Arabs back Mofaz en masse
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 28.03.12, 19:02
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1. wow! the Israeli right wingers r going 2 have a field day...
Winnie ,   Israel   (03.28.12)
with this tidbit of info! heck I'm centrist and I'm having a field day with it... a former Ramatcal (Commander in Chief of the IDF) AND a former Defense Minister wins his party primaries with a huge assist from the Israeli Arab vote?!?! wow!
2. As a iranian Jew Mofaz has the sympathy of Sephardim
Yossef   (03.28.12)
Mizra'hi and Arabs. It's just logic. He has also, for this only reason, all my sympathy :-)
3. I wonder ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.28.12)
.... what Tibi, Zoabi and the rest of that terrorist-supporting rabble think of that!
4. To: Yossef at No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.28.12)
Moshe Katsav is also an Iranian Jew, and he has my very Ashkenazi support and sympathy. Does he have yours, as well?
5. Mofaz is already the godfather of the
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (03.28.12)
extortionists,port and electric company workers,now he increased his flock,nothing wrong with helping the arab population,who,a great number of them vote for shas,because, as Jesse James responded,when asked why he robs banks ?.thats where the money is, Israel's problems will not be solved by bribing groups of people,thats why Z Livni lost,she doesn't bribe and doesn't promise.
6. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.28.12)
It wasn't Jesse James. It was Willie Sutton. The rest of your post is equally inaccurate.
7. #4 y r u supporting a convicted sex offender?
and exactly how is it relevant to this article? don't you know how to stay focused on one point?!
8. Mofaz is gentleman but has no chance for PM,
E,M Jordan is Pale ,   SF   (03.28.12)
Likud in next election going to get more sits and Kadima going to lose some sits to Likud and shinoi and I believe Kadima will join coalition with Likud.
9. #4 Be serious Sarah
Yossef   (03.28.12)
they don't play in the same playground right ? By the way, last time I voted for Tzipi Livni, I've been disappointed, and to tell the truth I wanted to vote Likud next time. I changed my mind thanks to Mofaz : he is serious, he is Sephardi, he has been IDF chief of staff. That's sufficient and enough for me. He may change the bad relationship we have with Arabs. Don't forget that we Sephardim are almost Arabs, at least in the yes of Ashkenazim, or some of them :-) It doesn't bother me... BTW I'll tell you what I think : we Jews are just educated Arabs, at least originally. Where do you think we come from ?
10. Tzipi lost because she does not represent Kadima's beliefs
adam eliyahu   (03.28.12)
Kadima was created from a hodge podge of left and right. The only thing they have incommon is self(ish) interest. I disagree with just about everything Tzipi stands for, but I respect her. She hasn't yet been accused of giving or getting bribes and she has political beliefs. That sets her apart from everyone else in that party.
11. #2, what the hell
Yoni ,   San Diego   (03.28.12)
im Persian, also Mizrachi. I would back Likud, not Mofaz. I am the most right wing u can find.
12. Re: 2
David   (03.28.12)
I doubt very much that many Arabs are voting for him because they are comfortable with his Persian origins, or because are ready to become patriotic Israelis just on the condition that our leaders be Mizrahim. Most Mizrahim, Saul Mofaz presently excluded, are after all more nationalistic than Ashkenazim. Most of the Arabs that are voting for him-- the vast majority-- are doing so because they see in him, due to the combination of his military "clout" and political affiliation, a candidate who has the capacity that Livni lacked (and not for lack of trying), to give the Palestinians everything they are asking for. Recall that Ehud Barak enjoyed well publicized support from the Arab sector in his first election. Anyone who votes for him without recognizing this is suffering from very serious delusions.
13. Would be great to see a Semite as Prime Minister
christianpalestinian ,   nyc   (03.28.12)
The non-semitic ashkenazi jews from europe and russia are a total disaster for israel and the arab world.
14. #11"I am the most right wing u can find"
Yossef   (03.28.12)
Too extreme is not good, for no one. Maybe a Mizrachi will be exactly what we need to talk to Iran and to the Arab world. Ashkenazim failed, we need to check something else. To be frank I would vote for an Ethiopian if they had a candidate.
15. #13 - is that racism or just plain stupidity?
William ,   Israel   (03.28.12)
A 20-year genetic project should very little difference in genes between Ashkenazim and the Mizrahim, planting both of those groups firmly in the Middle East....where we are right now, our rightful and eternal home. Now I can see why your tirades are so off base. You actually consider European Jews as White Anglo invaders with no history in the Eastern Mediterranean. Now Science (and history and journalistic accounts and the Bible and the Koran) dispute your false narrative. With your apparent luck, why are you living in Las Vegas?
16. If this doesn't scare the begees out of you....
Gila ,   Israel   (03.28.12)
Just the title sends shivers down my back
17. Mofaz
Len ,   New Jersey   (03.28.12)
It wasn't Jesse James. It was Willie Sutton.
18. Of all the cockamamie talkbacks
I have ever seen, EVER, these 16 take the cake. Fess up, Ynet, you wrote them all yourself, right? Sympathy for Katsav? Jews are educated Arabs? Gimme a break!
19. Genetic research
Dr. H. PhD   (03.29.12)
Since it was brought up it is worth pointing out that not only does genetic research show that both Ashkenazi and non-ashkenazi Jews have roots in the general area of Israel but that the ethnic group Palestinian Arabs are closest to are Ashkenazi Jews and Cretans then sephardim. We weren't exactly separated at birth but in the grand scheme of history in the relatively recent past. In addition a linguistic analysis of Palestinian Arabic reinforces their rootedness and differentiates them from Bedouins and others. Meet your cousins folks on both sides!
20. #18 Do you think you are from Viking descent ?
Yossef   (03.29.12)
21. #18, no ynet doesn't need to make these TBs up...
Fannie ,   Israel   (03.29.12)
we actually have Jews and Israelis who are stupid enough to write these TB comments without any assistance from Ynet!
22. High time to move on: Thank Israel
Norma   (04.01.12)
What do Arab Israelis --who love Israel-- fear to go down the streets of Tel Aviv and Jeruralem, holding the Israeli flag...thanking this state for what it gave them and that Arab countries have not...chanting Peace instead of hatred. Those silent Arab Israelis who love their life in Israel, can't stay silent. High time to move on!
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