IDF intel chief: We exposed 10 terror cells in Sinai
Yoav Zitun
Published: 05.04.12, 18:59
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1. Has The Israeli Defence Forces Brass
Destroyed the apparatus used by the arab terrorists? As well as the munitions used to terrorize the Southern region? Is eygpt Neglecting their responsibilities in the Sinai? Is the pseudo- king in trans-jordan also shirking his responsibilities in the Sinai?
2. just do it
Eynav ,   ny   (04.05.12)
Take the sinai Back now the peace is over.
3. And I'm paying taxes through my nose for the IDF??!!
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.05.12)
4. time for a three
arne ,   chicago usa   (04.05.12)
party meeting. israel, egypt and uncle sam. the question now is " the game "has changed and what to do about it? no bull-sh-t. if egypt cannot control it then the u.s. must cut funds and israel is free to bomb any and all targets in clear site. it's either yes or no.also a time line must be set. remember the u.s. put their name on a peace treaty.
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