Opinion  Giulio Meotti
Arab racism prevents peace
Giulio Meotti
Published: 04.04.12, 11:32
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1. thank you
Nahum Weiss ,   Israel   (04.04.12)
finally some light over this story, Meotti likes to be a truth-teller
2. From God's Holy Word:
Taz Man ,   USA   (04.04.12)
Israel and His Jerusalem are eternal! Their continued existence is guaranteed for all ages: past, present, and future. The descendants' of Abraham will be like the sands of the seas and the stars of heaven--countless! The Muslims' days are numbered; their days found wanting; they are the ones in danger...not Israel! Oh, Israel...be still...and wait on the Lord--your eternal salvation. God bless, Israel and His Jerusalem! A Christian Zionist
3. Giulio Meotti does it again! Exposes Arab Apartheid!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (04.04.12)
Well said and written Mr. Meotti! Yes, Jews not allowed in Arab Countries and Israeli sports-people not allowed in Dubai but the international community says and does nothing! Apartheid South Africa was banned from the Olympic Games but Neo-Nazi Arabia is host to all sorts of sports including cricket but practice the new form of Apartheid - Jews OUT! Delta Airlines adopts "No Jews Policy" dictated by Saudi Arabia for flights to that Jew hating country. The US FAA has done nothing. What a surprise! A new Nazism has manifested itself and the "Chamberlains" of this world, like Obama and Cameron, say nothing but Baroness Ashton condemns Israel and Jews in line with the EU policy of Antisemitism. Welcome back to 1933 except, this time, it will be the Strasbourg Laws.
4. Mr. Meotti, why do you always remind us of unpleasant truth?
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (04.04.12)
5. Thanks mr. Meotti
Rose Bidus ,   Germany   (04.04.12)
And I tell you from Germany
6. How can a dhimmi be in a superior position to a believer?
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (04.04.12)
7. Arab Racism
Ed Codish ,   Pardessiya   (04.04.12)
Meotti is correct but incomplete. The Knesset is willing to allow committees in Jewish settlements to exclude people found to be "incompatible" with the existing population, and indeed Arabs (Israeli Arabs) have been barred from purchasing homes in some settlements or (Katzrin) forced to spend a lot of money and wait many years for the chance to live in a place. In Hebron, a place not in Israel, I suspect any loal committee would not welcome those Jews who have moved in.
8. of course
Ron Kirsh ,   TA   (04.04.12)
of course the Palestinians don't want any Jews in their vicinity. Once they live there, the area will become a war zone: the IDF will move in to protect the Arabs from the Jews and the Jews from the Arabs. One needs to be a complete moron to want a war zone next to her/his house. No Apartheid anywhere. It's simple, if the IDF won't protect the Jewish settlers anymore, the Jews can move to the West Bank - and will be slaughtered. So, don't move. If a settler wants to die for a just cause, why not do anything for human kind and go and fight in Darfur?
9. Funny Article :-)
I Came, Saw and Know   (04.04.12)
A neighbor with two tanks and 100 Israeli Soldier securing his/ her home, electric gates that keep you and your children out, and obstructing your life in every way possible! Great! Who doesn't want a neigbor like that?! Damn those trouble making Arabs. They should beg for neighbors like these..
10. To 8 & 9: Well said!!
11. To: No. 9
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.04.12)
Stupid you. You know nothing. Anyone ever burn tires in front of your home? How about throw boulders at your car; has that ever happened to you? And since you are alive and posting pithy nonsense on YNet, I'm guessing no one has slit the throats of five of your family members as you slept. I'm further assuming that no one ever blew up a bus you were traveling on, or a restaurant where you were having dinner, or a pizza parlor where you popped in for a slice or a nightclub where you went for entertainment. I also guess that it would not be unreasonable to further assume that no one has ever fired missile barrages at your home, or the elementary school that your children attend, or the yellow school bus which they ride to school. See, Israel's neighbors have been doing that for seven decades. They are not interested in peaceful co-existence with Israel; they are interested exclusively in supplanting Israel, because 99.9% of the land mass of the Middle East is not enough for them. Who wouldn't want neighbors like that?
