Shaul Mofaz emerges as Kadima leader
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 28.03.12, 01:22
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1. Bye bye Livni. One great step for Israel and our freedom
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.28.12)
2. mofaz
michaelpielet ,   israel   (03.28.12)
Mofaz has a great record. Chief of staff during the Arafat war of terror against Israel. Basically ineffectual. As Minister of Defense he capitulated to Condi Rice pulled Israel out of the Philadelphia corridor in a secret deal not brought before the knesset. Reason he wanted to make it easier for the arabs to bring weapons into Gaza. Minister Defense before the 2006 Lebanon campaign responsible for preparing the army, training etc, or shouid I say lack of training. Refused to budget for the Trophy defense system on the Merkava tank.Made it easier for the arabs to hit our tanks in south lebanon. Started out as likud in a sign of loyalty jumped to kadima. What a record. At least the cheloni leftist women of Tel Avivi wil not be voting for this record of deceit and ineptitude.
3. Love it! Couldn't happened to a better person
Rachel ,   US   (03.28.12)
This woman was so in love with herself. I'm sure she's regretting that decision to leave Likud tonight.
4. thank god no more Tzippy
dave ,   safet israel - phila   (03.28.12)
5. After Livni...,.. Mofaz?
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (03.28.12)
Is he going to be any better than Livni? Will he join the coalition government of Netanyahu and what difference would it make regarding the iranian and 'palestinian" issues?
6. Livni Loss
Lynn   (03.28.12)
Livni barely escaped as chairman of this possibly soon to be "dead party," last time and now, thankfully, her luck has run out. A real loser, like Olmert.
7. Zippy Tzipi is gone!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.28.12)
That's a good thing. Of course, she could always "found" a new political party (gee, just what Israel needs). I suppose she could always call it "Ahora."
8. Here Tzipi, let me help you with your apron.
B.E. ,   Whangarei, NZ   (03.28.12)
Its not that Kadima (the confused party) will make any difference anyhow...but as long as Livni is gone, I'm a happy camper, as are most Israelis! But of course, like that mosquito that never goes away, she'll figure out a way to be annoying to Jews the world over...somehow. She'll stand on the sidelines and take jabs at Israeli politicians, write books about her 'greatness' and how 'moral' she is/was, etc. But no one will listen and she'll have no more say in Israeli politics, which is a HUGE BLESSING!!! Bye-Bye Livni!!!!!
10. Ha Ha, Kadima told the disgraced one to 'Tzip it!!!!!
11. No matter who wins, they are all the same.
Israeli 2   (03.28.12)
Only the return of true leaders such as King David and Benyahu Ben Yehoyada will bring Messiah and a truly victorios Israel.
12. 38% is a respectable showing, so Tzipi Livni should not
Rivkah   (03.28.12)
be counted out as a future leader of Kadima.
13. principle?
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (03.28.12)
The first rule of politics is that it is dealing with people you don't like. Principles are to be bent to get ahead. Livni screwed up by not making a government and Kadima paid for it by being nothing for these three years. Bye, bye, livni, good bye. Take your chevy to the levy, and take a long ride.
14. Kadima's Creation Was Due To Hatred of Democracy
Marc ,   Chashmonaim, Israel   (03.28.12)
Ruhama Avraham stating that people must accept the democratic decision is laughable! The reason Kadima was created was because Ariel Sharon was unwilling to accept the Likud referendum that opposed the Gush Katif evictions. Realizing that his own party would not support his perfidy, he ditched the party to form Kadima. Now Kadima is basically made up of a bunch of people who stand for nothing but self-aggrandizement.
15. "Future of Israel"?!! Mofaz??!! Really?? So another general-
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.28.12)
lissimo got himself a Party...(it's either that or a chairmanship on som high-flying board of directors) We Israelis think that these guys who have run a state funded, rigidly constructed organization (with limited accountability) namely IDF are prime leader material in the civilian world. Sometimes yes, but mostly not so.
16. kadima
sue ,   jerusalem   (03.28.12)
the GREATEST thing that could happen. LIVNI WILL DISAPPEAR from the political arena. she really is/was good for nothing. i am not a fan of mofaz but anything/anyone is better than this over-rated DUMB good for nothing lady. she was not able to do anything.
