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Buy Israeli Goods weekend gets underway
Noa Rubinstein
Published: 29.03.12, 15:03
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1. I'm buying
Johan ,   The Netherlands   (03.29.12)
2. Buy Israel
Mark ,   La Canada, USA   (03.29.12)
When I hear about the BDS-b.s. I go to the local grocery store,and purposely buy olives and pickles produced in Israel . While visiting France, a few years ago, I stocked up on oranges grown in Israel. They were delicious.
3. this is real???
WIZ ,   Canada   (03.29.12)
well i hope the ten ppl that show up buy a lot of things....let me be the first to say FAIL
4. Already have my amazon wish-list ready
Brian ,   Los Angeles USA   (03.29.12)
Looking forward to filling the cart for my people.
5. Buy, cause it's good!
Aaronchik ,   Vancouver BC   (03.29.12)
Our company buys industrial Israeli products because they are performing very well. Personally I enjoy Israeli wines and will buy few bottles of Yarden this weekend. Unfortunately they do not sell Bazelet or Recanati wines in Canada. Israeli feta cheese from TJ is delicious
6. i stand with you Israel
dr daniel mostrel ,   paris france   (03.29.12)
me too ; and i will buy more and more from Israel
7. A great site to buy from
Efrat   (03.29.12)
8. Buy Israel
Israeli Supporter ,   UK   (03.29.12)
Tomorrow I will only buy israeli wine for Pesach. All my in laws, and all member of my family will only buy Israeli wine, and will make sure we will buy more than we need. WE STAND BY ISRAEL. LONG LIVE OUR STATE CALLED THE JEWISH STATE OF ISRAEL
9. Israeli Products are Exceptional...
Larry ,   Canada   (03.30.12)
...and this is the first reason to buy from Israel. The wine is celebrated the world over, olive products are better than Italian or Greek, and,mof course, the technology, which everyone on earth uses is great.
10. If you're in the New York area then Fairway's where you'll
Henry from New York ,   USA   (03.30.12)
find most Israeli products. I'm going to have to do my purchasing tomorrow. :(
11. Suggestion, needs feedback
whatever ,   USA, Los Angeles   (03.30.12)
It is already several years, that i have been recommending to my wife and all family members to buy Israeli products, that is done, period. I am thinking of a new idea, needs to be more matured walking to (certain ) stores, and asking what kind of Israeli products do they have, no matter what, Israeli products, and buying them, if need it keep it, otherwise giving it to a charity ( starvation army or ...) or orphanage home ( if applicable ) or if there is such a action day, it would be an incentive to all the stores to have some Israeli products in their store....what you think... am israel hai
12. Attention Doctors
Doctor ,   USA   (03.30.12)
You prescribe first line of treatment for Asthma Albuterol, right, there is three Brands for it, the Proair HFA is made by TEVA, less expensive, same effect, why not that one? patient is the winner ( pays less for same medication ) and TEVA also is making the money. As a matter of fact that is true for Qvar too ( and many other generic medications ), least expensive, high quality , approved by FDA, same effect of all steroid inhalers, made by TEVA, why not? believe me the real winner is the patient him/hersel, that pays least,
13. bycoting israel? Funded by Aparthid arab state's money.
and by islamic Facsism.
14. BDS fellow - shut off your computer ...
Observer ,   New York, NY   (03.30.12)
To all those that want to boycott Israel - Shut off your computer - Shut off your cell phone - Shut off your car - Shut off your TV and shut up. All these products have some components that their origin are from Israel , such as Intel CPU and other chips
15. Only Israeli wines !
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (03.30.12)
I go to our local Government Liqour Mart and I specifically only ask for the Israeli wine section. I really don't drink much wine, but I make a point of buying Israeli and I give the Israeli wines as gifts.
16. website to find stores in the US which carry Israeli goods
EST ,   Miami USA   (03.30.12)
Check out Great tool for finding out stores that carry Israeli goods....
17. Thanks for the tip
Dan the Jafa ,   Auckland, NZ   (03.30.12)
Will buy a crate of Israeli pickles at La Mamma, Apirana Rd, Glen Innes. Great place, highly recommended.
18. i just bought &500 of golan wine
best in the world. i also bought $250 ahava products yesterday and $400 of the products from, an israeli store that was boycotted by pro palestinian idiots and leftists in vancouver. i also plan on vacationing for three weeks in israel than any other country this summer and spend all my vacation money in that beautiful jewish country. and i am not even jewish. go figure. i just respect jews, i respect israel's achievements and i love the israeli people. they are the greatest. rude sometimes, but a huge huge heart.
19. I live in NZ and I buy Israeli goods
John ,   NZ   (03.31.12)
20. Buy Israeli!
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (03.31.12)
So I have to fess up! I was afraid that all the Passover goods would get snatched up if I waited until BIG so last weekend I bought and bought and bought! But I'll buy other stuff tomorrow! We love Israel and we love the Israelis.
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