Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Don't count on Egypt
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 08.04.12, 14:25
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1. Egypt used to be Israel's best friend
ZionistBill ,   Israel   (04.08.12)
Then Obama sent in the US military to kick out Mubarak. The Egyptian people wanted Mubarak to stay, they were out in the streets in tens of millions to support Mubarak (the Obama Administration ordered US media to portray these people as being anti-Mubarak, but the truth is the opposite as had been reported in various Israeli media.) Under the cover of the demonstrations, the Muslim Obama sent in Navy Seal Team 6 to kidnap Mubarak and then remove him from office. Now Israel has lost it's best friend and most reliable ally (Egypt.) Everything I've said is true and can be confirmed by reading Ynet talkbacks--especially those by Chaim, Ben Jabo and Devorah. Those three are my favorites and always speak the Trooth.
2. nice try yishai
iraj   (04.08.12)
of course bibi has to take the matter up with barak as his primary advisor on security. Barak will absolutely not do hot pursuit into sinai because he is afraid of provoking the eygptians and bibi will follow barak. I agree that israel should do hot pursuit after warning the egyptians that it would take action if rockets and fire continue from sinai. One other thing-barak will not do any iran strike if sanctions do not work as he is unable, and fearful of the consequences. Bibi will follow bara. This applies to major operations against hezbollah as well. Barak will decline and bibi will follow him.
3. not surprising
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (04.08.12)
You gave terrorist Arafat weapons and territory in Gaza. Then you ethnically cleansed 10000 Jews from their homes, installed Hamas as the ruler and gave them unlimited rockets and other weapons. Is anyone (except Ehud Barak) surprised that Sinai has become a base for attacks on Israel?
4. Hahahaha
4484 ,   USA   (04.08.12)
Hahahaha you have a sense of humour or you have lost your connection to reality
5. Speaking the 'Trooth'? ZionistBill
Mike ,   Israel   (04.08.12)
It would help if you knew how to spell the word Truth first? Regarding your 'Trooth' about Egypt, we all know that Egypt was never Israel's best friend. Egyptians have always been opportunists, talking out of both sides of their mouth at the same time: wanting what peace can give them, yet stabbing us in the back at every opportunity. I prefer the present Egypt wher they show us exactly who they really are.
6. hmm
Haz ,   Cairo   (04.08.12)
War with Israel isn't the first thing on Egyptians minds atm, but more likely how they're gonna to continue feeding themselves. I am an Egyptian, and while I'll be straight, I don't endorse, nor do I support the state of Israel, I also realize that war, and casualties on both sides, make that three including Palestine, hasn't, and won't solve anything. You guys might be wearing the watch, but peace has the time.
7. Another Obama blunder
Maxwell   (04.08.12)
Another Obama blunder, replacing Mubarak with the "democratic" Muslim Brotherhood & Sharia ! ha ha
8. Paging Jimmy Carter!
ASTRONAUT ,   USA   (04.08.12)
Hey Jimmah! Before you completely fossilize, why not schlepp yourself back to The Holy Land and orchestrate another unilateral-multilateral-bilateral-rock n' roll-in-the-hay for your buddies, the Egyptians! Dear Israel: TAKE BACK THE SINAI! Am Yisrael Chai!
9. Neither Netanyahu nor Barak will defend Israel
Rachel ,   US   (04.08.12)
Eilat will become the new Sderot.
10. SECURE BIG ISRAEL, Sinai back, nonviolent transfer, BALANCE.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (04.08.12)
11. Jews count on every one else?
observer ,   Egypt   (04.08.12)
12. overwhelming force
alan ,   texas   (04.08.12)
Israel should respond to EVERY attack, from anyplace, with OVERWHELMING force, so that the terrorists fear Israel again. That will be much cheaper, in terms of blood and dollars, in the long run.
13. obumma sucking up to muzlum brohood terrorist in White House
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.08.12)
luxury, giving them 1.3 Billion in aid just like moobaric, and he laughingly claims to be an Xtian not a muzlum, that sick joke.
