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Iranian: We love Israelis too
Dudi Cohen
Published: 30.03.12, 08:40
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1. Thank you, Iranian...
Israeli 2   (03.30.12)
We all seek peace with you and with everyone throughout the world. We have no hate for anyone... eventhough the current Iranian regime as you well know would like to see Israel and its people vanish. Remember this well, my dear Iranian, peace loving friend, when Israel destroys some military and nuclear facilities(hopefully soon), it is only to put an end to your terrible, oppresive regime - not to the people. We shall give you the opportunity to form a new regime and make peace with us. Together, we can be strong and Iran will be prosperous again.
2. Moshiach...The People Want you NOW!
IL ,   IL   (03.30.12)
3. Surely the
John David   (03.30.12)
Surely the Ayatollah's don't know the meaning of the word "love" !
4. Obviously he
Dexter Clark   (03.30.12)
Obviously he is anti-Ayatollah, so his words are irrelevant to the mad, fanatical regime in Tehran.
5. Message of love from Iranian
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (03.30.12)
Tremendous video. Wish we could sit down together for a cup of coffee and conversation.
6. #1 your message is disgusting
gregg ,   haifa il   (03.30.12)
So you still say that millitary actions are ok cause they are moral according to you? And iranians should accept that?and you pretend israel comes to save them? Who do you think you are if not arrogant? Iranians, fight back!
7. Peace and Love
ASTRONAUT ,   USA   (03.30.12)
#6, it's called sarcasm. BTW, didn't Obama recently spend $$$$$'s to bring Sesame Street to some islamic countries? His message, as well, must be one of Peace and Love.
8. Agree with #1
Natan   (03.30.12)
This is a response on you tube from ONE individual. As long as the Iranian regime continues with its plans so should Israel!! If you wish to shelve your plans for defending your own survival because of a video tape by masked man, you are naive!!!
9. gregg # 6
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (03.30.12)
As with most oppressed people the enemy of the people is their own government. Israel is not the enemy of the Iranian people. If Obama had backed the Green Revolution perhaps we wouldn't be having this problem.
10. Most Iranians would welcome destruction of Iran's nukes.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.30.12)
It is likely that the vast majority of Iranians want peace with Israel. Ratcheting up the Israel and Jew hating rhetoric is a desperate attempt by the present massively unpopular Iranian regime to stay in power. Most Iranians would welcome Israel's destruction of Iranian nukes. That would make peace much more easy to achieve. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
11. Great message!
cohen, Israel   (03.30.12)
We need more like this from both sides- more and more. Only this might bring a change...
12. Nr 6.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (03.30.12)
What kind of Foolish Idocy is this - ?. Israel should for the Love of the Iranian People, let the Iranian regime fullfill their religious Dream, to wipe Israel from the map because, if Israel acted against it, it would kill some Iranian Civilians ? Your imbecillity is the only disgusting here. And if you where facing me in Sweden, I would kick your butt ubtill you where satisfied and became a kind individual. Arn.Sweden.
13. We are waiting
Kamal Amanpour ,   Iran   (03.30.12)
So bring it on. You think we are afraid of you ? We are waiting for you Israelis since the past 5 years to attack us, so that we can teach you a lesson once & for all. Kindly stop blowing hot-air and start the war immediately.
14. No Surprises Here....
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (03.30.12)
The majority of Iranians are anti Ahmidenijad and anti radical Islam. Iran is a mosaic of religions and cultures and Shiites are a minority! Before the takeover of Iran by the Ayatollah (Assahola)....Iran had very good relations with both the US and Israel. If the current hooligans in Iran should fall, these good relations could possibly resume. Iranians should realize that if a military strike should occur, the civilian population is not the target. The strikes would probably be limited to military targets..especially Nuclear facilities.
15. #1 Iranians are not stupid
inconito   (03.30.12)
Iranians are not stupid, "israel rescue them" ridiculous, killing civilians and to liberate radioactive materials, the Iranian good ? attacks in central Tehran, supporting organizations like the MEK, does not think any Iranian will believ you, the sole purpose of israel is to keep the nuclear monopoly. a pious vows henceforth
16. to# 10 most iranien want nuclear !!!!!!
inconito   (03.30.12)
keep dreaming man, large majority of Iranians are proud and want to see their country to develop nuclear power. illusions do not feed a manming man !!!!!! like in irak bwt!
17. At a certain point war might be the ONLY road to a FREE IRAN
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (03.30.12)
18. #12 Where does this hate come from?
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (03.30.12)
I would love to see that, you kicking my butt... I wonder how you'll do it You should sweep your front door before looking what's happening next to you.... Anything else?
19. To #1 & #18
Bijan   (03.30.12)
My dear friend – from Haifa. As you can see from most of the posts here, it is always the ignorant minority that makes the most noise. I wish we could drop these hate monger idiots (from both sides) in an island and let them fight it out among themselves.
20. I know this guy!
The Observer ,   Athens, Greece   (03.30.12)
It is Ahmajinedad's nephew, broadcasting from the Blue Room, Residence State Floor, The White House!
21. to# you live in a dream
inconito   (03.30.12)
You boasting diminutively "when Israel Destroys Some military and nuclear facilities (hopefully soon), it is only to put end to your terrible year," do you think that bombing some facilities will bring down the regime, you live in the fairy land, you have been unable to uproot the hezbollah and hamas and you think that Israel can kill the Iranian regime ???? lol, dring dring the alarm clock rang you must get up
22. Nr 18.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (03.30.12)
You know nothing !!!. Arn.
23. I'd like to see the guy on the video as President of Iran
me ,   here   (03.30.12)
Hopefully there are many like him. Likely, there are many also not like him. And probably, the majority of Iranians don't care.
24. To: No. 13
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.30.12)
Are you serious? Teach Israel a lesson? From where? The large glowing cinder that used to be your country? Do you think any of us has forgotten what happened to you in your war with Iraq? You lost one million troops over an eight year period, fighting a significantly inferior Iraq, and your final grand battle plan consisted of throwing twelve year old boys under the treads of oncoming Iraqi tanks. Israel is not Iraq. And Iran's military isn't worth squat. And that includes the "Revolutionary Brigade." You will never know what hit you. Be careful what you wish for. You won't like it when you get it.
25. #13 Be patient
Cynthia ,   USA   (03.30.12)
Watching the Islamic Regime chase their tails, look above and behind them in a paranoid state is amusing. And more sanctions for you laddy. Who knows, with all the love openly expressed between Persians and Israelis, the western forces may come in and liberate Iran. Eliminate the scumbags polluting the global environment. Free Persia, then Syria. I don't think anyone would oppose that plan.
26. #22 I certainly do not know fear and hate...
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (03.30.12)
27. Nr 26, Fools and idiots lack some abilities.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (03.31.12)
28. to# 24 oh iranians are terrified ii
inconito   (03.31.12)
"You will never know what hit you. Be careful what you wish for. You won't like it when you get it. " ohhhh pleassee save usss the USSR world' s super power is threatens us we are terrified, please save ussss
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