12. I beg your pardon?
B ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.04.12)
Mr. Meotti can hardly have spent time in the reality of Hebron he speaks so fondly of, if he is not struck as to why the daily harassment Palestinians neighbouring settlements are subjected to, combined with the endless security checks, may have led them not to be so keen on yet another settlement in this town. Mr. Meotti perhaps forgets that a reality through which 6,000 Palestinians are subjected to daily restrictions in their movements because of 400 settlers, prohibited from using a car and/or from receiving relatives in their house, may have contributed to latent antisemitism, though by and large the latter is less likely to be the reason why the occupation of the house is objected to, rather than the former.
13. Meotti is the only one who says the truth
Rose Wein   (04.04.12)
14. To: No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.04.12)
The endless security checks are what prevents suicide bombers from plying their despicable trade. The fastest way to put an end to security checks would be for the ersatz "Palestinians" to stop their constant acts of violence and terror. The presence of Jewish people in Hebron far predates that of any Arabs, and Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca and Leah are all buried there. No one has a greater right to reside in Hebron than the Jewish people. NO ONE.
15. Right on!
Aharon   (04.04.12)
16. #12 I beg your pardon
Sam M ,   UK   (04.04.12)
There's no excuse for arab racism and apartheid! It doesn't matter whether there are four hundred settlers or just four the fact of the matter is - see 1929 massacre of the towns Jewish residents by their arab neighbours - that it's the presence of the soldiers that guarantees the security of the settlers. A Jewish community that has been in existence for about 3000 years, as in Hebron and predates it's muslim neighbours by many centuries doesn't need to justify it's existence to anyone. Muslims invariably attempt to subdue a nations indigenous people such as in egypt with the copts and reduce them to second class status assuming they're not killed or actively persecuted a phenomenon also widely seen all over the muslim world. Only an apologist for racism would demand that a towns residents meet certain ethnic or religious criteria.
17. To Sara no. 14
Proud Palestinian ,   Arab Palestinian   (04.04.12)
Muslims have the right to be there and will always have that right! Now, tomorrow, or in hundred years: they are there to stay and will continue to be.. Sleep on this note :-)
18. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.04.12)
Sooner or later, Judea and Samaria will be annexed. Probably sooner. When that happens, all the Arab residents of Judea and Samaria will be repatriated to Jordan, country of their citizenship. Israel is a sovereign state and does not have to tolerate undesirable foreigners. The ersatz "Palestinians" will never have a state -- or didn't you learn anything from what happened to you at the United Nations last fall? Sleep on THAT note!
19. Meotti is not scred to tell the truth as it is ...
Maurice ,   Montreal   (04.05.12)
...as opposed to many western politicians and "intellectuals" who are sacred of the Arab backlash in their countries. The truth however is obvious and can not be denied. Jews live with Arabs in Israel. Their are many towns in Israel such as Lod, Ramla or Haifa where Jews and Arabs even live in the same neighborhoods and buildings! Even in Bat Yam where I was visiting last month one can see more and more Arabs. There is no apartheid in Israel. As Meotti says the real apartheid is the one imposed by the Arabs all over the Middle East and North Africa on Jews! WHEN WILL THE WORLD HAVE THE COURAGE TO RECOGNIZE THIS?
20. to #17 banning jews presence in any area
ghostq   (04.05.12)
is racism and the laws exist only in Muslim/Arab nations, come to think about it even chritians don't feel safe in Arab nations. the communities declining. ammm
21. What?! None of the usual howling about the Vatican?
Cameron ,   USA   (04.05.12)
Meotti finally recognize who the real enemy of our times is?
22. Jews not allowed!! thats the culture in the arab world
hippocrates ,   earth   (04.05.12)
23. True in settlements and true everywhere
Ayatollah Ghilmeini ,   Ameerik   (04.05.12)
The only thing protecting Jews is military force. The attitude is just like the Adidas boycott, the world does not accept Israel the only question is Israel deciding what line to fight from. Every military doctrine says to fight away from your civilian areas. Hence occupation is here to stay. Arabs are welcome to live peacefully but there is no choice to put israel's survival over their happiness.
