Why I no longer hate Israel
Romeu Monteiro
Published: 07.04.12, 18:19
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31. Thank you, Romeu
Israelit ,   Israel   (04.07.12)
It's rare that a person actually opens their mind to facts, instead of propaganda. Thank you for being a big enough person to change your way of thinking and turn away from senseless hatred.
32. Such a nice boy....
ASTRONAUT ,   USA   (04.07.12)
So, nu, Romeu, if you are so inspired, have a circumcision, study Torah, andconvert to Judaism. Welcome to The Tribe.
33. Gabe # 11
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (04.07.12)
Can't you tell that's not Sarah B? If a post isn't intelligent then Sarah B didn't write it.
34. thank you!!!!
A Jew   (04.07.12)
35. #29, You're right
Israelit ,   Israel   (04.07.12)
I really do hope that comment #9 did't come from Sarah B.
36. #1, You are a disgrace.
Israelit ,   Israel   (04.07.12)
37. Thank U very much, Romeu!
taly ,   Israel   (04.07.12)
38. What is it with some folks eg #1 & 9
meghan ,   israel   (04.07.12)
Rude and nasty, its the likes of you us do Jews really dont need. Is it too hard to say thank you to a person who likes us and Israel... Romeu, thank you so much for your support, believe me it is appreciated and may I wish you happy holidays
39. #all - this is fake Sarah B
Borislava ,   Sofia, Bulgaria   (04.07.12)
Sarah B does not mark the point after his name. Peaceful and Kosher Passover to all
40. Thank you for the heart warming story
Avi   (04.07.12)
Indeed there are many people with their own agenda and thus they try to twist and hide facts.
41. #16,17 you are neither christian or palestinian.
42. People people #9 is not Sarah
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.07.12)
We have yet another racist pretending to be Sarah. That ignorant racist is not anything like Sarah.
43. #9
al ,   san diego , usa   (04.07.12)
Sarah B. would never spew such venom to a kind hearted soul as Romeu is . You guessed right , it can only be the words of an islamo fascist antisemite sour provocateur from the religion of PISS .
44. WE ZIONISTS LOVE YOU 1.) + 9.) are not zionists!
טוביאס ,   SWEDEN   (04.07.12)
It is great that someone that you exists ALL LOVE GOES FROM MY HEART TO YOU! KOL HA KAVOD!
45. 1 and 9 are trolls
46. Romeu, i had tears in my eyes while reading you....
stephane ,   france   (04.07.12)
thank you so much for your intelligence, thank you so much that you decided to listen to us instead of hating us and listen only to palestinian propaganda like millions of people do unfortunately. Romeu, there is not enough men like you on earth unfortunately... god bless you.
47. HER name, not HIS of course, sorry, Sarah B
Borislava ,   Sofia, Bulgaria   (04.07.12)
48. Now this is heartwarming
Raya ,   ISRAEL   (04.07.12)
I was so moved by the article, let's just hope we'll see more ppl like you! Bless you!
49. actually because Zionists stole no Portuguese land
observer ,   Egypt   (04.07.12)
50. #1 and 9
tal ,   Israel   (04.07.12)
Keep your opinions to yourself, they are disgusting and not representative of any true Israeli. Great post my friend, loved reading it.
51. Romeu...
Anna Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (04.07.12)
I am Brazilian and I can talk to Romeu in Portuguese: Muito obrigada, Romeu, pelas suas amáveis palavras ao povo de Israel. Obrigada por ajudar a esclarecer os fatos. Obrigada por lutar o bom combate! Shalom, amigo! Trad.: Thank you very much, Romeu, for your kind words to the Israeli people. Thank you for helping to clarify some facts. Thank you for fighting the good fight. Shalom, friend!
52. Romeu, please do not judge olim @1 too harshly.
leo ,   usa   (04.07.12)
Many times Jews believed that coexistence and only to be betrayed again and again. Your sincerity is not doubted, it is our grim outlook of the World that sometime takes better of us.
53. Unless I am mistaking, but Sarah B could not possibly be
leo ,   usa   (04.07.12)
posting during Shabbat. Most likely all posts under her name are not her's. . Be careful of other sock puppets too.
54. to #11
Susan ,   KfarSaba   (04.07.12)
There is someone who often impersonates Sarah B. I dont think the real Sarah B. wrote that. Sometimes she gets on and writes that its not her. Maybe she hasnt gotten on yet since Shabbat ended. A lot of us appreciate what this young man has written. Its good to see a person open to ideas and willing to change his opinion when he sees he was mistaken.
55. Facts
JB ,   US   (04.07.12)
Thank you for showing how opinion shaped by fact and not propaganda can be expressed.
56. Romeu Monteiro -You are a blessing !!!
Shulamit ,   Israel   (04.07.12)
Romeu Monteiro -you are a true blessing !!! You now know that Israel is the only democratic state in the Middle East! Israel is a place where people can live as they aspire whereas in the Muslim countries they would be hanged.All those who demonize Israel actually identify with the Nazi ideology and wish to revive the Middle Ages in the 21st century!!!God bless you for being wise enough to see that , and brave enough to support the existence of the only democracy in the Middle East !
57. #1 and #9
carlos ,   London   (04.07.12)
I'm really disgusted by those comments and there are 2 options: Option 1: You are a fake-account which is in fact a Israel/Jew-hater and secretly tries to sow ignorance and hatred among ynet. Option 2: You are a real-account which is therefore even worse and you automatically disgrace Israel and all Jews with your disgusting comments.
58. and i bet he also likes those Hebrew National
ALoni ,   Tel-Aviv   (04.07.12)
59. Thank you for this and please share with fellow Portugese.
OZ ,   Miami, USA   (04.07.12)
60. # 57
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.07.12)
Option # 1. Sarah B has not posted as of yet on this article. # 9 is NOT her post.
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