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German author Grass says Israel endangers world peace
Published: 04.04.12, 15:11
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1. All good things must come to an end.
2. Grass
Maurice ,   Montreal   (04.04.12)
He is another example of the reaction to guilt phenomenon that can be seen in some Germans today who can not accept the Holocaust and try to deal with their guilt feelings by blaming today's Israel. I personally know a few Germans here in Canada who display this behavior.
3. Go UNDERCOVER with Groucho mask! Have a cigar! Write a book!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (04.04.12)
4. And this is news because...
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (04.04.12)
A nobel laureate who served in the SS during WWII and sent how many people to their deaths. Tells you all you need to know about the nobel awards. Socialists are drowning in their own deceit. The truth about socialism and the people that promote it have shown their true colors and will die off like the communists...if there's a difference.
5. The Timeline of the Redemption
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (04.04.12)
I have no idea about the author of this piece, but I am sure that no good Jew will discount the prophecies contained in the Tanach. Now the Redemption, i.e. counter-balancing of the dark forces of the world by the energies of light is a process. It will not just happen with a click of the fingers. However the intervention that will allow peace to unfold on the Planet can happen in an instant if the power's that be agree to the plan. The idea of a committee of independent people to oversee the peaceful dismantlement of weapons on the Planet has merit. A truly independent group of say twenty international public servants could do the job. I know who could do this. Let me explain the process and timeline once again... The nuclear question is a two faced genie. Nuclear power is a boon for humankind. Nuclear weapons need to be phased out over the next thirteen years. They are a by-product of certain past geo-political moves. Like nine poker players all with various stacks returning dangerous chips to the house one by one, the risk needs to be reduced over time and in a way that builds trust. A core group of people could oversee and facilitate this process. Call it the "Committee to Oversee the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons by 2025". They would act as the signers off on the various moves that the experts from an expanded IAEA would make. Think Jedi Council if that makes it easier. The circuit breaker right now is for a reconvened NPT Conference to be held in Jerusalem by the end of 2012. It would achieve the following... (1) An overarching vision and plan to phase out nuclear weapons by 2025 enunciated. All nations agree and sign off on the initiative. Timeline : 2012 – Conference. Agreements. Nuclear energy fostered whilst proliferation is halted; 2013/2014 IAEA’s annual budget expanded to $10 Billion. Staff numbers increased to 25,000. Including : Management; Inspectors, Dismantlers (Model is Pantex plant USA) etc. IAEA structure upgraded; 2015/2016 – Inspections of all nations facilities; 2017 to 2023– Dismantlement program in percentage wise, return the chips to the dealer fashion; Dec. 2023 – Last nuclear weapon dismantled; 2024 - Signing off ceremonies. 2025 onwards – Ongoing monitoring, oversight, management of nuclear energy industry. (2) The core components of the Middle East jigsaw puzzle centered around Jerusalem are : The State of Israel; Gaza; The West Bank/Judea and Samaria; Jordan; Lebanon; Syria; Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Representatives of all these areas could attend the conference and be included in the ongoing deliberations. The current GDP of these areas is $1.6 Trillion. This can easily grow by more than 5% p.a. from 2013 onwards if stability prevails and a divinely mandated command and control structure is heeded. Visualize the following...Israeli and Iranian Taekwondo players meet in the 80kg division at the London Olympics on August 10th this year; In late 2013 Iranian tourists visit Israel in whilst Israelis make their way to Shiraz; It becomes possible to drive on a road from Jerusalem to Tehran in 2019; Israel, Iran, USA and Saudi Arabia play off in Group D of the 2022 Qatar World Cup. (3) The conference would provide the forum for various past foes to meet. For so many people to sit together in Jerusalem in a spirit of friendship and with an agreed upon collective mission would meet with divine blessings. (4) The overarching long term plan would provide the fulcrum, pivot and track for other international trust building initiatives that would need to take place after the conference. (5) The simple act of people just sitting with each other will work wonders. There is nothing more powerful for trust building than this method. (6) Isaiah’s swords into ploughshares prophecy becomes a reality. Please Note...Which narrative should prevail ? This plan of mine is not "blue sky thinking". It can be achieved. You could almost say..."From my lips to G-d's ears" if you want.
6. Grass will soon be grass listen not...
7. Israel
mark bowen ,   hartford IL   (04.04.12)
I thought Germans would have learned to keep their mouths shut on the subject of Israel.
8. Germans and Jews
Naftali   (04.04.12)
Oh dear, a German telling us Jews how we should conduct or defend ourselves.