17. livni
happy ,   israel   (03.28.12)
shoud have happened SOONER.
18. Mofaz
nazy ,   LA USA   (03.28.12)
I am glad he won, I don't like either one of them, but I prefer him over Livni! She is too arrogant and sour.
19. How did she get so many votes
g.e   (03.28.12)
How did Tzipi get so many votes?
20. As we say good bye and good riddance
Yisraeli   (03.28.12)
to that useless inept egoist Tzippy Livni. Are you now going to complain it was all Bibis fault that you lost? Youve blamed him for everything under the sun so far, so why not. We can all say baruch shepatrani, Israel is finally rid of your duplicity and stupidity. You think you have 95.000 members lol. Next election kadima will be lucky to get a useless 8 seats. Now we have putz No.2 at the helm and no doubt will be the leader who will see the demise of the no ideoligy, no policy, and just the home of Corrupt Incorporated. Mofaz you were useless so far in everything youve done so why do you think you will be PM, just coz you were Iraqi? (as much as I would like to see a sfardi as PM, all the voos voos nikim have proved to be spineless cowards.) Still I go for Moshe Feiglin for PM!
21. Netanyahu will now be PM for the foreseeable future.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (03.28.12)
The same situation that existed before. Tzipi Hotovely put it eloquently when she referred to an "absence of ideology and leadership" with the ensuing fazing out.
22. Livni goes to sleep.
Nora Tel Aviv   (03.28.12)
Kadima can do without her character.
23. elections
colin   (03.28.12)
mofaz winsoutright but livne wants to stay in politics Getrid of thisuselee salary drawing leach
24. Democracy and Political Party !!!.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (03.28.12)
It is Written - " Hear Israel ! - The LORD our Gods(Elohim) is One God ", It is an Archangel of HASHEM. So Poitical Party is a Mental Disease called Schitzofrenia, a Split of the National Consciousnes. And as a Proverb from Sweden - " The Psycopats builds Castles of Air and the Neuritics live in them " !. And as is said - Divide and Rule !. Arn.Sweden..
25. To: Noodles at No. 21
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.28.12)
Darling, you know I love you. But it's "phasing" out ....
26. Levi Yitzchok
Zivron   (03.28.12)
Levis yitzchok of Bereditchev fiercly defended the Jewish people before Hashem despite their faults and the critism Jew against Jew in Eretz Yisroel has become much too harsh and we must judge meritorious deeds as serving in the army to the level of a general as well as faults on a objective balance.
27. New KADIMA chairman
Ricardo Kolbe ,   Köln - United German   (03.28.12)
Sir, among political Middle East activist, it is a good sign that Ms.Tzipi Livni lost, simply because she is connected too much with the second Lebanon war in 2006, with the Gaza war 2009 and with the failed Annapolis "peace process". There are some politicians who don't hesitate to say that she is against a Two State solution for Palestine.
28. #25 Sarah, I stand corrected.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (03.28.12)
I was using the spelling from the article without giving it a second thought. Thanks for pulling me up on it.
29. One congratulates Mr. Mofaz and wishs him to lead his party
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.28.12)
... Qadimah, towards a more realistic approach to both resolving social and economic challenges in Israel as well as advancing the resolution of the Arab Israeli conflict by adhering to the fundamentals of international law which are related to this conflict: 1) San Remo conference decisions, 1920 2) League of Nations decisions, 1922 3) United Nations Charter, Article 80, 1945 4) UN Security Council Resolution, 242, 1967 And, until the Arabs are ready to accept Israel's RIGHT to be, to exist as the independent natio-state of the Jewish people; and, to accept a peace treaty as the end of the conflict and the end of all future demands, the governing legal basis must continue to be the September 1995 Interim Agreement between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).
30. Any leader
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (03.28.12)
that entertains the remote possibility of giving away land, in any form, under any conditions, for any purpose, is a danger to the nation, whether it is the foolish daughter Livni, or the compromised son, Mofaz. G-O-D should save us from these unwise people.
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