Gilad Shalit meets Netanyahu, thanks him for release efforts
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 29.03.12, 15:29
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1. shalit has to work out at the gym
mohson   (03.29.12)
revoering from his ordeal, nontheless shalit should work out at the gymnasium as he still looks emaciated. Do some weightlifting and build yourself up. Even hamas commented when they took you prisoner that you appeared very weak looking.
2. Mr Benjamin Netahyahu kept his promise..
benjamin ,   singapore   (03.29.12)
I recall all those traumatic times when Gilat Shalit was in Captive. This Pesach is meaningful also. Cheers Thanks to Benjamin Nethayahu and his wife and the parent of Gilat. from Singapore Benjamin
3. To #1
OVG ,   UK   (03.29.12)
Gilad doesn't 'have to' do anything you say. He's free, he can do what he wants.
4. This is moving
Keren ,   IL-BR   (03.29.12)
Maybe be that ,soon,we all ,the Jewish family ,embrace each other ,all together, in Israel, in peace and love among us,ourselves, and in peace, love and compreehension with the entire world. May our ordeals find a very soon end and only joy comes to us.
5. Thank Bibi?? How about us????
KACH 613 ,   Judah, Israel   (03.29.12)
It would also be nice if the Shalits would thank all the people of Israel for their prayers and the risk we take for having 1000 murderous terrorists who can strike us and our children at any time. Netanyahu will always have Shin Bet around his family he is safe, we are the ones to thank not him.
6. I agree with #3! After FIVE YEARS in that rat hole, Sgt
me ,   here   (03.29.12)
Shalit doesn't have to do anything, except to recuperate in the ways that he and his medical care takers see fit!!! He's the toughets looking guy in my eyes, he walks, he talks with clarity and brilliance after five years of mental torture and physical neglect. He doesn't have to look or dress up like anybody tells him. - The salute he gave when he was back is enough proof of his character!!! - SO many times better than yours #1! - HOW easy it is to pick on others... it's the s i m p l e s t thing in the world! Anyone can do that, #1. But not anybody can go through what Sgt Shalit went through with such resilience, endurance, fortitude and courage!!! I wish Sgt Shalit Very Happy Holidays and a big and warm welcome back to life - a life that he decides how to live, and not anyone else!
7. ;) ,...
split ,   US   (03.29.12)
Is this how do you dress to see your PM in Israel or they're trying to tell us something ,...
8. God bless you Gilad!
sk ,   USA   (03.29.12)
Long live ISRAEL!
9. I feel real pity for Gilad
Moragh   (03.29.12)
He looks frightened and even bewildered. That poor yound boy will never be able to put his 5 lost years among brutal arabs behind him. He still looks very frightened and who can wonder about that. I wish you the best Gilad and advise you to put your full trust in our beloved Deliverer... He will set you free if you put yourself under His control and trust Him implicitly.
10. #9 Moragh
"He looks frightened and even bewildered" Probably because he's standing next to his Premier Minister and there are journalists in the room taking photos etc.
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