Opinion  Giulio Meotti
Will churches boycott Israel?
Giulio Meotti
Published: 01.04.12, 12:43
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1. Yes Mr. Meotti ... I agree....I know...
Israeli 2   (04.01.12)
You write beautiful and good articles. I truly appreciate each one of them. If I may only add that sometimes... perhaps...most times, we Jews are to blame for all that happens around us. We should be more reliant on OUR God and care LESS for other gods. If only I could be leading Israel, I would implement what OUR God wanted us to do, the moment we enter our land. Remove all pagans and anti Israelis from the land. Then let's see the true face of this world.
2. Interesting and very disturbing
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (04.01.12)
No doubt there will also be some talkbacks here on the line of "who cares about the Christians etc", the attitude behind which is the main reason for all this boycotting in the first place. This disturbing trend should not be ignored and it is also not at all surprising given current nationalist xenophobic activities in Israel which continue to tarnish its image on the international stage. The problem is that most people here don't seem to realize it, or simply don't care, as if it were possible to ignore and brush off as inconsequential, the world's largest religion today. Also it is extremely worrying as there doesn't seem to be any sign of improvement on the horizon, as long as the likes of Netanyahu and co remain in power and there is no progress at all at even trying to come to some sort of workable arrangement with the Palestinians. So it will just get worse as time goes on. Israel is facing numerous challenges today and should at least try to come to terms with its presumed first-world status as a western democratic nation, except that such a definition is far removed from what we are experiencing today at the grass roots level. Anyone who travels to Europe or North America realizes that as soon as they get off the plane.
3. Meotti EXCLUDES the Roman Catholic church from his list
paying attention ,   in Israel   (04.01.12)
now y is that? Could be so that he can say that 51% of all Christians in the United States are anti-Israel? Forgetting of course that ONLY 78.4% of all Americans are Christian. and what about the fact that he completely neglected to comment on the Roman Catholic and Baptist denominations in the United States? Is it possible that Mr. Meotti is once again playing with statistics to get them to fit into his world view? In a word "Yes" Mr. Meotti's transparent twisting of facts and statistics is getting down right boring!
4. We`ll miss you Rivka
Haim ,   TA   (04.01.12)
How can we live without your guidance ? What would Rabbi Yeshua have to say ...
5. #2 Mike Carmel - You know what?
Devorah   (04.01.12)
You have the "disease to please." If you want to please someone, how about starting with the G-D of Israel and the instructions He gave us? Doing that will relieve you of your worries.
6. "In Europe, most of the Churches adopted BDS."
Mr. Meotti, there are 46 countries in Europe. "Most" implies, let's say, 30 countries. You named Sweden, Norway and Britain, okay, these are three, who are the other 27?
7. The national Church of Sweden
Christian ,   Sweden   (04.01.12)
I am a member in responsible position in that church. I cannot remember that any boycott of Israel has been proclaimed in our church. I would be glad to know, when an by whom such a boycott was imposed on us. Archbishop K.G. Hammar has been retired for 3-4 years and is certainly politically leftleaning, but was instrumental in condemning and partly removing the supersessionist theology in our church. He should have the merit for that, in any case.
8. Sweden #7
Jonathan ,   Sweden   (04.01.12)
In 2004 The Jewish Central Council in Sweden has decided to break off all contacts with the (Lutheran) Church of Sweden due to a consumer boycott of goods from territories under Israeli occupation, advocated by Archbishop K.G. Hammar. The campaign by Hammar, the Lutheran church's senior bishop, is called "Hopp" (hope) and has the backing of 12 organizations that want the European Union to re-negotiate its trade agreement with Israel.
9. These people have obviously stopped following ...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (04.01.12)
the Shepherd of the flock.
10. Send the Palestinians to America then
Steve from Raleigh   (04.01.12)
Please, throw open your doors and welcome Hamas, PFLP and company into your churches and homes. If you have even the smallest courage of your own convictions you'll do that.
11. Doctrine
Dan ,   Germany   (04.01.12)
What mr Meotti writes certainly is true, unfortunately. It should however be noted that there is, at least in Europe a significant exodus going on out of chirchianity
12. ynet y no translation of this item 2 Hebrew ynet?
is it because this is just to pump up your statistics in English?
13. Mike Carmel # 2
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (04.01.12)
The problem isn't with Israel. The problem is with these so called churches who are actually more social clubs than they are churches. If they would spend even a minimal amount of time in a Bible they would know that the Arabs have no claim on Israel and that your land belongs to Jews and no one else. Those that claim otherwise only think or say they are Christians. Eventually they will be in for a big surprise.
14. Noodles # 9
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (04.01.12)
You sure got that right.
15. mainline anti-semetism returns
moron ,   galut   (04.01.12)
jews' nation's strength frustrates the attempt of christians to appropriate covenant to themselves..same for moslems..without claiming jewish connection for their religions they are just more paganism--this idea does not appeal to them--thus chinese and hindus are less anti-semetic--jews are not threat to them
16. Arab Money or Investors?
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (04.01.12)
You know money speaks volumes and following the money trail is a simple way to fight boycotts. If Universities recieve Arab Money and host BDS conferences and middle eastern centers on their campuses funded by Arab donations wonder if these churches are also?
