Jerusalem: Arab man assaulted on Light Rail
Yaron Doron
Published: 01.04.12, 10:18
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1. This is your top story.
Doug ,   U.S.   (04.01.12)
2. What goes around ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.01.12)
... comes around. Don't attack a young Jewish woman on the Light Rail, and you'll be safe. Not a difficult concept. Well, for Arabs, it probably is, but there's nothing we can do about their violent mindset. Even though this Arab man may have not done a thing. Perhaps the non-violent Arab community (is there such a thing?) should convince other Arabs not to engage in violent attacks upon Jews. That would help immeasurably. We've grown quite tired of Arab violence. We've now started to fight back, and who could blame us? If the Arabs feel discriminated against and unfairly singled out -- too bad. They are free to leave the Jewish State at any time.
3. No One Should Be Attacked
Elizabeth ,   Dallas, Texas   (04.01.12)
As a Jewish woman, I feel strongly that no one should be attacked or mistreated in any way because of their race, ethnicity, or religion. Any Jewish person who attacks an innocent Arab-Israeli should be arrested and charged with assault. I don't excuse them because we are Jewish. I hold them to higher standards, in fact.
4. Unfair
Elizabeth ,   Dallas, Texas   (04.01.12)
I'm very sorry that the young Jewish woman was attacked, but that does not justify an attack on an innocent Arab man. The Arab community in general cannot control the actions of those who behave in a criminal manner. Yes, fight back against criminal behavior the right way but not by attacking innocent people. That is not the Jewish way.
5. Yes, Sarah B., we should fight back
Chaya ,   Tel Aviv   (04.01.12)
but NOT against Arabs who are simply traveling and minding their own business! This is a country of law - not a country of thugs as depicted by the outrageous attack on innocent Arabs in Malha Mall in Jerusalem by Beitar fans.
6. Innocent till proven guilty
Ron ,   Israel   (04.01.12)
May I point out to 3 and 4 that they denied their guilt, and have neither been tried nor convicted.
7. Yes Chaya @#5 and To Elizabeth #3 & #4
Israeli 2   (04.01.12)
I know exactly of what you speak. We do not wish the Arabs ill or leave them with bad omens. As a matter of fact, we wish them well - just elsewhere- not in Israel. This will solve all of our problems and theirs - don't you think?
8. What are the camera's on the train for!
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (04.01.12)
9. be reasonable
marcel   (04.01.12)
I don't know the facts in this case. But, the recent tragic trayvon Martin shooting clearly shows the dangers of playing games with force. Don't bother arabs who do not bother you. if they use force, defend yourselves but be reasonable. if they use fists, you use fists. if they use guns, then you have to use everything you have. bre reasonable and don't go looking for trouble. And train your kids in martial arts, all of you including the haredi to be able to defend themselves.
10. Protection
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.01.12)
We need better security on the Light Rail for ALL of us, Jews, Arabs, Christians, Buddhists, what have you. It never should have replaced buses in Jerusalem in the first place. Now that it is here, despite all the reasons not to have it, we need to protect EVERYONE that travels on it since we have no choice any more in many cases.
11. #2 Sarah B what goes around...
jo moor   (04.01.12)
What goes around, comes around. In this case its the train! If people cant behave on a train, identify them (cameras) and prosecute them to the limit of the law. Taking matters into their own hands results in the wild wild any american should know. Israel can behave above that.
12. This is one time I don't agree with Sarah...
RichInBoston ,   Boston USA   (04.01.12)
Sarah you are on a very slippery slope with this one. Collective punishment based on religious or ethnic origin? Not even someone as talented with her words could untangle that mess.
13. Is this Laurel & Hardy movie ?
2Mad ,   ירושלים, ארץ ישראל   (04.01.12)
Can you imagine being asked : "have you any weapons, guns, knives, bombs or wooden boards" at shopping-mall entrance ? As assault weapon, anything could do better (except, perhaps, Brooklyn bridge... wanna buy one ?)
14. Undercover cops
sk ,   US   (04.01.12)
More undercover cops with CONCEALED firearms should be randomly riding light rail, dressed like the general public.
15. To: Jo at No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.01.12)
Sorry, but seven decades of terror have been more than enough. You have to speak to people in the only language they understand. In the case of Arabs, that would be violence. There have been more than enough Jewish victims of Arab terror and violence. Let's see how it goes when the shoe is on the other foot. Wyatt Earp could tell you that.
16. To: Rich at No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.01.12)
First of all, thanks! I read the compliment wrapped up in your post and I appreciate it. It's not "collective punishment." It's simply a matter of asserting the right of the Jewish people to ride a train safely. Or to drive a car safely. Or to avoid being stabbed at a bus station. When THAT stops; we'll stop. Until then, we have had enough, and Arab terror attacks against Jews -- which are far more numerous than that which gets reported -- need to come to an end. Those attacks increase on a daily basis, and most do not get reported on YNet -- or very many other news fora, for that matter. People should be held accountable for what goes on in their communities. Arabs can walk around freely anywhere in Israel. Jews cannot. Don't you find that somewhat ironic, and shouldn't notice be served that this gruesome situation will no longer be tolerated? The next time you come to Israel, try entering an Arab village. See what happens to you.
17. #2 -Sarah B.
Spencer ,   Israel   (04.01.12)
What a stupid reaction on your part!. All you are doing is lowering yourself to the level of the attackers, be they Jewish or Arab. You so often write responses to Ynet articles, some good and some bad. Why are you living here?
18. #14, you are so naive...
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.01.12)
... that much use of police officers for crime prevention is only practical in normal countries. Over here, it is too petty a task for the police. Also, the police are national, not regional, and there will not be a special allocation for a specific transit system. This is why there are more rent-a-cops than actual police officers in the country, many (or most) of whose jobs are required (and often paid) by the Defense MInistry.
19. Sarah B
Avi ,   Israel   (04.01.12)
Keep your stupid American cowboy mentality back in America where it belongs. Unlike you cowgirls in Obama land, we Israelis have managed to build a nation of laws. Its tough for you to understand the concept of 'rule of law' being a failure at your law practice. How can you be successful in what you do when you spend 24/7 trying to be a hero on this forum? You desperately need to see a shrink. Get a life or a new husband to spice up your miserable low life...
20. Sarah's reply to Rich...#16
Spencer ,   Israel   (04.01.12)
Unlike you Sarah, I do LIVE in Israel and your statement that arab terror attacks agaist Jews are far less now than they used to be and most if not all such attacks are reported, So stop trying to give the impression that you live here and stop writing drivel.
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