MK Hanegbi: Iran's capabilities limited
Sima Kadmon
Published: 07.04.12, 20:12
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1. MK Hanegbi what are you smoking?
2. Reality check
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.07.12)
Iran's capabilities are nearly non-existent. They have a very poor military with equipment that was outdated 50 years ago.
3. #1 The right stuff. You should try some.
4. #2 Gee
You humiliation in 2006 at the hands of Hezbollah is a tiny fraction of what Iran will do to you. "Iran's capabilities are nearly non-existent". I think its your brains that are non-existent...
5. Iran
Pedro ,   BR   (04.07.12)
Mr Hanegbi is right on
6. #4 LOL, did u see what was done to lebanon
bernard ross   (04.08.12)
its almost as funny as the notion tha egypt won the 1973 war. Israel had crossed the canal, encircled the egyptians and then was on the way to cairo. They begged for and got a cease fire. In 1967 the arabs were boasting that they were pushing the jews into the sea and when the smoke cleared they had all lost territory. Its good that you thnk this way because next time there will be no return of territory and cairo and damasus will get visitors. boasting muslims are israels best friends
7. Correct !
John T   (04.08.12)
Better high explosive now than nuclear warheads later. One can live with the former, but the land will be contaminated after the latter. Nip the Ayatollahs in the bud !
8. Israel is impotent, impotent I say!
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (04.08.12)
No missile defense! Israel has no midair refueling! Israel has no bunker busters! And everybody KNOWS Israel has no missiles of its own! Since when did the Israeli Air Force ever do anything?! Listen to the Iranians, keep the IDF out of Iran and mind your own business.
9. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW! Let's get on with it.
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.08.12)
Israel is as capable of destroying Iran's nukes as of destroying Iraqi and Syrian nukes. Let us not forget Iran is no super power. Iran was unable to defeat Iraq, despite the fact that Iran is three times larger than Iraq. On the other hand, Western forces cut through Iraq's elite Republican Guard like a hot knife through whipped butter. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW! Let's get on with it.
10. #9, The fantasy of destroying Iran's capability.
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.08.12)
What are you so impatient, what is pushing you to promote aggressive solutions? You know as well as I do that Israel cannot and will not destroy Iran's nuclear capabilities. The US cannot do it and is trying to talk to Iran. Are you using Iran to keep yourself high like on drugs? I am sure that working for peace in the ME is much more relevant than anything else you would want to or could "get on with." So, re-arrange your priorities and stop writing nonsense.
11. Destroy what nukes?
WinstonSmith ,   Sweden   (04.09.12)
What is there to destroy exactly? Unless you folks can even give a shred of an evidence that a nuclear weapons program exists then shut your mouths. Estimates showed a few years ago that at least 10k people would die in bombing these many sites across. To bomb is to mass-murder.
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