Jerusalem: Man lightly hurt in ax attack
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 02.04.12, 11:17
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1. How did he know he was Arab?
LK ,   Tel Aviv   (04.02.12)
Nothing in this article mentions how he knows he's arab. was he screaming "praise allah" while he was attacking? come on people...
2. An hour later this terrorist can be found enjoying himself
on Ben Yehuda st.   (04.02.12)
The Arabs in Jerusalem know how to fully take advantage of everything Jerusalem and Israel (the Jewish state) have to offer them. They and their families walk all day and night on Ben Yehuda st. with an attitude of at least the founders of the street, the city and the state, filling to the max the parks in Jerusalem, getting state stipends. But a Jew cannot walk safely in his own city and country. Something is wrong here.
3. Confiscate all axes :) ,...
split ,   US   (04.02.12)
4. "Occupation"??They did exactly the same centuries ago.!
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (04.02.12)
" Peace partners"? Their ongoing racist incitement & lies& rejection,that is part of their indoctrination in their official media,ensures there is no partner for peace. "Occupation" my foot,they did the same when there was no state of Israel.
5. No #1 he was screaming
Frank P ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.02.12)
Liberate Tel Aviv from blithering idiots...
6. #1 Jews don't do these kind of things
MS ,   Canada   (04.02.12)
You come on ! First of all the article said the victim/police said he was an Arab, not that this was 1000% an Arab. But don't get so naive I don't care too much for haredim but let's be real here. Silly lefty
7. seriously??
Shifra ,   Los Angeles   (04.02.12)
If he was screaming "praise allah" that would make him a muslim and not necessarily an arab. you are such a bigot! i'm sure it was just another Jew, right, because so many Jews attack innocent people... you are either an arab yourself, which i have no problem with, or one of them tel aviv self hating jews, a definite problem.
8. To #1
Yossef ,   TLV, Israel   (04.02.12)
How would you know if it was a big purple elephant? Get real. Jews living in Israel can identify an Arab individual with ease (behavior, voice, clothes, facial appearance, and so on).
9. Old City Security
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (04.02.12)
Prayers for the victim. The perpetrator should be charged with attempted murder. The Old City needs a 24/7 permanent security detail akin to the Swiss Guard in the Vatican but with more teeth. Temple Mount - Interior (6) Perimeter (14); Old City (200) incl. Central Command Post (20). The personnel would work 8 hour shifts. Work four days per week each, 44 weeks per annum plus 2 weeks training. Required Staff 1440 approx. @ $150 K each (includes benefits etc.) ($216 million) + Office Rental, Uniforms, Weapons, Communication Equipment etc ($100 Million) = $316 million per annum. The added security presence will boost tourism to the Old City.
10. 1LK, How did he know he was arab?
MK ,   Jerusalem   (04.02.12)
Because the ax wielder spoke arabic and not hebrew. It helps to think before you comment.
11. Such attacks are routine
Nahum ,   Jerusalem   (04.02.12)
When I go to the Western Wall on Shabbat I alway look around. Once I was assaulted by a young Arab wielding a stick at a deserted corner but I managed to run away. I didn't alert the police. It's simply useless...
12. #6: No they don't! Jews kill more Jews than the Arabs do!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (04.02.12)
Ultra-Orthodox Jews only spit on little religious girls, practice racism against Ethiopian Jews and assault our women soldiers who fight the Arab enemy to defend Jews! The Ultra-Orthodox and Religious Jews also tell everyone else how to live, what to eat and when to travel but they also seem to do very well in child abuse!
13. To #1--how do we know he was a haredi man?
RP ,   Haifa   (04.02.12)
To #1, Obviously you don't live here. But, by the way, didn't it occur to you to ask also how we know its a haredi man??
14. # 6
albert ,   england   (04.02.12)
'I don't care much for hareidim'. I sincerely hope you are not Jewish. If you are- you should be ashamed of yourself as i am ashamed of you. You are allowed differences without it turning into hatred. Both Zaka and hatzala are founded and run by hareidim who care for every single Jew because we are all brothers.
