Livni expected to retire from politics
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 28.03.12, 08:27
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1. I won't miss her!
Observer 1 ,   Ikot-Ekpene, Nigeria   (03.28.12)
2. Livni was the epitomy of an apologistic
Israeli 2   (03.28.12)
leader for the downfall of Israel. But SO IS MOFAZ!!!
3. Bye bye!
Susie ,   Nitzan, Israel   (03.28.12)
Now we wait for Shaul Mofaz to crash the Kadima party and may it disappear from our political landscape. The sooner the better.
4. Good riddance!
Mladen Andrijasevic ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (03.28.12)
When Israel desperately needed a unity government she was against it
5. Livni, take along Ehud Barak who's as useless as you.
Benjamin ,   Ramat HaSharon   (03.28.12)
6. Let Livnia exiit political life. The people
Orrin ,   Los Angels , Califor   (03.28.12)
have decided. At least she is not being sued for fraud and corruption. She seems to fee unless she leads her game she does not want to play at all. She was not a leader nor should Olmart have placed her in such a position to lead a party. But was not Mofaz a lousy leader himself during Leb II ? Perhaps. Kadima may now go forward into the precipice of oblivion with Mofaz
7. Finally
Dani ,   Tel Aviv   (03.28.12)
8. I doubt we'll be that lucky in the end....
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (03.28.12)
Failed politicians never seem to retire permanently, just hide out to sulk awhile. Meanwhile, Mofaz is no one to cheer for. Kadima is a most worthless party.
9. tzipora liv
mottijoburg ,   capetown   (03.28.12)
well put
10. No one will miss her, we ve had enough of her
hadad ,   u.k   (03.28.12)
11. Bye...
Lila ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.28.12)
...don't let the door hit you in the tush on the way out, ok?
12. Israel
13. The worst oppositon leader Israel ever had?
michael redbourn ,   arad Israel   (03.28.12)
14. competency
michaelpielet ,   israel   (03.28.12)
I have never in my entire life experienced how a person without a shred of competence or decency could be the head of a major political party in Israel. This says a lot about Tsipi and the Israeli electorate, the cheloni leftist women in gush dan that voted for her. Scary.
15. #3 I pray
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (03.28.12)
I pray that you will get to see all those who sent the YSM to destroy your homes and beat your children humiliated, and hopefully jailed I am concerned that Netanyahu intends to let Barak (with the "Indepence Party") and Mofaz (with Kadima) join the Likud instead of Likudniks. We need to keep an eye on him.
16. Don't go away angry.
M.J. Eizen ,   Petah Tikvah, Israel   (03.28.12)
Tzipi, don't go away angry,just go away. Hoping never to seeing you again!
17. sign of a person
mohson   (03.28.12)
the sign or test of a person is how they conduct themselves when they go through adversity. Livni appears to want to retire to some vague law practise because she didn't get her weigh whereas Mofaz who went through a number of defeats hangs in there though I don't care for him as I believe he is not an organised geneal. Likewise olmert attacked anybody who moved who criticized him or who indicted him-the prosecutor said this or that and he is no good and he should be sanctionnned. This is drek talking and J street is drek for hiring him to talk. i would not follow any deal that olmert recommended as it is unreliable and harms israel. Livni has some time now and as she gets older, she can go visit olmert in jail because like hirschson, he is guaranteed to head there. and if olmert does not go to jail,t hen israeli justice and the state is finished and I am not kidding.
18. Livni = quitter
MF ,   NYC   (03.28.12)
How ridiculous: "I'm the only one who should lead, but if I can't lead I won't even participate." If she had something to offer - a fairly big if - she ought to demand more of herself. If she had nothing substantial to offer other than an ego rush, she should have gotten out of the way long ago.
19. livni
sue ,   jerusalem   (03.28.12)
20. Tzipi Livni......whew, she going at last.
Spencer ,   Israel   (03.28.12)
Her retirementis long over due. During her term of office as leader of Kadima the only thing she achieved was weakening the party. She did absolutely nothing. To this day her only aim was to improve herself. If she had had any feeling for or had cared in the least for the State of Israel she would have joined a coalition when it was so important to unify the people. Very few people are sorryto see her go.
21. Bye bye Livni. Thanks for nothing.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.28.12)
Livni is gone, thankfully. Kadima is now lead by Mofaz, who is only slightly less problematic than Livni. It would be nice if we could cite even one positive contribution Livni made to Israel, in her public life. But alas we can't. Livni has been an absolute disaster for Israel. Bye bye Livni. Thanks for nothing.
22. Too bad when a politician retires here
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.28.12)
they do not shut up! If only peres, bibi, ehud buraq and ayatollah yusuf would retire. Better yet, all the politicians here retire on all levels of government.
23. Zippy
Gabriel ,   Dallas, USA   (03.28.12)
Another vain mediocre politician bites the dust! She could have been in the Government and do some good and counter balance Shas, but no, she wanted to have it all and be PM although Bibi's Likud had more seats. Nobody is going to miss or remember her in a few months.
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.28.12)
What happened, couldn't you find anything to copy & paste today?
25. kadima destroyed Livnis hopes for a political career
zionist forever   (03.28.12)
Livni's ego is to big for her to stay in Kadima because it turned out to be the party that destroyed her political career. If she had stayed in Likud she would have slowly but surely risen through the ranks but as she since she defected to Kadima its been downhill all the way. First Peres appointed Bibi as PM rather than her and so as she is such an arrogant woman she each constantly refused to join a unity government preferring to stay in opposition and keeping a low profile in the hope she can keep her whiter than white image which will help her win the next election. She refused to show any leadership whilst she was running the show and so the party lost faith in her and gave her the boot. Now she will weigh up her options over the next couple of weeks and consider either quitting politics or the possibility of trying to get her supporters in Kadima to ditch the party and come and join her in a new party she will lead ( lead to failure ).
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