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Al-Jazeera won't air video of French attacks
Associated Press
Published: 27.03.12, 15:47
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1. Out of respect for the Republic?
Devorah   (03.27.12)
No. What Sarko is saying is that it should be out of respect for his campaign because the murders happened under his watch, and all France can do is offer shrugged shoulders and palms up because France didn't do its job. He also said not to criticize France's immigration laws. Ha! What laws would those be? It's all CYA. What a despicable little dweeb.
2. Make no mistake:these images shall reach all the "moderate"
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.27.12)
and not so moderate practitioners of Religion of Peace. The "educational & vocational"- values of this video of animalistic behaviour shall become freely accessible to the concerned. Only the dupes in the "free" West shall be spared having to look at the true face of Islam. That very same mistake (is it not on purpose ?) was made in regard to 9/11. Everything became sanitized and over 3.000 dead became blood-less, spotless victims. Concern for the families is a tough one, I do admit.
3. al Jazeera and Haaretz
Arie ,   BaGolan   (03.27.12)
Let's be real. al Jazeera will air anything promoting the al qaeda cause just as they aired all the bin laden tapes. If they don't rest assured haaretz will in schocken's push to eradicate Jews
4. imasged
colin   (03.27.12)
Sekorsky does not want the press to publish the killings of the jews because HE HIMSLIF IS A ANTI SEMITE.
5. of course AJ won't:: why create sympathy for Jews?
tf ,   herzliya il   (03.27.12)
6. @4 did u know that Sarkosy is 1/2 Jewish...
and he has a positive relationship towards Israel and the Jews. Have you forgotten that he was actively involved in the campaign for freeing Gilad Shalit? clearly you are myopic!
7. And just yesterday Sarkozy proclaimed that Merah acted alone
JDS ,   Belleair Bluffs, FL   (03.27.12)
And just yesterday Sarkozy proclaimed that Merah acted alone....kinda impossible as the video is edited and was sent days after Merah was already dead.
8. the station did nothing wrong
Yael ,   Canada   (03.27.12)
They refused to full fill the terrorists wishes and handed the videos to the police. I would have done the exact same thing
9. but french and arab news channels are WILLING TO FILM AND
RELEASE IMAGES OF ISRAEL'S OPERATION IN GAZA AGAINST TERRORISTS. precisely because it is against israel!!!! there, these al jazeera news channels have no problem, ha??? as long as it inflicts a bad public image on syria, never mind that most of the dead palestinian scum were terrorists in action in gaza.
10. sarkozy
worried that releasing an islamic terrorist images of him killing jews will anger the muslim french community and so, they won't vote for him in big numbers. purely an election year ploy.
11. Where's basic human respecf?
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (03.27.12)
So many of these comments indirectly suggest that it's alright to show gruesome material in the name of political correctness, even to highlight some radical Muslims' threat. In this regard it's almost like a replay of the Fogel photos. However, do we really need to picture and hear the agony of our Jewish victims to be galvanised into some form of action, and even then how many Jews in the Diaspora will be moved to make Aliyah, or commit themselves to other action? Sadly, I think there's that human instinct in place, just like cars slowly going past an accident to get a better look? It's bad enough for the grieving families to have to deal with their emotions. I think Al Jazzera did the right thing, and hope that we can too, without finding ulterior motives in the process.
12. first of all...
les ,   canada   (03.27.12)
congratulations to al-jazeera! it is only human decency not to use that outrage of a sick monster's to get get a few extra eyeballs. also, not only farnce, but the other europian countries better prepare for this kind of actions, and clamp down HARD on their known exrimists, or face the same.....
13. what they're doing
SA ,   USA   (03.28.12)
Yeah instead of airing it on their website they're probably watching it in the al Jazeera office with popcorn. Can't they justify not showing it out of respect rather than saying it doesn't add new material?
14. Al - Heezraja already aired...
Miron ,   USA   (03.28.12)
15. I wonder what they would do if the attacker had been Jewish
Ze'ev ,   USA   (03.28.12)
I have the feeling that their "ethics" would soon be put aside if the reverse had been the case. If a Jew had committed these murders, and a video was available, they would publish it in a flash, and the rest of the world's media would pick it up and re-broadcast it in no time.
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