Barak: Machpelah house eviction order still in effect
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 03.04.12, 12:04
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1. To the minister of transport
Observer ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (04.03.12)
Perhaps the same could be said regarding the Israel Railways. Clearly the minister dealing with this issue is not up to it.
2. Bogus 'rule of law' claims not withstanding
Ilan   (04.03.12)
The claim of a danger to public order is simply an excuse to deny Jews basic rights. It is a disgrace and highlights how the 'rule of law' has been made a mockery of justice and as a cover for discriminatory enforcement. When was the last time Arabs had to extensively document all of their purchases? Shame on the civil administration for so thinly disguising that they are a bunch of power mad tyrants.
3. Don't make this Amona-2, let them prove they bought it.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.03.12)
4. Hebron House
Mark ,   Israel   (04.03.12)
I wonder if Katz has plans to build a rail line to those wanting to live in this house since he feels that there is no special security situation here.
5. Bibi asks; Barack orders... isn't that the problem?
Abraham ,   Israel?   (04.03.12)
WHO is the Prime Minister? Is this a democracy? Who has final responsibility? The system in Israel is a (not funny) joke. It's like the wild west except people's lives and Jewish destiny is destroyed. This week we celebrate our freedom and I ask.. WHAT FREEDOM??? Can you imagine the uproar by Arabs and Piece now if an Arab was told be couldn't live in a Jewish neighborhood. OMG.
6. hurray for Katz, phooey on Barak
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (04.03.12)
With a government like this, who needs to watch the three stooges?
7. #2 bogus
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (04.03.12)
You are so right. In Israel "danger to public order" is a political decision. The courts, police and government use it to prevent Jews from praying at holy sites and entering Israeli villages, but they will never use it to limit Arab. Leftist or homosexual rights. Even the "Rule of Law" is a joke. The High Court is eager to release Arabs convicted of murdering Jews. The High Court allows illegal Arab squatting while deliberating for years, but orders immediate and violent eviction of Jews with no evidence.
8. little confused
jhonny ,   norway   (04.03.12)
if someone buy a house he should get a paper that the house is in his name now.. if he did not buy the house then he don't get any papers... i don't see how this got to be a problem? why the the government have to get involve in this? if they bought the house they should have the necessary paper's.
9. The Wild Wild West (Israel) vs. the US political system.....
What a joke!!! ,   Israel   (04.03.12)
In the US all laws are made by a democratically elected Congress. Individual politicians do not make LAWS. Neither does the unelected Supreme Court. It's job is only to interpret the law. The President has the final word. In Israel: Individual leftist ministers make "laws" in a Likud gov't and use the army to carry it out and these orders can not be over ridden by the Prime Minister. An UNELECTED Supreme Court abuses it's authority and uses it's seat for illegal "judicial activism". The voters get screwed and nobody can say or change anything because everybody else is the boss.
10. Fire this clown
Rachel ,   US   (04.03.12)
It would be nice if he went after the enemies of Israel with the same intensity as he goes after Jews.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (04.03.12)
This land is theirs. Begin,from Bibi party,if I am not mistaken,FOUGHT for Israel. Bibi and Barak are doing the role of the Otoman and British and this is MENTAL SICKNESS!THIS IS CALLED SELF DESTRUCTION! WAKE UP AND STOP IT!!!!
12. waht land are we talking about
marv   (04.03.12)
the land is ancient israeli.arabs have to be convinced one way or another to move out to jordan after signing a declaration that they do so under their own free will. They can take barak, olmert, livni, ramon, beilin, ben ami with them as israel does not need them one bit. Yaalon is 10 x the soldier that barak claims to be.
13. Just wondering.
Gabe ,   Canada   (04.03.12)
Who is the Prime Minister ? Mr. Barak or Mr. Netanyahu ? Are they Zionists ?
14. #13 cynics
Cynic ,   Israel   (04.03.12)
Cynics would say that since 1982, everything Barak did was an abysmal failure that damaged Israel and helped her enemies, yet he is still in power. The same cynics would mention that recently Barak sold his apartment for a very nice profit. Cynics would say that he who pays the piper calls the tune.
15. barak come onnn
ester   (04.03.12)
its our land and these settlers have the right to stay there!!
16. If this eviction goes down,
Devorah   (04.03.12)
it is especially bad since little ones are involved.
17. Are they planning to evict them Sedar Night?
rebecca ,   Modiin   (04.03.12)
Maybe they think they'll get less resistance from the new house owners and their friends that night??
18. Why do arabs get special privileges?
Don Rosenberg ,   Palatine USA   (04.03.12)
Its time to allow freedom of moving to Jews to anywhere in Judea/Samaria and Israel. The arabs can accept this or leave. Enough feeling quilty when these racist people complain. The more you give them the more they want until there is no Israel. Tell them either you abide by the rules or go to your country aka jordan or kick them out.
19. Need New Defense Minister
JB ,   Las Vegas, USA   (04.03.12)
Barak needs to be expelled from his position as Defense Minister which should have occurred long ago! He continuously abuses the power of his office to further his own personal ant-Jewish agenda which causes Israel serious harm. If he is not expelled, then Netanyahu has to be held accountable for all of Barak's previous and future actions!!!
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