ICC says has no jurisdiction over territories
Aviel Magnezi, AP
Published: 03.04.12, 20:42
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1. ICC decision
Sandra ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (04.03.12)
The utter chutzpah of the PA and their terrorist friends have been put in their place. Excellent news!
2. correction
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (04.03.12)
The operation "left nearly 1,300 Palestinians dead, more than half of them civilians, according to Gaza officials" Why use numbers from "Gaza Officials"? When you match names to bodies, you prove that 2/3s of the 1300 were combatants. When compared to other conflicts these numbers prove that the IDF is an excellent army. In Iraq, the US and UK killed 2 civlians for each combatant. Obama's CIA drones kill 10 civilians for each combatant. But it is really not important. According to International Law, the sole responsibility for the civilian deaths is Hamas that attacked the IDF from behind civilians. If anything, Israel is negligent in not arresting the Hamas and executing them for war crimes.
3. Good News
Douglas Fireman ,   Chicago, USA   (04.03.12)
A Resounding slap in the faces of the Palestinian Authority and its supporters. Three cheers!!
4.  Israel never recognized jurisdiction!!!
jushua ,   morocco   (04.03.12)
The court can only launch investigations if asked by the UN Security Council or an involved state that has recognized the court. Israel has never recognized its jurisdiction!!!!!!.
5. Don't fire on Israel . . .
nibor ,   israel   (04.03.12)
and not expect to get return fire.
6. The ICC
Bergkamp   (04.03.12)
or the International Court of Criminals as pointed by Anne Herzberg is one of the international venues routinely used against Israel and as such they can change their ruling in the next 15 minutes. Do not forget its ruling about the antiterrorist barrier in Judea and Samaria while the status of the Fakestinians was the same as today: a non state entity not member of the UN.
7. hipocrisy
These self called palestinians are a shame, they shoot missiles on daily basis targeted to kill israeli civilians, children, elderly, and working peace loving citizens, and cry for human rights in Gaza, base for Hamas terrorism ???? Where we are in human values, specially talking about human rights comission who themselves called Hamas to speach in Geneva. Shame on these hipocrites.
8. Crimes against humanity
sk ,   USA   (04.03.12)
"Crimes against humanity" are done by Muslim leaders all the time: Sadaam Hussein (wars against Iran and Kuwait), Kadaffi, Assad ... Muslims against Muslims in the 10s of thousands! Muslims against other peoples including the Jews. The world needs to wake up to the theocracy called Islam!
9.  first step in a process
mat ,   uk   (04.03.12)
this is the begining what things to come palistinians will keep on and when they will get their way somehow the court will not look as to why israel targeted gaza
10. Your facts are full of crap!!!!!!!!!!!
Prove it or ,   shut up   (04.03.12)
11. ICC should recognize Transilvania, Narnia & Neverland...
Tahl   (04.03.12)
Before it recognizes "Palestine".
12. The jokes on the pals, again!
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (04.03.12)
A bunch of Keystone cops, running into one another and prat falling on their asses.
13. its a great day to be a zionist
alskjy ,   toronto   (04.03.12)
viva Israel !
14. That ends all claims of 'occupation'
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.03.12)
Since the ICC has now verified that 'Palestine' is not nor has ever been a state, there cannot be any 'occupation'. To be an occupation it must be their land and that they had a state. The truth is that the Arabs have neither.
15. #14 You failed International Law 101
Nour ,   One State   (04.03.12)
Do your homework. Start with the 4th Geneva convention. A territory doesn't have to be sovereign to be considered "occupied". Land in question was defacto annexed and run by Jordan. International Law still applies.
16. Give them a year and then annex everything
GZLives   (04.03.12)
Let them sort out there own mess - we will move on and be done with this constant attempt to create bad PR and smear and slur Israel.
17. #10 - a worthles post ..
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (04.03.12)
You expressed nothing but frustration and perhaps anger. But sadly, nothing else. What angers you? What frustrates you?
18. #15 The articles of the 4th Geneva convention
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (04.04.12)
are called International Humanitarian Law. The territories in dispute are not "occupied territories" because the do not belong to Jordan or other country. The Article 2 starts with occupied from other country and is the only place you find occupied territories definition .
