Settlers take up residence in Hebron house
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 29.03.12, 07:16
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1. The building
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.29.12)
The building should remain unoccupied until the courts decide to whom it actually belongs.
2. your house
Leah Goldsmith ,   Itamar Israel   (03.29.12)
if you were thrown out of your house (after the theives murdered you (1929) wouldn't you want your house back one day? Anyone who stands on the side of goodness light and truth knows Chevron is the eternal Jewish HOME- it's not the house- it's the home.
3. "Funny" how Jews have the right of return, Arabs not
Simo ,   Finland   (03.29.12)
The rule of law must allow the most basic thing - Jews to return but the hundreds of thousands Arabs driven out of their homes have not the same rule of law. Unbelievable racism.
4. Nunber 3 read article !! He didn't claim it back
Jason white ,   Ra'anana Israel   (03.29.12)
They purchased it back with money!! U leftist one sides reader!
5. @ #3 ( let's not forget the War !)
Stephen ,   UK   (03.29.12)
@3 : So what about the right of return for the millions of Jews who were victims of the holocast - kicked out of their European homes and businesses. Germany committed that atrocity and your country (Finland) sided with them! So, Simo, can all the Jewish victims of WW2 now have their homes and businesses back in Europe? You see - even Jews don't get the right of return - Israel was and is a right of survival - Most of the European Jews never "returned"
6. Jews do not have right of return.
Zaev1982 ,   Toronto Canada   (03.29.12)
The 700 000 displaced Jews from Arab nations do not have the right of return to the Arab nations. So why should 400 000 Arabs have the right of return to Israel ?
7. To #3!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (03.29.12)
You're ignorant of your facts! During that 1948 altercation (started by the Muslims!), the other Arabs told all the ones in Israel to leave, so that they, could have unhindered access to destroy Israel; which became no easy-pickens, to say the least! Upon, their, supposed, assured victory, they would return those Muslims to their homes; well, we all know how that turned-out: seven Muslim armies' against one poorly equipped, undermanned and greatly outnumbered, and yet, the Israelis' (by the grace of the true God of Israel) still kicked their arses'! The Muslims' have no return rights to anything but to the inevitable fact that they will never defeat Israel--never!!! Islam will be defeated...along with all the pathetic Muslim sympathizers. God bless, Israel; praying for the peace of Jerusalem!
8. The IDF and governments position on this is a CRIME
Sarah ,   Israel   (03.29.12)
only athiests could make such an UN-Godly policy as this. Netanyahu, Barak, IDF... all of you!!! You are killing the Jewish people and our father Abraham cries from his grave.
9. Watergate is nothing compared to a Jew buying a house
Jordan Ispalestine ,   Los Angeles   (03.29.12)
Alert the media! Call in the armed forces! Enlist the best investigators the police have! For gods sake, notify the United Nations! A Jew (gasp) has purchased a house! Mass hysteria!!!!!!
10. @No.5
Django ,   Innsbruck   (03.29.12)
You forget the jewish claims conference!!! Billions an billions in reparations were and are still paid. Stolen goods, artifacts, etc. are still transferred back to its former owners (e.g. their heirs). So you miss that point!
11. crime
michaelpielet ,   Israel   (03.29.12)
Is it a crime for a Jew to buy a house in Hebron?
12. Right of return
michaelpielet ,   Israel   (03.29.12)
Arabs certainly have the right of return, repatriation to the 22 arabs states where they originated from. #10 these billions you are speaking about, just a figment of your Jew hating imagination! What about the lives of the six million. Two million children. Finland was alllied with the German Nazi's in World War 2.
13. where was the rule of law.
michaelpielet ,   israel   (03.29.12)
How many thousands of jews were driven out of their homes in the arab countries.? How many Jews were driven out of their homes in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem, the old city? Tell me who initiated the wars and the wars of terror. Of course the arabs, the arab nations, the arab leaders. How many wars have the Jews initiated, absolutely none. No arabs were forced out of their homes by the Jews during Israel's War of independence, they fled because their arab leaders told them to to flee so that they arab armies could murder all the Jews. How many Jews were forced out of their homes in Europe, they would have been happy to only have been forced to leave their homes but remain alive, and then murdered by finland's ally the German Nazi's and all of their collaborators. Where was the rule of law? Finn, you would think that a Jew hater like you could at least get the history right.
