Jordan's crown prince holds secret visit to Temple Mount
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 04.04.12, 18:14
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1. eviction
David ,   USA   (04.04.12)
This is an instance where eviction would be proper! Yet the Israeli security forces gives him an escort. What is happening in Israel? Jordan invades and takes Jewish Land including Temple Mount and we give them such honor? Is there no descendant of King David to take the rule of Eretz Israel?
2. I wish him a peaceful & pleasant visit
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (04.04.12)
It may make some happy to overturn every stone suspecting a mine underneath, but why bother? Israel has enjoyed a long & mostly peaceful relationship with the Jordanian royal family. As a settler, I do sometimes get frustrated at Jordanian remarks about our rights to the land, but no more than Jewish ones. That doesn't mean that I see every leftish Jews as an enemy, nor the Jordanian royal family. who have proved themselves as friends on more than one occasion. Try and see this for what it is, a potential new king of a potential reaffirmed ally. Once again, I wish him a peaceful & pleasant visit, and also hope that he gets an opportunity to make his own friendly connections with Israel!
3. What a clever move.
Ariel ,   Europe   (04.04.12)
The only smart Hashemite monarch - the father of an incompetent incumbent - has had clearly and cleverly distanced himself from the West Bank mess, legitimizing Jordan as a separate national entity in the process. Now silly Abdallah makes lots of people remember that his kingdom is in fact a Trans-Jordanian Palestine, destined to be (unlike the Jewish Cis-Jordanian part) the homeland for the tribes of Palestinian Arabs. Clever, Mr. Lieberman!
4. A Palestinian prince
David Ha'ivri ,   Shomron, Israel   (04.04.12)
5. There is a Prince waiting for "a people",the palestinians
Anna MSedda ,   Rome-Italy   (04.04.12)
...and soon Jordan can be' the state the Palestinians are waiting for.... The queen is Palestinian,the Prince either,so there you go,all Palies have a land waiting for them in Jordan. All the East Jerusalem Arabs carry a Jordanians passport and can start settle in the land,Jordan
6. The Israeli Defense Force
Tim Bressler ,   Waukegan US   (04.04.12)
When I look at the icy cold look in his eyes I can only think of the twisted education that entered his head ...He has NO idea what reality is. To him the words Justice and reality and logic do NOT exist ..He is lost ..This is why I worship the Israeli Defense Force..They are the only thing Israel can depend on ...I have been to Israel several times. The Israelis have been living with being attacked every day since Israel was born. They are not afraid of anything . That is why 22 Israeli tanks were sent to stop 260 Egyptian tanks in the Sinai and succeeded That is why 225 Israeli tanks fought 1,200 Syrian tanks in the Golan and stopped them . Israelis are afraid of nothing . God Bless the Israeli Defense Force.
7. Dear Mr Prince
BJL ,   usa   (04.04.12) may not have it back..Har Habayeit is for the Jewish people...your land is East of the Jordan.
8. Number 1
Rob Kalb ,   Glendale USA   (04.04.12)
I salute you and thank you. My heart has been burdened all my life with the crap Jews take.. When I was at the Western Wall the Border Police gave me a lecture at how dangerous the area up top was for Americans. I did not take the covered stairway .I went underground where the Jews are forced to go to be near Holy places ...I will answer your questions as to why Jews allow themselves to be stepped on and do not stand up for their rights ..Too damn many of you are Liberals . The worst enemy of Israel and and the United states are its own citizens that are Liberals. When it comes to protecting your nation and Military matters there is no worse poison than Liberals.
9. a pleasant visit young Crown Prince of Jordan...
Indeed I agree with Number 2 and will add...let us then remember that the young prince's great-great grandfather King Abdullah is buried on Temple Mount. So he was just paying his need to fuss and muss he was just visiting.
10. #9 Buried on Temple Mount?
ET ,   Singapore   (04.04.12)
That is a desecration of the temple area!