15. attack on Jewish Chareidi man
Sammy ,   Tel Aviv   (04.02.12)
Why is it necessary to identify him as a Chareidi man? Are you all so crazy that when you see a chareidi he is no longer just an Israeli, a Jew, or a man? What relevance does it have if he's chareidi or secular or blonde or blue eyed? This constant use of Chareidi as a description is out of place. In fact it's racist!!!!!!!
16. #9 much simpler
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (04.02.12)
The Israeli government declares that it is illegal for Arabs to attack Jews. Barak and Aharonovitch are retired and sent to live in France, UK or the US. Judges are instructed to give Arab criminals the same punishment as Jews who do the same crime, and those who do not are reassigned to serve in Sderot. An irrevocable law is passed that any Prime Minister, President or Judge who approves a "prisoner release" like Shalit has to personally pay 10000 NIS for each released criminal.
17. Arab axeman
Bernie ,   Ashkelon Israel   (04.02.12)
In answer to talkback 1 he was reading a copy of haaretz.
18. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.02.12)
Is that the distinction? Does an attacker have to be screaming "praise Allah" while he attempts to murder a Jew? Come on. You have to be smarter than that.
19. why is no one wishing him better?
. ,   israel   (04.02.12)
to me this shows a big problem were all too busy generalising about the charadem, when most of them are actually very decent and kind people. the word Chasid means pious one, take it as a hint the religious or haradi are not our enemy the axe wielding terrorists are. UNITE
20. #1
21. #1
jjv ,   phila pa us   (04.02.12)
22. Good for # 19 !!
Adina ,   KFAR SABA   (04.02.12)
i herebye wish this man and all our other brothers - chareidi or not! - who were victims of Arab attacks a Refuah Shleyma.
23. "light" ax attack?
Susan A. ,   Yeshua, USA   (04.02.12)
Exscuse me? ANY attack with an ax is NOT "light"
24. what can I say
mohson   (04.02.12)
The curriculum for haredi to study tanach endlessly is a historic error. Physical training should be made part of daily training so students can not only interpret the holy books but defend themselves against aggressors. The weak image of haredi invites anti-semitic acts. Israel has to force martial training of all the haredi to integrate the haredi into the israeli personality and self defence concept. The old methods do not work period and are wroing.
25. Sarah B
Avi ,   Israel   (04.02.12)
Our people can never know peace because of loud mouth American idiots like yourself... Save us your stupid American cowboy mentality. You seem to have an emptiness in your life, so my advice to you is to take a hobby or change your husband and spice up your miserable empty low life.. Shalom
26. #14 Albert. Well said!!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (04.02.12)
27. Armed
yitzhak ,   tel Aviv   (04.02.12)
All Jews in Israel should have the right to carry a concealed pistol. Any Arab found with a weapon is to be executed, immediately (no more than six hours after arrest).
28. To the victim
Jeremy ,   Chicago USA   (04.02.12)
of this brutal attack, we wish you a full speedy recovery refuah shleima brother. The light rail attack on Yehudit, the Mt Scopus cemetery attacks, the firebombed buses, the land day riots at kalandiyah, the stones hurled down on tourists and worshippers at kotel plaza, now exactly are we winning the battle for Jerusalem? How do we plan to win it? Where is today's Asher Dreizin? Where is our Motta Gur?
29. To Nahum, number 11 why didn't
Ameridane ,   Aarhus, Denmark   (04.02.12)
you shoot the assailant ?, was it because you expected to be protected by secular Jews , who do carry guns on the Sabbath.
30. Re: Ultra Orthodox victim...
Ameridane ,   Aarhus, Denmark   (04.02.12)
could it be that he was on his way to demonstrate against the creation of Israel, like his mates did last week on "The day of the land grab?"
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