14. To Simo #3
daniela ,   panama   (03.29.12)
I would like to have a defender like you to defend my roght to return to Egypt place were I was born and my parents were born.. Please let me know when de Egyptian government is going to return our home and business.. if you are successful I promise you 700.000 (at least) clients. And when you finish that one, you will get jews from all over Europe claiming the right to return homes, businesses, etc.. they had before the war..
15. @# 10
Stephen ,   UK   (03.29.12)
@10 : No I didn't miss any point. The reparations you mention are just the tip of a huge iceberg and did not involve the right of return. The homes and businesses that were stolen were not and have not been returned. The lives which were ruined are now consigned to history. Moreover the Jews were the target of a holocaust and were rounded up. The Arabs ( now calling themselves Palestinians ) fled Israel in 1948 as they sided with the other Arabs and hoped Israel would be destroyed and put into Arab hands. They don't deserve the righ to return - ever. You miss those points.
16. Please explain me the rules
Avramele   (03.29.12)
Can west bank Arabs purchase homes in west Jerusalem zefat and Tiberius? In our rush to a bi-national state will those Arabs who did not leave voluntarily (an no credible historian today denies there were many) have legal standing? Either the issues are settled by defining national rights and national territories or by claims based on individual rights. If not a return to a partition based compromise then we must think of one democratic state for all or expulsions and/or apartheid type rules.
17. why don't you write Jews take up residence ...
Elianna ,   Jerusalem   (03.29.12)
all you are really saying is that Jews moved in to the house and the Arabs do not like it. if you write "settlers" as if it is a stigma does it make someone less anti-semetic?
18. YES. Return to the homes that Jews were slaughtered in by
ron ,   israel   (03.29.12)
arabs in 1929!! Ruterun to the origins of our nation, Hebron, 1st capital of King david, buria of our patriarchs and matriarchs
19. #10 diego, if the assets of Jews in Europe and Arab/Muslim
ron ,   israel   (03.29.12)
lands were indeed returned to the Jewish people those countries would be losing half of their economy at least. what you have seen so far is not even 0.1% of the value. Good try though.
20. The essence of Islam
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (03.29.12)
is to possess, conquer, and claim anything and everything that is rightfully Jewish. Without this spiritual greed there would be no Islam.
21. Abraham lived in Hebron, however he is not from Hebron
christianpalestinian ,   nyc   (03.29.12)
Abraham is from Ur located in southern mesopotamia. This city was a Canaanite city for many centuries before Abraham was born.
22. My boyfriend's father...
Rachel ,   Seattle, WA, USA   (03.29.12)
...was born in East Jerusalem in the late 30's. Left in the 50's when it became too dangerous. I've never been to Jerusalem. Guess which one of us can't return, and which one of us could move there tomorrow?
23. #21
zvi ,   baltimore, us   (03.29.12)
Avrohom paid cold hard cash for his property. the deed was recorded in the Torah.
24. Let them own the house
David ,   Melbourne, Australia   (03.30.12)
If they purchased it legally, then they own it - no problem. But they should own a home in a Palestinian state, under palestinian law.... ruled over by the palestinian police and courts. The issue is not the ownership of the individual house but the entire system, whereby there is no rule of law throughout the occupied territories.
25. what settlers
joe moor ,   south africa   (03.30.12)
again we have an article which is not to clear....settlers ...whats up with this word... are these settlers jews,christians or muslim or some other religion not specified...why does the author of the article think that it is clear what settlers ?? who decided that only jews are called settlers when the other religions are ...residents? the muslims in these areas are also settlers , so things should be written clearly to describe what religion the settlers in this article are
26. to no. 10
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (03.30.12)
At best, you are wrong, Django..The Jewish Claims Conference paid only to survivors of holocaust, in a form of monthly payments equivalent to a modest pension..I know, my Mother was a survivor of Auscchwitz...And how many survivors of Nazi death camps were alive by the time Germany was granting reperations ? How many do you think are living today ? Very few..Many Survivors I know didn't want to take anything from Germany, including my Mother...But about stolen goods being returned...Of 6 Million Jews being murderred and their homes, businesses,assets and finances confiscated, there never was and never will be a just material return to the rightful owner, the Jewish people,who were brutaly and mercilessly murderred and looted, during WWII...From the stories of my Mother, the few returned survivors were happy if the new owners of their homes were throwing them back some photographs and a few clothing items.. And just for bringing up this subject for your dirty implications, you are the scum of the earth... Hevron is Our Ancient Homeland...Our Forefathers walked on that land and purchased it ,,We have the right to it and all the proof to own it and occupy it..And we will, Django...Sooner or Later...
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