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56% of Israelis say Chametz Law necessary
Published: 05.04.12, 07:01
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1. If that's what majority wants, that's what we'll get.Just do
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.05.12)
not cry crocodile tears at Europe's Islamisation& Sharia-isation: it is a matter of time for them too- and then who are you&me to say that they don't "deserve" it?! The moronic attitude of the secular & open-minded public is indeed causing me constant despair. Next in line: Law for segregation between sexes at kindergardens and so on... All in the name of coexistence (my ass!)
2. Total rubbish more religious coercion
Gadi ,   Haifa   (04.05.12)
What total nonsense, whats next the Kosher police ? Will they be arresting anyone eating a sandwich? This country is becoming more like Iran everyday. The more laws the religious introduce the more people will rebel against it. Hurt their feelings? Thats a joke Plently of bread in our house , knock knock , quick its the kosher police hide the pittas - LOL
3. Those who eat chametz during Passover will be showing
Rivkah   (04.05.12)
their contempt for HaShem. That is no small matter. The financial blessing for the coming year is established at Passover by observing it according to the ways of Moshe. Even Rabbi Yehoshua observed Passover and did not descecrate it. Read C.J. Koster's "Come Out of Her My People" for an understanding of the says of HaShem.
4. Hametz law et al
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (04.05.12)
There is no place at all in modern western democratic societies for laws based purely on religious concepts. But there again, I suppose Israel doesn't fall into that category of society even though it constantly aspires to do so on the international stage. Enough said.
5. It's all so very pathetic - isn't it
Talula ,   Israel   (04.05.12)
We don't need any laws telling people they can't eat chametz on pessach. You either keep it or you don't - why dictate to others what they should eat? I've a better idea, why don't we adopt the the Jewish versionof Sharia - that'll take us one step closer to an Iranian lifestyle as well. We can all gather in the village square and stone someone for eating pita on pessach. Live and let live!! If there isn't a law stating you cannot drive on Yom Kippur - the holiest day in the Jewish calendar, then who should really give a flying fart if your neighbour eats chametz on pessach.
6. # 3
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (04.05.12)
What planet are you on Rivkah? Showing contempt for God? Really? HaShem = God and that is the same God that Christians also call God and Muslims call Allah. So most of the world's population are showing contempt for God are they? Get down off your high horse and get real. Most of us believe in a Divine force, but not all of us attach such ridiculous importance to not eating bread for a week.
7. 3 Mike, Jews are living their history..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.05.12)
that s why they know it so well. Ask an american,in which year the Mayflower entered in Amerika.Not so many would know the answer. But all jews who celebrate Pessah know exactly under which circumstances they were freed from Egypt. One of the main reasons Jews longed for Israel,was because each year after the Seder,we prayed:Next year in Jerusalem.
8. Strong or weak religion ?
Cosimo ,   Tiberias, Israel   (04.05.12)
If you need laws to enforce the issue then you can easily conclude what is the answer.
9. #6 - Jewish law applies only to Jews!
Chaim T. ,   Jerusalem, Isael   (04.05.12)
Your comment of "So most of the world's population are showing contempt for God are they? " is meaningless, as the law regarding chametz applies only to Jews.
10. #5 Talula, You made a great comment. Rubbish of a survey.
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.05.12)
Yes, live and let live. Sharia and like it laws belong in private homes and prayer places where they can apply only to those who participate. On our own, we are free people and no Chametz Laws make sense to us. This survey has 4.4% error (at one sigma) with a mean of 42% against the law. It doesn't say 58% are for the law as there could be those who don't care. Furthermore, as anyone familiar with statistics will explain, a standard of two sigma applies to make the result meaningful, which means the survey can be interpreted that over 50% of Israelis are against the Chametz Law, or that the results are inconclusive.
11. #7, Anybody can Google for the Mayflower info.
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.05.12)
But for the Seder info, there are many inconclusive answers on Google and elsewhere. Do you know why? It's because the story about Pesach was appended to a Pagan holiday of Rites of Spring. The same applies to the Christian Easter. Some say, Moshe never happened. But why should I stretch my "religious" rope when I live my own Jewish history.
12. Why weren't Arab Israelis included in survey?
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.05.12)
... Are they not citizens? Do they not count as people? If they make dough does it not rise?
13. JESUS! I love Jesus! He is a sweet guy.
Israeli 2   (04.05.12)
But I love Moshe Rabeinu and Hamelech Shlomo and Rabbi Kahane much more. They are all my people and they all truly exist(ed). "Let my people go!" Who is Rabbi Yehoshua?
14. 6 Mike Carmel: If you get "The Scriptures" translation from
Rivkah   (04.05.12)
South African Messianic Jewish Rabbis, you will find that some laws of the Covenant books are everlasting laws and other laws are not everlasting laws. Yehoshua the Messiah quoted the Covenant books of Moses and the Prophets, not his disciples' words. What does everlasting mean? It means forever. Not eating leaven during the month of Nisan (not just a week but a month) is an everlasting law. Yehoshua the Messiah said those who loved him would obey His commandments. Most Sunday sabbath Christians do not love the Lord. They loved the commandments of men not the commandments of God. Mark 7:7 says, "How be it in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrine the commandments of men." Do such people enter HaShem's Kingdom? No, they do not. About one in 14 Christians enters HaShem's Kingdom according to ELS Scripture code matrix's that reveal such information.
15. 516 people surveyed with a4.4% error doesn't justify this...
PW ,   Israel   (04.05.12)
this all inclusive headline. My friends at y-net you need to seriously consider going back and learning journalistic rules. You can start with proper rules for creating headlines
16. freedom to sell and eat bread on Passover
iselin ,   Oslo, Norway   (04.06.12)
An Iranian friend now living in the US was told to get out of her own swimming pool by the religious police during Ramadan because she might swallow water. Similarities?
17. Prohibition
Norman Gellman ,   Rehovot   (04.06.12)
Prohibition as Americans found out only makes prohibited items more desirable and in the end does not work. Religious Jewish store owners are forbidden to own chometz by Halacha for them no state law is required. The non-religious will find ways to get chometz during Passover for them the state law is just inconvenient. The state law on selling o chometz is just inconvenient and really does nothing to force the no chometz rules religious of Passover.
18. #17: Yes, Prohibition basically made the Mafia!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (04.06.12)
Here in Israel, we have the REAL Mafia - the Haredim who tell us how to live, when and how to travel and expect tolerance of their ways but are completely intolerant of others!
19. freedom to sell bread on passover
iselin ,   Oslo, Norway   (04.06.12)
the headline in my last talkback did not match the content because half was edited out.
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