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Carlos Menem to stand trial over Jewish center bombing
Published: 31.03.12, 10:20
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1. Rat Lines
Zivron   (03.31.12)
The Vatican and argentina cooperated to give refuge to the genocide agents of the jews Eichmann Mengele and monsters beyond a pagan attack on jesus his aposeles his mother and family all were JEWS to be gassed by thenazis and the shame of catholicism is eternal.
2. Arab firster covered for his brothers, justice long overdue.
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (03.31.12)
American Hindu ,   USA   (03.31.12)
High time!!!
4. menem
sas ,   israel   (03.31.12)
about time.
5. Never too late for justice !
AA   (03.31.12)
6. with special thanks to special Argentine special attorney...
EBR ,   Jerusalem   (03.31.12)
general in the matter of AMIA: Dr. Alberto Nisman who has worked tirelessly in order to achieve justice in this matter. May G-d continue to bless and protect attorney Dr. Nisman.
7. Most heads of State are guilty of wrongs worthy of trials.
Rivkah   (03.31.12)
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