14. No, it shouldn't
Vlad   (04.08.12)
While I'm all for strict security measures to secure the border, an attack inside Egypt would be a stupid idea. The fence should be completed, but why not allow an increase in Egyptian security forces deployed in the Sinai, and share intelligence with them? If Israel strikes inside Egypt multiple times, the Egyptians will be tempted to scuttle the peace agreement and deploy all the forces they want to in Sinai. Israel does not need another hostile border. A strike inside Egypt should be carried out only as a last resort, preferably followed by a public apology and explanation of why this was necessary. I'm all for acting tough and telling the West to butt out of Israel's business in the "peace process", but I think peace with Egypt is very important, and should not be sacrificed when there are other means.
15. not very good
tom ,   toronto, canada   (04.08.12)
the current tactical situation stinks. the egyptians have lost control of sinai, providing a breeding ground for terrorists, and there is a long and (mostly) undefended border, giving them access to israeli civilian targets. worse yet, the only part of the egyptian "peace treaty" still in force prohibits the deployment of egyptian forces in sinai, and effectively keeps israeli soldiers out as well. so maybe it's time to change the rules? instead of israel grudgingly allowing small numbers of egyptian troops to operate in sinai, israel should ask for several more battalions, matched one-for-one by the idf. joint operations not only reduce the chances of "friendly fire" accidents (or provocations), but they also build contacts and trust, which can be useful for both sides when securing a border. and it would reduce some of the advantage that the terrorists now enjoy.
16. The peace with Egypt
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (04.08.12)
The peace with Egypt was predicated on the principle of land for peace. We gave them land. They promised us peace. We received no peace. Therefore, annull the peace treaty, reconquer Sinai, transfer the locals to mainland Egypt, annex Sinai, let Israelis/Jews move in. Maintain Israeli control over the Suez canal (annex the Suez canal as well) and maintain Israeli military presence on both sides of the Suez. That way you keep Egypt, terrorists and illegal immigrants out. Enlarge or expand Israel's navy and guard the Sinai coast and the Eilat coast and prevent terrorists and illegal immigrants from approaching Israel. On top of that: renconquer Gaza, expel the locals to mainland Egypt (Cairo, Alexandria etc), annex Gaza and let Israelis/Jews move in. Case closed.
17. SECURE BIG ISRAEL, BALANCE&BUFFER better than deterrence!!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (04.08.12)
18. If USdrones can hit in Pakistan, IDF drones can hit Sinai
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (04.08.12)
The only spot heavy GRAD rockets can be trucked and deployed to fire at Eilat is in the region of the abandoned Israeli airbase a few miles west. By keeping drone surveillance of this area continuous, as well as the roads to it from Gaza [nobody has any reason to use this road], IAF aircraft and drones can hit inside Sinai to destroy rocket attacks in preparation, just as with Gaza. Cairo doesn't like it? Neither does Pakistan like US drone strikes. Tough. Then they must shut off arms flow into Sinai, in violation of the peace treaty, which is the sole cause of rockets fired at Israel. Nothing in the peace treaty bans Israel from firing when fired onfrom Egypt. Egypt has long sought to remilitarize the Sinai, and may well be orchestrating Sinai lawlessness and smuggling weapons from the Suez ports to get Israel to let their army back into Sinai. Egypt should NOT be allowedto put troops and weaponry in Sinai except on condition that Israeli liason officers supervize them and that the troops and weapons be withdrawn within 12 hours anytime Israel demands it. Positioning of Egyptian forces and arms in Sinai in violation of the treaty should require cuts in US military aid to Egypt and increases to Israel to counter the decrease in buffer security. Under NO circumstances should Egypt be allowed to place jet aircraft, helicopter missiles, anti-aircraft, radars or main battle tanks anywhere in Sinai - the terrorists have none of this, so Egypt doesn't need it there to fight them. Egypt should be focused on blocking smuggling out of the Suez canal region [only three roads to worry about],and into the area next to Israel [only two roads to worry about]. Police only. No added troops that are not within15 miles of the Israeli border, nor closer than 2 miles. Patrolling the Sinai eastern coast should be left to Israel alone - no Egyptian warships in the gulf of Akaba at all. Barak, with his famous lack of foresight, will not think to demand any of this from Cairo.