17. Will churches boycott Israel?
joe ,   uk   (04.01.12)
the churches should ask themselves what has israel done bad to them and then compare what the muslims are doing to christians in their countries just look how christian population are attact and compare what christian number were years ago and now they live in denial
18. thank you Meotti
Segal ,   Israel   (04.01.12)
19. To #8 Jonathan
Christian ,   Sweden   (04.01.12)
That K.G. Hammar avdocated a boycott of goods from the territories I can believe without any difficulty. That is anyhow in line with the official EU policy and the political position of Hammar.But that is not the same as a general boycott of Israel and it does not necessarily mean that the position of Hammar was made into a binding resolution by the Church meeting.
20. Mental disease
Abed ,   Nazareth   (04.01.12)
How can a Christian believe in these policies? I am no longer a Christian, but when I was, I always understood that this land was steeped with Jewish history and that early Christianity was a part of tehis history. You cannot separate Jesus from the historical fact that he was a Jewish man in a a Jewish country.
21. accept my apologies...
Robert ,   USA   (04.01.12)
Unfortunately, this article accurately tells of many "mainline" churches who are wrong about Israel, but Israel and Jews around the world should be encouraged that an ever increasing number of Christians, especially "evangelical" Christians (those who believe the Bible) and the churches they attend, are standing with Israel. I used to belong to a "mainline" church, but like so many, have left because I stand with Israel... MANY churches do!!! You are not alone.
22. Boycotting Israel is against US law
Isaac Storm   (04.01.12)
Boycotting Israel is against US law. It has civil as well as criminal liabilities.
23. Just think of the word Christ-ian.Christ
Dyslexic... ,   Israel....   (04.01.12)
was a Jew so was his father and mother,he had a barmitzvah.Jesus used hangout in Jerusalem and pick up all the good looking Jewish girls.Why is this hate of the Jewish people ? Maybe its just jealousy.
24. LOL!!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.01.12)
My parents, of blessed memory, were Jewish concentration camp survivors. Ask me what I think about organized Christianity. The only difference is that now, we have our country, and are no longer victims, waiting for that evil wind -- which blows so often and so perniciously -- to vent its way through Christianity. Oughtn't they be concentrating on Europe? The Jewish people have never done anything to Christians. The same cannot be said for Arabs and Moslems. Perhaps Christianity ought to redirect its focus. If it wants to survive, that is -- in Europe, at least, that is increasingly coming into question.
25. Some Naive Christians
RC ,   USA   (04.01.12)
Most of the naïve Christians that go to the churches where the preachers speak against Israel do not bother to study the Holy Bible, thus they are easily fooled, and misguided. Some are even coerced into paying ten percent of their wages to the church (tithes). If they bothered to study the Holy Bible and asked YHWH for guidance they would realize that GOD has not forsaken the Jews. They would also know that tithes were agricultural products to help sustain the Levites, the tribe that was chosen to tend the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, not money. There is a difference between the required tithes of the Holy Bible and financial support that some churches are demanding. Those who are being fraudulently fleeced by those who are in the religious business of preaching for dirty lucre should check out: Tithing is Unscriptural under the New Covenant. They should do some research on tithing to find the truth concerning the matter.
26. to # 18
Jonathan ,   Sweden   (04.01.12)
Many members of the Church of Sweden promoted the horrible Hoop campaign, demanding that the trade under the EU-Israel Association Agreement adhere to the clause binding EU countries to boycott settlement products. It doesn't matter if the Church officially shared their position, it's a fact that many Swedish Bishops support the divest and boycott initiatives
AMERICAN HINDU ,   USA   (04.01.12)
As one who supports and loves Israel, I want to be candid. Israelis do a very poor job of explaining their position to the world. The Arab propaganda machine does an excellent work. In spite of everything, they portray themselves to be the victim. Pull up your socks guys and get your act together!
28. #23 being dyslexic is no excuse for insinuating that...
29. The real problem: Israel refuses to stand up for herself.
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.01.12)
It is hard to be pro-Israel when the Israeli government isn't even very pro-Israel. Israel's High Court asserts only our enemies' false claims to our land. It would never demolish an Arab community because of dubious land claims. Bibi's government relies on on Iron Dome defensive posture instead of eliminating our terrorist enemies from our land. Perhaps worst of all are the phony "peace talks" with terrorists who use them blatantly as a means to weaken Israel before their planned final onslaught. The real problem is not Christian Churches, Obama or the U.N. The real problem is an Israeli leadership which appears to have at least partly adopted our genocidal enemies' narrative.
30. #24- Sarah B
Daniel Rossi ,   Great Neck   (04.01.12)
The Jews did "plenty" bad to the Christians. First, they provided the Christians a G-d to worship in the form a man, and then they conspired with the Romans to kill this G-d. Christians can't and will not get over that. Ever! We are not to trust nor rely on no-one, except for ourselves and G-d.
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