Machpelah house settlers: We'll celebrate Passover here
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 03.04.12, 00:41
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1. Netanyahu should take down Herzel's picture from the wall
Keren ,   IL-BR   (04.03.12)
So should Barak . It is HYPOCRIT to take these Jews from their places. ALL ZIONISTS had to do the same in order to settle in our land, because,even being purchased the land,Otomans and British posed enourmous difficulties to us. If the first zionists had failed ,we would not have Israel. The forefathers of Barak and Bibi did the same in order that Barak would be a general and Bibi the PM of Israel. Taking these Jews from their places is COWARD HIPOCRISY!
2. inciteful settlers faciliated by Political echelon...
they need 2 b moved out Now!
3. Can Hebron Palestinians live in Tel Aviv
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.03.12)
...with their Palestinian cousins living in Tel Aviv? Or is it only Jews that get to live anywhere they want?
4. Israelis support right of Jews to live anywhere in Israel.
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.03.12)
The vast majority of Israeli Jews strongly support the right of Jews to live anywhere in our land. Especially our more than 3,500 year old ancestral heartland of Judea and Samaria. It is only a tiny, but powerful far left self proclaimed "elite" which wants Jews thrown out of their homes. The vast patriotic majority of us must demand the inalienable rights of Jews to live anywhere in our land. Period.
5. May those who evict any settler be aware
Israeli 2   (04.03.12)
that they will not have a future in Eretz Yisrael.
6. Deed to Machpelah
Cheryl ,   Chicago, IL   (04.03.12)
Our deed to Machpelah was completed ages ago. Our deed to Machpelah and the entire Land of Israel is the Torah. Our landLord is G-d.
7. Illegal Settlers
Cheryl ,   Chicago, IL   (04.03.12)
Do you want to know who the illegal settlers are in Israel? THE ARABS!
8. If Arabs can live freely in Israel, why
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (04.03.12)
If Arabs can live freely in Israel, why can't Jews? The Arabs live in Israel proper and on the other side of the 'green line.' The stroll freely and shop in Jerusalem with NO problems. Why is it illegal for Jews to do the same on the other side? If there is 'democracy' here, that should mean that the Arabs should extend the same feelings to Jews. Why can't Jews live where they please? Why can't Jews walk in peace in Ramallah, Jenin, Shechem, and Hebron? Where is the reciprocal feelings of the Arabs towards the Jews and why does the Israeli government butt its ugly nose in private affairs when the property was legally purchased?
9. Its your land , even purchased outright by your ancestor
Gary ,   Cedar Rapids   (04.03.12)
Abraham. Live there!
10. I wish you all a happy Passover !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.03.12)
Yehudi ,   Judea   (04.03.12)
so long as they have not violently or illegally taken over the property, they should be allowed to stay at the end of our day that is part of our ancestral homeland wish them a happy and kosher pesach
12. Best wishes to these Jewish citizens of Israel
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (04.03.12)
They are where their faith and hearts guide them. The site is Jewish, occupied by Arabs and these Jews do belong there and they have the right to be there. They are brave, motivated, dedicated Jewish people,
13. #3 - Yes why ????
daniela   (04.03.12)
14. Birthplace of Judaism more vital than Jlem. [end]
BUTSeriously ,   Australia   (04.03.12)
15. Larry, you have an excellent point!
Ben ,   Sweden   (04.03.12)
16. #10 Happy Passover
Get rid of the old yeast, so that you may be a new unleavened batch-as you really are. For Messiah, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed. 1 Corinthians 5:7
17. JEWS OWN the land, let them prove it, DON'T move them.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.03.12)
18. Arab occupiers deserve "Zilch"!
Damon ,   USA   (04.03.12)
The Arabs are the "liars " & occupiers". Remove them . Jewish Holy sites are sacred to Jews. Muslims wish to purposely defile it or urinate on it as they have done with the temple mount when Jordan occupied it.
19. 3
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (04.03.12)
Sure,if they respect the laws of Israel and are not criminals.Jews can live anywhere in Israel.
20. To: No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.03.12)
Get a new script writer. The story of a sacrificial lamb is that of Abraham and Isaac. Can't you guys come up with something original? Here's a newsflash: G-d is G-d. He doesn't need a "son." That's straight out of Greek and Roman mythology, when the "deities" had nothing better to do than come to earth and ravage mortal women. Still -- I guess if you want to REALLY sell the product -- as Christianity did, you adapt yourself to what resonates with the common people. It also very conveniently happened to be an excuse for a girl who gets pregnant out of wedlock. "G-d did it to me." Yeah, right.
21. 1 Right Keren.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.03.12)
Happy Pessah.
22. Jews can settle, Arabs can settle
Baruch Schlechen ,   New York   (04.03.12)
Why all this fuss? Jews can settle anywhere in the land of Israel. Arabs can settle anywhere in Palestine. It is just one country. Jews buying in Hebron, Arabs buying in Herzilya... isn't that a perfect example of coexistence? Let's everybody buy land where they want, let's all of them have a single vote. That's the way to build a strong binational state.
23. Dear Lord,
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (04.03.12)
when can a Jew be safe to live in Israel? Safe from the government who seems anxious to make obama happy and Israeli's miserable? This is a sin.
24. Sarah, shouldn't we be more tolerant
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (04.03.12)
of those Christians who support Jews? I'm sure some Christians think Jews have some odd rituals and beliefs as well. As for me, the muslims are the ones killing us, not the Christians. If not for the unity of both Christians and Jews, where would we be now, europe?
25. #21 Ora
Keren ,   IL-BR   (04.03.12)
Happy Pessah to you too and to all.
26. #24 what in the eastern hemisphere r u talking about?
Answer the following question: How many Jews were killed by Christians in Europe in the name of preservation of Christianity, since Christianity was adopted as the official religion of the Roman Empire to present date? Then come back with the answer and try to write to me about the unity of both Christianity and Jews.
27. History #26
Jim044 ,   USA   (04.03.12)
28. History #26 no name
Jim044 ,   USA   (04.03.12)
Sorry about that blank one, I find it difficult to post here. answer to your question is "probably none", Christianity does not teach people to kill anybody and you can not identify Christians by their claims to be, or their country(empire) of origin or even being born into the Catholic church. many crimes have been committed in the name of Christianity but not from the teachings of Christianity. Christianity is the extension of Judaism as prophesied in your own Torah and unity is logical
29. ynet editors not for page
Jim044   (04.04.12)
This is the second time you have stomped on one of my posts when it wasn't likely to offend anyone and did not violate your terms of use. both posts made references to verses in Jewish Torah is that not permitted?
30. #26 & #28
Jim044 ,   USA   (04.04.12)
Sorry, Torah should read Tanach
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