Harvard University makes aliyah
Itamar Eichner
Published: 01.04.12, 13:04
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1. Great JOB, Mr. Peres! I LOVE it!
Israeli 2   (04.01.12)
Now, will Iran's president be invited to Rahat?
2. Harvard University
Iletzter ,   TA- Israel   (04.01.12)
Mr Peres, This is a tremendous achievement ! Maybe next year , you will do something similar for Jews ???
3. Harvard! Baruch Haba
Baruch ,   TX/Israel   (04.01.12)
4. I think that the article mentions all
db ,   brooklyn   (04.01.12)
The article is mentions that all can study there! there is housing mentioned in the article.
5. With all due respect,I think Peres IS an idiot!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (04.01.12)
If I am not mistaken,Israel had built an university in Ramallah ,or somewhere in that place where Jews can not go anymore,and look what we've got! This idiot,along with Rabin and Beilin ,did enourmous idiocies in the name of Israel,idiocies for what Israel has been paying dearly. WHY this old idiot did not chose a Jewish settlement for this university is beyond my mind to understand. He keeps doing the worst ,short and long term's ,choices for Israel ,this imbecile!!
6. Peres is a Idiot
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (04.01.12)
Harvard hosting BDS campaigns heavily funded by Arab Money home of anti Israel Kennedy School of Government which trains diplomats for the Government which is heavily pro arab and now he sets up a campus in a Bedouin town not in TA or Haifa Peres has a real nack to betray his own country.
7. The only thing I hope is...
Keren ,   IL-BR   (04.01.12)
...that this old nasty FOOL will be interned in a house for old people and THAT THIS "IMAGINATIVE"IDEA OF THIS IDIOT IS GOING TO ROT BEFORE EVEN THINKING IN BE IMPLEMENTED!
8. I would be very interested to see ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.01.12)
... how many Jewish students are accepted to Harvard's new extension. They haven't been doing all that will in terms of acceptance to Harvard -- undergraduate AND graduate faculties -- in Cambridge. In the name of "diversity," Harvard has been deliberately reducing Jewish enrollment each year. Perhaps that is why Harvard now ranks behind Yale, Columbia, Princeton and the University of Chicago.
9. Harvard
carlos ,   San Diego U.S.A.   (04.01.12)
Harvard just organized a "One State Solution" conference in March which supports the elimination of Israel . An anti-semitic event, with one of the most stupid arguments . They should stop doing those racist-events before they are allowed to establish their campus in israel.
10. Something doesn't ring a bell.
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.01.12)
We know here in California that the budget of of UCLA is very stressed. If he operates on a deficit here, how is the president of UCLA promising help with this Rahat project? A moral support perhaps? I will allow myself to extend a moral support also. Education is always valuable, to everybody, so good luck with your Public Relations Mr. Prezident.
11. Harvard is now an anti semitic tool of saudi money
bernard ross   (04.01.12)
12. I think this is a Quartet "idea"(second attempt)
Keren ,   IL-BR   (04.01.12)
I think this is a Quartet "idea"in the way of the Road Map of Piece -dividing Israel in pieces. You know,we never eat a beef whole ,at once;we always cut it in pieces before eating. That's the theory used by colonial powers( not us-THEY):they undermine the country to make their jobs easier. I just hope Netanyahu UNDERSTANDS what's going on ... It's not Perez fault,you can bet!
13. those kind of news make sick. whom do you want to aducate?
alex   (04.01.12)
Islam is center of all troubles in a world. And Rafah its center in Israel
14. I know
Borislava ,   Sofia, Bulgaria   (04.01.12)
the life of others (bedouins, in this case) must be respected, even in the past by our standards, but "first academic campus in (first) Bedouin city" sounds like a first April's joke. If it is true - directly with the heavy artillery (Harvard) bedouins will fall into a cultural shock
15. 10 - April Fools' Day, dumbo :) ,...
split ,   US   (04.01.12)
16. wait bedouins go to universities?
esty   (04.01.12)
17. And surely Netanyahu understands what's going on
Keren ,   IL-BR   (04.01.12)
The only little problem is the next election on the way,thus, the old idiot fits very well to perform the "deal"with Harvard ( oh yeah...).
18. What are they going to study there ?
ace ,   israel   (04.01.12)
1) Advanced nuclear physics, including field trips to Iran ? 2) Chemical engineering with an emphasis in combustible materials ? 3) Islamic theology with summer internships at Al-Azhar University in nearby Cairo, where the Islamic Spring can be studied first hand ?
19. Muslim "Harvard"in Israel at
Keren ,   IL-BR   (04.01.12)
60kms from Dimona;60kms from Beer Sheva;90 kms from Yerushalaim...In a town where no Jewish soul lives or even visits. Is Bibi crazy???
20.  Is it a first April joke,or what?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.01.12)
21. Harvard is an Antisemitic institution with
Yoni ,   Toronto   (04.02.12)
a quota for Jews - about 15%. Peres is an idiot.
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