19. #15, the Irony
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (04.04.12)
You failed International Logic 101. Oh, the delicious irony! You say Judea and Samaria were "defacto annexed" by Jordan, blindly accepting as a priori this occupation of land mandated some three decades earlier by the Balfour Declaration to be Greater Israel, yet make the bizarre contention that Israel is the occupier. Occupier in its own land? Nothing more revealing than selective logic!
20. #11 - Transylvania is a region of Romania...
Henry from New York ,   USA   (04.04.12)
It doesn't belong in such a grouping.
21. #17 - recommended.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (04.04.12)
22. "Nour of Palestine" burns excedingly dim
BH ,   Iowa   (04.04.12)
and dimmer and dimmer
23. PLO can't even win
BH ,   Iowa   (04.04.12)
in its own stacked kangaroo court. OWNED
24. and if
daniela ,   panama   (04.04.12)
Human Rights Watch called for an international investigation into allegations of war crimes by both Israel and Hamas, and find Hamas guilty.. which state or which people Hamas represents??? Gazans, Palestinians? (it seems that they do not represent palestinians-thats the whole issue with Abbas...). And if Hamas is condemned, then what?? Do Hamas ever engaged in anything that is according to International Law and protocol?
25. To: No. 15
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.04.12)
Well, you failed International Law 0001. Do your homework. There has never been a nation known as Palestine. Non-sovereign territory means -- duh -- that such territory is not sovereign. When it is LOST in a war of aggression (keep in mind that both Jordan and Egypt were aggressors in 1967) -- it is the absolute and inalienable right of the victor (that would be Israel) to settle, retain, and even annex such territory. Besides -- have you forgotten that all Gazan Arabs are Egyptian citizens? Have you also forgotten that all Arabs illegally squatting in Judea and Samaria are Jordanian citizens? Judea and Samaria will be annexed, and the Arab squatters illegally residing therein will be repatriated to Jordan. Sooner or later, Israel will have to take back Gaza -- and the Sinai as well -- and then the illegal Arab squatters in those territories will be repatriated to Egypt. International law does apply, after all, and Israel does not have to tolerate undesirable aliens. No sovereign state does.
26. Transylvania
Doully ,   Australia/israel   (04.04.12)
I think a reference to Transylvania is appropriate in the context that this is the place where Dracula the Vampire lives in fictional terms. Much like the Kazakhstan that Borat espouses. Borat and Vampires have as much legitimacy as Hamas, hezbolla or Al Queida. Perhaps Palestine will gain legitimacy when the people that espouse its legitimacy cease acting like cowards and murderers. And that will happen when Ali Baba rules Iraq.
27. Fired 10000 missiles at Israeli civilians,then cry victim
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (04.04.12)
when Israel,after repeated warnings to desist, sent in their army, only to find Hamas cowards without uniforms, hiding and firing from amongst their civilians Civillian casualties were predictable. It's time the UN and the so called civil rights crowd investigated Hamas & the PA
28. #15: eh?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (04.04.12)
you mean "illegally occupied" not "de facto annexed". they really don't mean quite the same thing. it is israel who should be officially annexing the rest of the 22% of palestine left to it, after the brits and the hashemites stole 78% (aka jordan). jordan's occupation was illegal and never recognized by the united nations because jordan was the aggressor. if anything, israel liberated lands that had been seized illegally from her. it's only arab propaganda that denies the basic facts of international treaties and laws. but nevertheless, why didn't the "palestinians" declare their independence during the 19 years that they were under jordanian occupation? was it because the jordanians had no use for such a farce? or because "palestine" is only a useful fiction to use against the jews?
29. #15 No I did not
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.04.12)
Yes the territory MUST be sovereign to be considered occupied. That is exactly what it states. You failed reading comprehension. Jordan took the land illegally in an act of war - that violates the Geneva Convention and they did not have any legal claim, nor have they ever had any legal claim - kind of like you Arabs. Oh by the way Jordan RENOUNCED their claims as part of the peace treaty - and you still have no claim.
30. #14 actually you failed, not me
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.04.12)
I think you better learn to read. The Geneva Convention disagrees with your statement word for word. Yes the land MUST be sovereign to be considered 'occupied'. It actually states that. You are wrong. Second Jordan not only never had a legal claim to the land they occupied, they also RENOUNCED all claims in their peace treaty with us. So yes international law does apply - the San Remo Treaty, Mandate for Palestine and the UN Charter which ALL state that it is our land and you are not allowed to claim it. Again you have no legal claim and the ICC ruling merely confirms it.
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