24. To Mr's Sarah B
Luiz Felipe Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (04.05.12)
Mr's Sarah B. At first, I wish you have a good Passover (Pesach) with your husband and all your relatives. About the text above, from G. Meoti, I liked it, on the contrary of some others. Israel, in fact, has never oppressed her Arab neighbors. I know it since I was a teenager. She has only defended her territory and her people, because the refered (bad) neighbors, since today, have refused a good and honoured peace. I think Hebron may, perfectly, have the two communities, one respecting the other, but if Arabs don't accept Jews, Israel will not be obliged to withdraw from that city. I am Christian, but it never means I support the awful crimes committed, in the name of Jesus, against your people. I do repudiate Anti Semitism from the deep of my heart. Hence, have me as an allied and as a friend. God bless His loved sons and daughters.
25. #14 ersatz
J Jones ,   UK   (04.05.12)
Use of the German word again "ersatz" this and "ersatz" that. I suppose you think that your USA citizenship gives you more right to live in Hebron than the indigenous population who for decades have been subject to terror and constant bullying by the settler freaks. As for the right to reside in Hebron, yes I agree, the right exists, but not at the expense of the Palestinian population. Buying properties legally is one thing - but a big group of bully boys turning up armed to the teeth and carrying out evictions is another. You know, as well as I know, that the only purpose in this group of sub-educational settlers wanting to live in that house is "in-your-face-ism" - i.e. pure and simple racist provocation. They are the "ersatz" Jews as their behaviour is completely out of line with Jewish tradition, and this macho Tchernikhovskian form of Zionism is simply testosterone misplaced and fed into a vacuous political agenda. PS I really think you must be an ersatz US citizen.
26. Mirror Mirror on the Separation Wall
Reid Elattrache ,   Washington USA   (04.05.12)
Racism is what keeps Israel's Arabs third class citizens. Laws are passed to dispossess, under support and segregate based on religion (and its not in favor of Christians or Muslims). There's no better incitement manual than The Kings Torah.
27. Mr. Meotti! y no op ed on Gunther Grass' poem....
PW ,   Israel   (04.05.12)
you took the tidy easy way out by writing this predictable piece.
28. The "peace process" encourages Israel's enemies.
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.06.12)
Meotti is right on target again, like usual. Our "Palestinian" enemies genuinely believe we have no right to Israel. No "peace process" will ever change their mind. If fact, the phony "peace process" encourages our enemies to believe time is on their side. It is completely one sided. Israel has everything to lose and our "Palestinian" enemies have everything to gain. Including what they really want: Israel's demise. It's way past time to end the dangerous fraud once and for all. Israel's path to peace is the same as the WW II Allies. Total victory and zero concessions.
29. #25 try again
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.06.12)
"live in Hebron than the indigenous population who for decades have been subject to terror and constant bullying by the settler freaks. " Ah so the Arabs have a right to apartheid you claim - even though the land is not theirs according to international laws and as for the terror attacks - exactly how many Arabs have been killed by them - oh zero is it. Whereas dozens of Jews have been murdered - guess that is so sort of new terror. As for evictions - well that is again zero. Even those that have stolen homes from Jews are given many chances and finally paid to leave what they stole. So Jews wanting to live in homes that they purchased is racist provocation? In what world? No you are one of those racists, not us. As for the ersatz - you can use false as well. Considering that there is no letter 'P' in Arabic and the Arabs can neither write or pronounce the word 'Palestinian' which was invented for them by the KGB in 1964 and that their great 'Palestinian' leader was an Egyptian terrorist. Hell Hamas' Interior Minister admitted that half of them are Egyptians and the other half are Saudis - not a 'Palestinian' in the bunch. I think that you are a ersatz human being.
30. #26 what in the world are you talking about
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.06.12)
You are a fucking idiot that doesn't know the first thing about us or our laws. Our Arab citizens have the exact same rights as everybody else. We do not have a single law that you claim. In fact unlike America all of our citizens have equal rights. When are you going to give all of your citizens equal rights? We do not have segregation based on religion - whereas racial segregation is still very common in the US. What is this 'The Kings Torah'. We have the Torah for Jews, but that is religion not laws. The truth is we have a much better record of human rights than the US does - clean up your act before lecturing you betters.
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