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Report: Israel has access to Azeri airbases
Published: 29.03.12, 07:51
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1. There goes our hero OBAMA...stabbing Israel
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (03.29.12)
in the back again. Obama couldn't keep his mouth shut if it was sewn up with twine. I'm personally ASHAMED of this so called president. He undermines every allie that he gets a chance to put the screws too. If Jews vote for this bone head...they deserve the misery.
2. So the Americans aren't happy
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.29.12)
I guess while it is perfectly acceptable and reasonable for the United States to have airbases throughout the world, but not acceptable and reasonable for Israel to have a foreign airbase. American arrogance, taken to an extreme. I guess that the U.S. will just have to find a way get over its "unhappiness." Because no one in Israel really cares. Israel is not the Soviet Union and Azerbaijan is not Cuba.
3. Iran this is your wake up call.
Ivan ,   South Africa   (03.29.12)
The I.A.F.will soon be closer than you think,and the stars in your sky will replaced with the Stars of David..
4. Israel hangs its fate on corrupt Shietes Azeris
observer ,   Egypt   (03.29.12)
what a strategic air field Israel has bought by 1.6 billion USD deal of American arms. American taxpayers are really not happy to finance likes of such fancy whims.
5. US not happy?? Who gives a flying flip??
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (03.29.12)
6. @ 1&2 Israel should go it alone...
Sheik, Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (03.29.12)
However when the sh*t hits the fan Israel better have enough munitions and jet fuel to complete the task because the US will have none to spare. American Jews are Americans first. You have a few Israel firsters but the majority care about oil prices and the American economy and dead American soldiers and have no interest in Israel what so ever except to say its name in the synagogue once a year. Obama will be re-elected because his policy is the right policy and his interest are with the American people not with the Israeli people and that what counts the most. If you want to talk about arrogant talk about how BIBI waltzed into DC then got on 2 knees begging us to spill our blood on behalf of his nation when he won't even protect his citizens from terrorist in Gaza.
7. Listening to Obama Admin = Israel suicide & insanity [end]
BUTSeriously ,   Australia   (03.29.12)
8. G-D Bless Israel
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (03.29.12)
And all who love Israel, those who don't can f*** off.
9. As I asked before
Israeli 2   (03.29.12)
Who doubts Israel's ability to wallop Iran in one day? Anyone? As for their UNclear, NUclear will be forever.
10. Obam and his minions are doing
Lyle ,   USA   (03.29.12)
everything possible to stop Israel in defending itself from Iran. The report in 'Foreign Policy' magazine is yet another such tactic. The report contains mostly conjecture and guesses. Obama is backstabbing Israel yet again. The US does not like Israel having close relations with Azerbijan
11. If the American President...
TC   (03.29.12)
was a Republican, there's a slightly bigger chance that this story would be already other. Unfortunately, Obama is playing it the European way. And I'm not even sure that the IAF has the appropriate bombs to do this job efficiently assuming they go on their own.
12. evade sanctions
Mark Thomas   (03.29.12)
Many countries are helping Iran evade sanctions eg. India. Sanctions are just an eyewash by the Obama regime to prevent an Israeli attack which will make him to lose the elections. Its better Israel attacks immediately rather than listening to hot-air from Obama.
13. Once bitten
David B   (03.29.12)
During 1944, Jews were helpless..the USA never came to help despite repeated appeals. Now Israel is not helpless and should take action quickly against Iran. Don't fall for Obama's syrupy words, sanctions and rationality won't work against fanatics & madmen. One has to help themselves. Once bitten, be TWICE shy !
14. Look at the map... the 'big' Obama
Jonathan   (03.29.12)
Look at the map... the 'big' Obama has Iraq and Afganistan, but of course, he would not offer any help against Iran. Not only that, he will try to sabotage Israel's security, and help Iran, the Hizballa, and the Hamas that are all funded via the same sources. Making sure that Israel depends on him so desperately. Not going to happen. The Israelis had enough rockets, missiles, threats, wounded and dead casualties, to know that waiting till Iran gets stronger and stronger, is not the solution. But thanks again for your concern, Mr Hussain.
15. #6: You need a shrink. Fast
Israeli 2   (03.29.12)
16. Wonderful
Politik Sondaj ,   Turkey   (03.29.12)
Within 10 minutes, Israel had cleaned syrian SAM's, and soviet backed filthy terror cells of plo,pkk and armenian asala in Bekaa Valley. These terrorists were sleeping on the same berth. Mossad had found and shared documents with Turkish officials. Azerbaycan has enemies and half of their country (South Azerbaycan) occupied by Iran. Good news!
17. Bush invaded Iraq bcoz Saddam wanted to kill his Daddy
Alan ,   SA   (03.29.12)
Not 2 help Israel.Name one GI who died 4 us
18. O brother all over again
clearerlight ,   Cape Pole Alaska   (03.29.12)
This leak to the magazine was aided and abetted by the White House. Obumer does not want to risk his poor reelection chances by having to make a quick choice. Has he ever made a quick choice? Has he ever made a good choice.? This leak was deplorable.
sam   (03.29.12)
Why monitoring and exposing IDF moves if really you are against IRAN nuclear armament
20. As reported by the lier Mark Perry. Look him up...
Yair   (03.29.12)
21. Wow, four airbases?
Vlad   (03.29.12)
First off, Kol HaKavod to anything that will stop Iran's genocidal nuclear program dead in its tracks. Regardless of whether an Iran strike is the right option or will be necessary, its always good to prepare. "Expect the best, prepare for the worst". That being said, WOW. Azerbaijan has FOUR airbases. Didn't know they had that big an air force. Did some follow-up checking, turns out they have quite a big one. You learn stuff every day.
22. When did 'bama become Iran's defender?
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (03.29.12)
got to get rid of this clown in the white house. His pro muslim vision of the world doesn't match up with reality. Thank G-d Israel has some balls, 'bama trying to locate his.
23. Israel cannot pinpoint all of Iran's nuclear sites
Norman ,   france, Eurabia   (03.29.12)
And Israel don't need to destroy ALL sites. Just some with a lot of Uranium and for some years, they will be just a little radioactive ;-)
24. Israeli bases in Azerbaijan
Harold ,   USA   (03.29.12)
This situation leads to the distruction of Azerbaijan.
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (03.29.12)
26. Cheers Yisrael!
Gavriel Rechav ,   Valencia - Spain   (03.29.12)
When G'd shuts us a door (Obama), he always opens us a window!
27. why is such information disclosed?
disclosure ,   World   (03.29.12)
i dont understand
28. To ALL of Israel's Allies:
David ,   Miami, U.S.   (03.29.12)
May G-d Bless you with peace and abundance! In the wise words of Mordechai to Esther(not verbatum) "if you think that being in the safety of your palace, ignoring what happens to G-d's people, all will be well, know that the HELP AND SALVATION COMS FROM G-D AND IT WILL COME, FROM SOME OTHER CONDUIT, BUT YOUR HOUSE WILL BE UTTERLY DESTROYED!!!" In other words, may G-d Bless all those who tuly care for the safety of the Children of Israel, and may the fate of ALL the Hamans of the world have the same fate as he did(yemach sh'mam!) AM YISRAEL CHAI!!!!!...OH IRAN....
29. Israel and Azeris
Benjamin ,   Greenville   (03.29.12)
The US government is unhappy about Israel having access to Azeris facilities, f*** the USA and take out the nukes in Iran.
30. Such commentary!
Cameron ,   USA   (03.29.12)
I'll bear it mind this Friday. Good luck with Iran & the borders.
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