Barak: Next election to be held in a year
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 06.04.12, 17:05
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1. If Barak thinks that he will get my vote
Zev ,   Israel   (04.06.12)
by throwing Jewish families out of their homes he is crazier than I thought.
2. What a finished politician
David ,   On this planet   (04.06.12)
This week he try to advances his political agenda at the expense of the real Jewish Israelis in hebron, he possibly gain one seat but no place of leadership in the next elections , he joined the losers club same as Livni We know who you are and what you are made off You are better in realestate dealings than leading Israel. Go away and stay there
3. Where does this stupidity&hutzpa come from, I want some!
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.06.12)
4. he should just join LIkud
zionist forever   (04.06.12)
He is out of Labor for good. He gets on very well with Bibi and has integrated pretty well into a right wing government, he is not the Barak of old. I can't see him teaming up with Shaul Mofaz. If he forms his own party he will be lucky to get enough votes to get reelected himself let alone a whole political party. So for Barak the solution if he wants to stay in politics is join Likud.
5. What a sad deluded little person
BH ,   Iowa   (04.06.12)
All this campaign rhetoric when everyone knows a vote for Independence is a vote for persecution of Jews. Barak needs to spend his retirement at the end of a rope.
6. Go Home Barack your Finnished
Eli ,   Israel   (04.06.12)
All these leftist politicians did nothing but weaken Israel and armed the arabs to the teeth, they want to throw Jews out of thier homes in Israel, then they have the nerve to ask for Jewish votes. Pathetic.
7. The party of anti-semites and FAIL
Barak is a major FAIL as a politician or so called 'leader'. He failed as PM; he failed as DM; he has committed terrible acts of prejudice against religious sects and nationalist Jews; he should not have an ounce of support and I don't believe he will get it. Just as livni went down the tubes, so too should barak. Leiberman should be defense minister or PM: he's the only tough politician who faces reality with a conscience.
8. #4. Israel's welfare vs. Barak's career.
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.06.12)
#4. It may be good for Barak's career to join Likud but it would be an absolute disaster both for Likud and Israel. The last thing Likud needs is another leftist subversive to betray Likud's core values and the core values of most of Israel. It's a case of Israel's welfare versus the career of a failed and horrible politician. Let Barak fade into obscurity with his pathetic new party which is unlikely to win a single mandate.
9. Uh, the elections *have* to be next year (or sooner)
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (04.06.12)
Netanyahu was elected in 2009. His term is four years. Ergo, elections will take place no later than 2013. Will Barak get three Knesset seats? Depends on how madly he manages the security challenges of the coming year. And if it looks bad for Barak by then, expect Netanyahu to reserve a safe place on the Likud list for him.
10. Joining Likud is out of the question
Rachel ,   US   (04.06.12)
This man is a worthless loser
11. Much of Likud has already joined Barak
RedBull ,   USA   (04.06.12)
He runs the coalition through Netanyahu.
12. #11 No he runs Netanyahu not Likudniks
Rachel ,   US   (04.07.12)
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