Keren ,   IL-BR   (03.27.12)
will read all these comments, even being sure that his face will blush not even a bit. What a daring ,disgusting putz he is!
42. the village idiot refuses to shut up.
rick ,   walnut creek   (03.27.12)
if olmert, the non-Zionist, the opportunist, the careerist, the corrupter, the worst PM Israel ever had, a complete zero, had any decency he would hide himself from the public and spend the remainder of his days trying to make amends for the damage that he has done. that would be if he had any decency. olmert's active public schedule adequately resolves all doubt about that matter.
43. #20 Nour
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (03.27.12)
News flash: Eretz Yisrael has already happened, we are living in it and it is here to stay. Your leaders don't have the guts to make peace, since their sole raison d'etre is terrorism; without that, they're nothing. but I like your suggestion about over your collective dead bodies.
44. Olmert is actually more radical then Meretz
Joel Susser   (03.27.12)
Even Meretz doesn't want to put the Wailing wall under international control. They want Israel and only Israel to control it. Olmert lied to get elected. If he would have told people how radical his views were, he would have never gotten elected. Keep in mind, this is the same Olmert that said Assad is a man of peace.
45. #20's talkback is funny.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (03.27.12)
She means that their's are collective bodies,ready to be buried.hahaha! Madeleine's from Rehovot got it right. hahaha!
46. Olmet & Jstreet
rona ,   Phila USA   (04.18.12)
Olmert and Jstreet agreeing on Olmert failed policies.
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