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Radical Jews join anti-Israel Jordan rally
Roi Kais
Published: 31.03.12, 00:06
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1. one with the white beard it's Amos Schocken,next to him Brad
ab   (03.30.12)
-ley Burston following up on his "One State" article in Amos Schocken's "Haaretz"
2. 55000 in jordan
Ayham Jadallah ,   amman jordan   (03.30.12)
55000 in jordan
3. Neturei Karta members
larry ,   Israel   (03.30.12)
They belong with each other, Palestinians and Neturei Karta members!
4. every pretend jew who participated with arabs must be barred
ralph   (03.30.12)
from israel forever. must never be allowed in for any and all reasons.
5. Muslims.
JJ   (03.30.12)
muslims are not really anti-semites since they hate every one equally. sunni slaughtering shiats shiats slaughtering sunnis muslims slaughtering hindus (Mumbai Terror Attacks) muslims slaughtering americans (9/11) (Abdullah Yusuf Azzam) (Nidal Malik Hasan) muslims slaughtering russians (beslan school) muslims slaughtering japanese (Hitoshi Igarashi) (Luxor Massacre) muslims slaughtering frenchman (Paris subway) muslims slaughtering dutchman (Theo van Gogh) muslims slaughtering brits (London bombings ) muslims slaughtering Spaniards (madrid subway) muslims slaughtering pols (Mehmet Ali Ağca) muslims slaughtering christians in nigeria muslims slaughtering christians in gaza(rami ayyad),iraq(assyrians),egypt (copts). they Slaughter their own Daughters & Wives (Ayah Baradiyya),(Samah Sufian Al Shamali) they even kill radical lefty's fools who support them !(Vittorio Arrigoni) (Juliano Mer-Khamis)
6. That's all? Poor turn-out, I would say.
robert renders ,   belgium   (03.30.12)
7. NK. What the hell
Sagi   (03.30.12)
are these disgusting folk doing in our midst.
8. Revoke there Passports!
Mendel ,   Everywhere   (03.30.12)
Throw them out of Israel or make them live in palestine if they don't wanna support israel!
9. Neturei Karta's Hillel Deitch
Aviela Deitch ,   MIGRON, ISRAEL   (03.30.12)
from Monsey -- I wonder if he knows that the other Hillel Deitch, apparently related, lives in Migron. Maybe someone let him know.
10. the erev rav
ed   (03.30.12)
par excellance. Let them stay there. Where do they come up with the $$$ to fly to Lebanon?
11. Observation
sk ,   USA   (03.30.12)
The core problem in the Middle East (and the current world) is the Arab mentality. They are their own worst enemy, and unable to be get along with themselves and their fellow man. Something is very wrong with their genetic and/or spiritual makeup.
12. The protesters
John A. Pouliot JR ,   Columbus, OH USA   (03.30.12)
Everybody over there needs to stop it and go home.
13. Neturei Karta+PA
Rozie   (03.30.12)
#8 you are 1000% correct. They deserve one another. If they don't have loyalty to the state and they are transgressors of every Jewish law. Derech Eretz and consideration for your fellow man comes before learning the Torah. They are dumb XXXX.
14. Neturei Karta Members
Marv Lance ,   Israel   (03.30.12)
These people should have their Israeli citizenship revoked & expelled from Israel. Let them go ti Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, etc. and see how good their lives would be there.
15. Jerusalem will stay Israel's capital, no matter what.
Nitz Each ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.30.12)
16. Neturei Karta should go live in Jordan & Syria
Yonatan ,   Holon   (03.30.12)
Me thinks within a very short time they will change their tune and be begging to be let back into the Evil Zionist Entity
17. Mass Rally
Zvi ,   Istanbul   (03.30.12)
The Neturei Karta should be kicked out to Iran Secondly pay attention to signs in turkish saying "Global march to Jerusalem" I intend to organize a Global march from Iraki Kurdistan to the Mardin the capital of Turkish Kurdistan
18. Why aren't Neturei Karta excommunicated???
Makes me SICK ,   Israel   (03.30.12)
Why don't the Chied Rabbis speak out and say they are terrorists and don't represent the Jewish people? Why are the other rabbis silent? VERY dangerous situation they make for the rest of the worlds Jews.
19. Neturei Karta sect must OFFICIALLY be placed OUTSIDE Judaism
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (03.30.12)
20. Israel has to ditch the itch.
milosz ,   Poland   (03.30.12)
You have to ditch the itch.
21. core problem
jim mullins ,   so.jordan us   (03.30.12)
the core problem is not arab mentality the core problem is lack of faith in your GOD and rejecting your messiah.
22. Goats also have beards
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.30.12)
That still isn't any sign that they have brains Let them celebrate Pesach in Jordan with their brothers
23. these are not radical jews. they are outside the tent. they
ralph   (03.30.12)
anti-jews pretend jews.
24. Neterei Karta
Anthony Mammon ,   New York, USA   (03.30.12)
Can't the Neterei Karta be charged as enemies of the State for aiding the enemy? It's time these people were locked up, or better yet, let them go live with their friends in Gaza or Jordan or better yet, why don't they move to Iran seeing as they agree with Amadinajad and his policies
25. Such selfish fellows, these Karta people.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (03.30.12)
They want the State of Israel dismantled when their fellows Jews live there. They may feel the State is premature, but people still live there and these folk wish to toss them out of their homes and scatter them back to the diaspora (if they aren't killed in the process). Isn't there something against this in haLakha?
26. they need to be cut off
Ilanafine barhai   (03.30.12)
As hard and heartbreaking as it sounds, they have become a cult and an enemy and need to be cut off, they can either swear loyalty to Israel or leave, good riddance, shame on them. May G-d show them how wrong they are. PUke.
27. Shame
anton ,   Istanbul   (03.30.12)
All this time i thought all radicals are here and this is their place :) secondly zvi from istanbul, i would like to correct ur minor mistake on mardin, kurds consider their capital as diyarbakir if you wanna organize such event i strongly advise you to hide your identity till the event ends kurds wouldnt treat u any better than palestinians :) wanna prove me wrong? then try it ;)
28. What is with the length of those beards?
Cameron ,   USA   (03.30.12)
Some religious aspect to all that moss?
29. why?
mika ,   israel   (03.30.12)
They say they're all "brothers" and if they really are, why won't their "brothers" in jordan, Lebanon, Syria or Saudi Arabia take them? They preach solidarity but don't actually care. Shut up already!
30. These cranks seem to get out a anti-semitic propaganda book
Arctodus Simus ,   Fort Yukon-Alaska   (03.30.12)
They look so evil.. and tehy are so dumb !
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