9. Too much Grass, Herr Grass!
10. Grass and Arafat got Nobel Prizes - 'NOUGH SAID!
11. Another pathetic "human rights" champion
I noticed an awful lot of Nazis, extreme-Leftists and bloodthirsty Islamist Tyrants and Arch-Terrorists invoke "human rights", "democracy" and "freedom" while they commit armed, political and cultural genocide - whenever they mention Israel. Is this some "profssional deformity" of theirs, or am I not using the right dictionary?
12. #8 God protect us from advice coming from snakes like Grass!
13. "he once served in Hitler's Waffen SS" says it all
David ,   Karmeil, Israel   (04.04.12)
Hitler's Waffen SS were some of the most brutal of all Nazis: Wikipedia: "At the post-war Nuremberg Trials the Waffen-SS was condemned as a criminal organization due to its essential connection to the Nazi Party and involvement in war crimes." Why are we surprised that a so-called left winger hates Jews? Once a Nazi always a Nazi!
TRUE ,   EU   (04.04.12)
15. I have a poem for Grass
Logic ,   Israel   (04.04.12)
Once a Nazi, Always a Nazi, Go fade away, Your evil man.
16. Grass was in the SS. Tried to hide it
Sami ,   New York, USA   (04.04.12)
Grass was in the SS. So not a surprise. He lied and tried to hide it.
17. If Jews had Atom bomb in 1939, 6 M could have been saved
Arlette ,   Montreal, Canada   (04.04.12)
If Jews had the Atom bomb in 1939, 6 M could have been saved
18. Gabriel leader of SPD and now Grass
Fortunee ,   Paris, France   (04.04.12)
First Gabriel leader of the SPD and now Grass ranting Jew hatred. Seems that antisemitism is again in fashion in Germany.
19. Grass
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.04.12)
Sorry, but a former officer in the Waffen SS does not qualify as a moral force for anything. He has variously claimed to have been impressed into service, thinking he would be seconded into a labor force, and then that he enlisted, but not of his free will, and the truth is that he was an OFFICER in the Waffen SS, and the head of a tank division. Quite a few Germans were executed following the war for considerably less. Grass needs to shut up, or the Mossad needs to pay him a brief visit.
20. Grass is an idiot.
Chris ,   Hamburg, Germany   (04.04.12)
Fortunately, Mr Grass does not speak for the majority of the German people, nor for their government. Only some misguided, often extreme right-wing or communist fools believe in a peaceful Iranian nuclear program. All reasonable Germans support Israel and oppose Iran's nuclear policy.
21. Is this the "I Was Not a Nazi Polka"?
Yossi ,   Houston/Israel   (04.04.12)
I may be historically incorrect, but firing a shot was not a requirement for being a Nazi, just being a Jew hating monster was all. His Nazi days would be more than just a phase so if he had mental vertigo then, what is this?
22. Antisemites are showing their faces
Efraim ,   Virginia   (04.04.12)
The truth always comes out in the end. All across the globe, you can this happening.
23. #15...I LOVE your poem !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.04.12)
24. to #18
michael ,   new york   (04.04.12)
It never really went out of fashion.
25. The REAL question
Arie ,   BaGolan   (04.04.12)
Why was he never prosecuted for war crimes?
26. 20
thank you chris for supporting us and israel against iran. we need friends like you in germany. an israeli
27. celebrities
Sam M ,   UK   (04.04.12)
The opinions of writers, actors, singers and artists and others with usually minor 'celebrity status' ie the ones who continuously slam Isreal are of no more importance than the views of taxi drivers, toilet cleaners or shop assistants and as these self-important, sanctimonious muppets rarely have any connection to Israel meaningful or otherwise nor anything intelligent to say their views are of no importance at all. Enough of the celebrity bandwagon and for a change bring us an article from a taxi driver who wants to see more settlers in Judea and Samaria! These people don't deserve the prominence they are given to attack Israel nor the column inches that are full of their verbal crap especially as the vast majority are totally ignorant of history and think the Jews arrived after the war as settlers and invaded the poor palestinian aboriginals!
28. Not Iran? Not militant Islam?
Stephen in New York   (04.04.12)
Golly, in light of this worldclass literary triumph maybe I should reevaluate my positions.
29. As of Old !!!,
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (04.04.12)
Now One Can understand HASHEMs comand in the Old Testament to Exterminate certain Peoples, they had become totaly Pervers in their Consciousnesses. Arn.Sweden.
30. typical Christian European-Blood Libel in time for Passover!
Amy ,   Israel   (04.04.12)
gees! One would expect a bit more creativity from a world class author!
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