11. Hope he was shown what his grandfather destroyed
Carl ,   USA   (04.04.12)
And how Israel has rebuilt upon the ruins, including the recently restored Hurva synagogue. Show the respect Jews retain for Muslim and Christian holy sites. Show him Jews and Arabs living side-by side under the same set of laws: Arabs in the Knesset making those laws and on the Supreme Court judging them, Arabs and Jews teaching and studying in universities, Arabs and Jews as patients and doctors in the same hospitals, and all the other signs of coexistence that the Arab world and Palestinians choose to ignore. And don't forget to show him the normal everyday places that were bombed and how the fence helps save countless lives.
12. If "King" Abdulla was able to, he would attack Israel..
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (04.04.12)
in a second if he felt he could win His father did it in 1967 and lost. When his father, "king" Husssein smelled blood, and thought the Arabs were winning in1967 he joined the other Arab coubtries against Israel.. Is this not how the "west bank " , Judea and Samaria came back under Israeli control as it rightfuly should be.
13. 7 BJL, USA: No, East of the Jordan River is not Jordan's.
Rivkah   (04.04.12)
It was given to the Jews by the Balfour Declaration in 1917 and the Hashemite Royals are occupying Jewish territory unlawfully. That will be remedied with the Psalm 83 war that is shortly to come to pass.
14. #9
David ,   USA   (04.04.12)
For your information, the Temple Mount is Holy to the Jews. The prince should have dug up the bones of his great great grandfather and took them with him so as to no longer defile that sacred ground. And while he is at it he should take all the pails with him. You included.
15. 5# Keep dreaming, Palestinians are here to stay and you
Dave ,   Washington DC   (04.04.12)
should go back to Russia.
16. #12 oh really & ruin the business deals between the two
countries? I think not!
17. @11 preach often do ya?!
I just love it when someone over there in the US of A takes it upon themselves to tell us all about how we live here on a daily basis. If I recall correctly in the Middle West of the United States this behaviour of yours is described thusly: "Take a farmer off the farm, bring him to the city and suddenly he's an agricultural expert" ;-)
18. #15 You're the dreamer - all wet ones
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (04.05.12)
Dave - Your reply to #5 really goes against Darwin's theory. It seems that apes descended from idiots like you. Well, if you want to send someone with an address in Rome, Italy, back to Russia, I guess you're also well informed about where the palis belong?
19. yet many rabbis like says Jews forbidden in Temple Mount
mary of bethany ,   singapore   (04.05.12)
many ultra-orthodox rabbis like Rabbi Yosef Sholom Elyashiv quoted "...Jews are forbidden to go up to the site." .... when Warq allows arabs continue to destroy artifacts under the Mount, arab boys play football on Temple Mount, stones continue to be thrown down into the Wailing Wall areas, and now an Arab Prince "bless" the Temple Mount with IDF entourage? i don't understand!
20. hope is visit is to clarify who (the Waqf) is destroying
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (04.05.12)
the temple mount. After all the propaganda that was put in the Arab media to incite the moslems, its time to set things straight.
21. Jordan's Prince
Lu ,   Israel   (04.05.12)
Will Ynet please clarify which Prince came to Israel. It appears it wasn't the King's son but his half brother (eldest son of Queen Noor). Please give us the proper facts!!!
22. @14 really? Temple Mount is Holy to the Jews!
#9 ,   Israel   (04.05.12)
Thank you for sharing that hotflash tidbit of information...but truly as a Jew I am well acquainted with my people's history. For Your Information: my friend are you aware that for quite some time now there is a Moslem cemetary on the Eastern slope of Mount Moriah? Yes on Mount Moriah, the Temple Mount sits on an elevated platform above it and the closed Gate of Mercy is also over the cemetary. Further are you aware that according to Jewish religious law this is not considered a defilement of sacred ground. I will leave it to you to go research and figure out why. What do you mean by pails? Who are you insulting and why? Generally to insult someone as part of an agrument means that the insultor (that would be you) has no real and true facts to back up his statement. So in their ignorance the insultor refers to personal attacks in the hope of getting his opponent to stand down. A pity that you choose such an ignorant tactic it totally destroys your point. Feeling sorry for you as you clearly have no real knowledge and are just another spreader of vile hatred!
23. arab
arab   (04.06.12)
nothing is more disgusting than reading those comments full of hate... just when us Arabs would think its time to accept Israel's presence, you confirm that it will only be a matter of time before everything changes.
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