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US denies leaking info on Israeli access to Azeri airbases
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 31.03.12, 21:36
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1. US didn't leak..., no, of course not, only the Obama White
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.31.12)
House did, while the rest of the US was not aware of it. Mr. Obama practically shot at Israel, as one of Israel's most prominent commentators wrote, while talking from his other side of his mouth about his "unshakable commitment" to Israel's security. P.S. It is of some interest that he only talks about his "unshakable commitment" ahead of elections season...!!
2. Don't trust Obama !
zarg   (03.31.12)
Don't trust Obama ! He cannot even produce his own birth certificate, much less talk about giving guarantees against Ayatollahs bent on genocide ! Israel must protect its own safety, not depend on others of questionable character.
3. Buddhists are right
Stephen in New York   (03.31.12)
Those who speak do not know, those who know do not speak.
4. Israel will not drag Obama into another war, period.
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.31.12)
5. As Doctor Evil would Say
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (03.31.12)
Yeah "Rightttt" if that was true how did these former officials have the confidential information? What liars the present US goverment is.
6. Things the White House didn't
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (03.31.12)
Of course, the White House didn't leak the info. You can believe the White House. The White House didn't know about Solyndra, and the White House didn't know about Fast and Furious, and the White House didn't know that the Muslim Brotherhood were hard-core Islamists, and the White House didn't know that Assad was not a reformer. So many things that the White House didn't know or do. The White House apparently reads the wrong newspapers and watches the wrong news channels.
7. Buuuulllllllllllllsssssssshhhhhhh******tttttttt!
Mary ,   Chicago   (03.31.12)
8. #6 if the White House didn't know
Observer ,   New York, US   (03.31.12)
If they did not kow, what is there business to be in the White House?! Their roles is to government based on knowledge and facts. Bunch of amateurs. More dangerouse , they are ideologues. These government official giving an high school kid execuses. America. get them out of office as fast as possible before it will be too late!
9. "... we didn"t leak ..."
dan kaplan ,   usa   (03.31.12)
anybody wanna buy a bridge ?
10. Learn the lesson: Shut your mouth.....!!!!!
All Alone ,   Israel   (03.31.12)
That means YOU Ehud Barak. Keep you little mouth SHUT. Don't tell DC anything.
cristian ,   JESUSALEN   (03.31.12)
blessed who comes in the name of the lord from the house of the lord you bless,the lord is God and has given us light,bind victims with ropes to the horns of the altar,my God you and i bless you,my God,you exalt,praise to the lord because he is good because it is his mercy forever in messiah it is the solid rock that i am all else is quicksand
12. As Sargent Schultz Said
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (03.31.12)
I know nothing!
13. Whoever "leaked" is doing you Israelis a favor...
Persian CAT   (03.31.12)
Israelis who would like to live in peace owe a big thank you to whoever is trying to prevent the incompetent politicians who are running Israeli from destroying it. Israel NEEDS adult supervision and the US and other countries are trying hard to stop you from shooting yourselves in the foot. Be thankful...
14. #4 Benassi
Harrybaby ,   Canada   (03.31.12)
Israel has NEVER dragged the US into a war. Obama should butt out, as should you! Israel will take care of Iran without Obama and without you. Who in his right mind would depend on Barack Obama?
15. lying bastards
JL   (03.31.12)
17. Et tu Brutus
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (03.31.12)
Wasn't the eyes of march a couple of weeks ago?
18. Well one of the intelligence guys is Obama.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (03.31.12)
And he was snorting and kissing up to Edrogan from Turkey in South Korea last week. Wee Mr President Edrogan.....I'll have a lot more room to tell Iran Israeli intentions when I get Re- elected. Shhh...don't tell anyone I said that. How's your daughters....Can you tell me how to get rid of a boyfriend...other than having him thrown out of a 16 story building on fire??? Our daughters are so alike you know. I really appreciate your advice in these matters.
19. Hussein Obama is a double agent
Hussein Obama ,   is a double agent   (03.31.12)
You can see for yourself in this video
20. Prosecute? Start with Obama!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (03.31.12)
The White House is full of liars and backstabbing trash! God bless, Israel; praying for the peace of Jerusalem!
21. Don' t trust Obama ! He's the ennemy of Israel
22. 15
Sheindl ,   Budapest   (03.31.12)
Aggree 101%!!!
23. I don't believe it!
Reuven   (04.01.12)
Israel should strike Iran before there are more leaks!
ZIMBI ,   NJUSA   (04.01.12)
25. Seeing BHOs face makes me looking for my boxing gloves !
BHO - lover   (04.01.12)
26. Lets all look for the Unshakable Commitment Video's
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (04.01.12)
of Obama talking to other governments. I'll bet he has 20 of these videos... for every country that comes to the White House. He probably has the statement written on the wall behind the White House Cameramen. I want to see the Unshakable Commitment to Iran Video...and how he is going to give them every secret he can about undermine its security. It's got to be out there...he has done a video for every country out there.
27. WH has been leaking all year, all over. [end]
BUTSeriously ,   Australia   (04.01.12)
BUTSeriously ,   Australia   (04.01.12)
29. It's Pharaoh Hussein himself
Ragley   (04.01.12)
No doubt he's the one who is sharing the USA's secrets with the Mohammedan world, his own world.
30. obumma would tell the route if he knew it.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.01.12)
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