ME   (04.09.12)
20. Egypt will burn israel to the ground this time
egyptfalcon   (04.09.12)
there is no more mubarak to protect you now, when Egypt lights jew up there will be hell, and worse.
21. #16 Alexander...sound post...
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (04.09.12)
..if the "locals'' that you're referring to were shipped in from Egypt proper since the "Peace Treaty" ...however, if the "locals" you refer to are Bedouin, they should be allowed to stay..unless they've been smuggling arms for Hamas
22. #19 Calm down. A SECURE HOMELAND for jews is good in itself.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (04.09.12)
23. Make no mistake:our Dear Leaders shall ram Egyptian Peace-
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.09.12)
Treaty down our throats long after Eilat will grow "accustomed" to daily barrages from our Partner in peace, Egypt. Or maybe not: Eilat is too important in terms of tourism to let it slide... Not like the dumb loosers that moved into Sderot. Serves them well. As always, it's either Money or Sex that'll move things...
24. To nr 21 Mark - thanks
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (04.09.12)
Yes by locals I mean the Bedouin and Egyptian citizens and "Palestinians" and illegal African immigrants (trying to enter Israel) - these are the populations that need to be expelled by Israel from Sinai. And these populations should be expelled to the west of the Suez. Bedouins are no friends of Israel. And they are not Jewish either. And Bedouins are nomads - they are not permanent residents of any area. In order for Israel to survive it must have a Jewish demographic majority - at least 90-95% and a generous piece of land, defensible borders and plenty of natural resources.
25. we are going to have to take thge sinai back
alan ash ,   nyc ny   (04.09.12)
we are going to have to take thge sinai back . nodody can doubt that . we know egyot will pass on camp david.
26. #20
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.09.12)
The 3rd time we will keep it. Your Army is a piece of crap that we ran over in 1973. I had a very hard time keeping up with those cowards in '73. You aren't even a threat, just a bunch of loud mouthed cowards.
27. Sinai, a terrorist nest.
Beary White ,   Noorway   (04.09.12)
Egypt and Israel should interchange areas... Egypt gives the Sinai to Israel and get the strip in return. Egypt should then be happy, receiving the billions of dollars which hamass is rolling around in. and get more control of islamic-terror-groups like hamass and their subs. Israel would have no problem to get read of islamic-terrorists on the Sinai peninsula.
28. The disastrous results of Israeli retreats.
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.10.12)
No permanent good can come from playing cat and mouse games with Sinai terrorists. Hitting them and leaving, hitting them again and leaving again, hitting them yet again and leaving yet again... We've got to attack the problem at the source. The source is Israel's dumb decision to leave Sinai. Virtually all Israel's worst problems stem from Israeli retreats. This one is no exception. Ultimately, we must retake Sinai forever.
29. Don't count on Egypt
Dennis ,   Glendale USA   (05.05.12)
Tell us personally what Israel has done to you ? Nothing is the answer. Arabs / Muslims HATE for the reason of nothing better to do. Your hate predates you by hundreds upon hundreds of years. If the Jew's were gone today your life would be no better off but much worse. Example between 1980 and 2000 Egyptians registered 77 patents in the U.S. compared to 7,652 by Isralis. This is not a put down to Egyptians, this is just to point out that this will be 7,575 more benefits and blessings to the world than Egypts. I personally have no patents to bless with though I would love to bless you and the world in them. Please please think about your own personal hatred and you will find it to be empty and void of substance multiplied by millions.
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